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Former Leader of Kent County Council. Spoke a lot of sense in the LGA. He will be missed.

Our Party has lost a true icon.

Sandy will be sorely missed by those of us who knew about his work, commitment and service to Kent and the LGA.

On a personal note, Sandy was one of the individuals who inspired me to get involved with the party and later to become a councillor and when I ever I met him he always asked how I was doing. He was a real gentleman.

I enjoyed his recent contribution to the debate on Europe in the Lords. He seemed a very thoughtful man.

Probably the leading Conservative of his generation in local government.

A very sad loss indeed.

A great loss.

Very sorry to hear of his death. A very decent man, but sadly did nothing meaningful for Kent during his terms of office; just same old same old.

Al Lane - does everyone who knows you tell you that sadly you are in many ways a very decent man but unfortunately a complete waste of space and everyone's time?

I do hope that you have at least had the courage to use your real name and that you have political ambitions in the UK, particularly in Kent.

Sandy was a great Conservative, a great leader of Kent County Council and a great servant of the public in all that he did.

Although not himself well, Sandy recently took quiet, yet decisive, action to move forward healthcare improvements for the betterment of the people of Dover. It's thanks to Sandy that a new hospital may now be built after years of useless squabbling. Just one great deed in a lifetime of great deeds. It sums up the kind of man he was - driven by a desire to improve things to the end.

Our county is today a much poorer place. We shall miss Sandy very much.

I am very upset indeed to hear of the death of Lord Bruce-Lockhart. We knew he had been very ill, but it is always a great shock to hear the news. A few years' ago, when only Kent and Buckingham remained in Tory hands, the Guardian ran a full page biography on "The most powerful Tory in Britain". As leader of KCC Sandy was outstanding, but he never failed to make time ,as President of our local village Conservative branch in Ulcombe, to help us out at a grass roots level with fund raising etc.
He will be missed not only because he was such an effective politician and administrator both in Kent and nationally, but also because he also had a patrician grace and charm which transcended politics.
He was a generous host, and was one of that rare number of politicians who actually listened to people. Our thoughts locally are with his family and particularly his wife Tessa who was stalwart in supporting Sandy throughout his career, and for whom we offer our love and condolences.

This has come as a shock. He was very much a guiding light to councillors up and down the country.

Shocking and very sad news. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time. RIP, Sandy.

Sandy was an outstanding Local Government Leader. May he rest in peace.

His work for English Heritage was apparently both highly effective, and informed by a great deal of personal conviction; it's sad that he was only able to occupy this new role, for which he seemed so well suited, for such a short time.

I had quite a few dealings with Sandy over the years as Chairman of Sevenoaks and a (paper) KCC candidate in 1997. Whilst he was probably not my sort of Conservative, his rebuilding of the Party in Kent was a tribute to steely determination, political acuity and a very disarming manner. KCC became the most powerful local government engine for the Party and he did much to revivify the Party at that level after years of neglect and setbacks.

He never agreed with me joining UKIP, but he did agree with my profound disgust at the way Sevenoaks Conservatives destroyed their Agent, Rosemary Holman.

A great contribution and a life well lived.

I hope they name a grammar school after him,God bless.

I didn't know him but his comments on local government always seemed eminently sensible. Anyone that can unite people like Hinchcliffe and Hudson in their praise must have been very good indeed. RIP.

Do you ever give up making silly comments, Malcolm? It is right that this page concentrate on Lord Buce-Lockhart and not on me or Mark Hudson.

I worked peripharily with sir Sandy on the Cities Task Force and he regularly sparred gently with Heseltine, but it was clear he understood local Government more deeply than anybody esle in the room.

A sad loss.

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