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Tim-Is Peter Cuthbertson a christian?

Hopefully by the time you return, Labour will be 20 points ahead in the polls, and Brown will be have held Glenrothes, nationalised the railways and utilites and be announcing John McDonell as his new number 2.

Failing that, I'll settle for some answers to the questions Mayor Johnson has been posed in the recent thread.

Have a good holiday, Tim. I'll try and behave for your understudy while you are away.


Failing your preferred scenario, will you be favouring the Harman/Cruddas dream ticket?

That was a strange question to suddenly come out with, Andrew!

I suppose I should attempt an answer. It would be a gamble, but yes, based on the latest polling data, I think it could be time to roll the dice.

Anyway I'm not a member of the Labour party, so it doesn't matter what I think.

Don't forget our bet over Burton Comstock :)

I thought you favoured the LibDem's Comstock?!

Have fun in DC Tim! Ulster Tory was there several weeks ago, and is thinking of moving there when he finishes University. The new News Museum is a must see - think you'd find it interesting!

Bon Voyage Tim! Have a great time!

"Anyway I'm not a member of the Labour party, so it doesn't matter what I think."

Comstock I have just keeled over in shock! ;-)

Andrew, I haven't forgotten, although I don't hold out much hope of winning it especially as the Burton MP is standing down. On present polling numbers I stand to lose a total of 25 quid on the next election :(

Sally, I have said many times on here I'm not a Labour member. I'm a bit of a lefty who stumbled across this site by accident (honest!), and ended up staying.

Patsy, I'm not sure where you've got the idea I support the Lib Dems (?) but I don't. They are good as 'blue sky' thinkers and come up with some good ideas, but no way would they be any good as a government.

Lose 25 quid maybe, comstock, but you'll make a lot more money than that after Cameron wins and we can start to turn the economy back upwards :-)

Hands up who's glad of Comstock! (hand is up!)

Have a great holiday Tim.

Cuthbertson in charge?! I hope the place is still here when you get back, Tim. :-p

Say hi to DC and LA for me: two of my more fondly-remembered past homes.

Yes, we like comstock, even though he is an evil leftie :P

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