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You can stick all of the above in your pipe and smoke 'em !!!

No decent intentions toward the EU (or preferably away from it) then no vote for the Tories from me!

"No decent intentions toward the EU..."

Which of course you'd expect in the extracts talking about schools, the NHS and the environment...

So it's to be more of the same from the Heir to Blair!

Thanks but no thanks!

To David (one of many) - My point exactly.

Schools, the NHS and the environment - One already controlled by the EU and the other two to follow shortly!

"If you're serious about giving every child in our country the opportunity they deserve, you've got to think way, way bigger than grammar schools."

"[Britain] needs high-speed rail to replace short-haul flights, it means integrating much better with trains and planes and automobiles, as it were."

David, deliver on those two and you will be bequeathing a lasting legacy to the country - something that Blair dreamed of doing, but failed too.

I personally think academic selection works, so support Grammar Schools, and would support an 11+ type form of streaming...

NI currently has an AS system, and consistently achieves the best GCSE and A Level results in the UK.

It doesnt sound very radical though. What happened to the revolution?

I agree with academic selection between schools and reject Labour's hostility towards them on the grounds of fairness. Competition creates winners and losers, irrelevant of the way it is implemented. Grammar schools were never the problem. Ofsted is as much a cause of this than the existence of grammar schools.

When we talk of quality not quantity, does that mean the principle of value for money is out of the window? Does that mean NICE wont be required?

it all sounds like common sense politics to me; but then i've rarely heard DC say or write anything that isn't common sense. Like Baroness Thatcher, he has an extraordinary brain which enables him to immediately understand the crux of an argument or issue and to suggest straightfomrward solutions.
Less able politicians complicate matters unnecessarily, miss the point and confuse cuase and effect.

It is so sad that David Cameron can dismiss the provision of more grammar schools -surely only to remain politically correct. It is insulting to the poorer in society to imply that they would not have children who would suit an academic education. Why can Sports, Music, Language and Science Academies be provided without a murmur of opposition and yet academies suited to all round academic ability ie Grammar Schools, are indefensible to our politicians? It would make far more sense for all the extra children capable of going to university to be schooled up to university entrance level during the years 11 - 18 rather than allowing those 'with potential' to be given places at 18 even though they do not have good grades at A level. These children should be given the schooling they need at an academic school. They need education BEFORE starting at university not afterwards. Without a good grounding in academic subjects these students would be more likely to fall behind and drop out of university. Educate them when they are young. What a waste to wait until they are allowed a place through positive discrimination and then expect them to catch up.

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