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You missed one:

"49 per cent agree with the statement "I don't really know what David Cameron stands for", with 44 per cent disagreeing."

Perhaps Sam's imminent departure to David Cameron's office means we aren't getting bad news on this blog anymore!

NSD 09.34:

The 44% who therefore do know what Cameron stands for, broadly in line with the poll ratings, suggest strong "core" support, which is further backed up by the highly likely to vote numbers.

Don't underestimate the dormant power of Labour's Client State vote.

I saw a perfectly fit and healthy woman being interviewed in Glasgow East last week. When asked who she would be voting for she smirked and replied 'Labour', when asked why

"Because Labour gave me a free bus pass".

There are millions out there like her, all waiting to be galvanised by Polly Toynbee, and all living in fear of paying their own way in the world.

I think possibly the most important thing to note is the "energised" Conservative vote! The high turnout has been the key to our most recent victories - notably the Mayoral where the pro-Boris areas turned out more than the pro-Livingstone ones. This therefore means that in future campaigns we need to pay particular attention to our GOTV (including postal votes!) as doing so will pay dividends.

Yes, Sally is right, and is backed up by the relatively high turnouts accompanying the huge anti-Labour swings in Crewe and Galsgow E. It's not just Labour people staying at home, it's actual switching which indicates a much stronger overturn of opinion.

I agee wth London Tory. I doubt that Labour support will ever really fall much below 32-33% in a 'real' election. The Labour Party have been skilful in creating too many people who are (or see themselves)as beholden to them for their livelehoods.
We must not get complacent.


May 1st was not so much an endorsement of Boris- a star though he is- but more about the 'get up and goers' in Zones 5 and 6 saying 'enough' to Livingstone and the Diane Abbott Tendency in Freeloading Labour. It was interesting that the busiest polling stations- who delivered the biggest Tory vote- were those where people voted AFTER WORK.

A possible hint there, in the sort of people we need to galvanise in the General Election.

The Church Street by election in North Westminster returned a whopping 53% Tory vote with a massive doubling in vote showing how strong the Tory brand is in London. I find even the Foreign Office takes my work in the European Parliament more seriously (yes even Tory MEPs are being monitored for those who dismiss us MEPs as members of a mere talking shop) so even the mandarins are waking-up to the strong possibility in a change in the political colour of their masters!

We lib Dems still holding up above the level of last October, when we very sadly
were forced to decopitate our leader. I believe we will resume our stupendous m
omentum at the party conference when people can see we have all the answers to t
omorow. My idea is we overtake the labour goverment at Christmas, and then turn
our fire on the Tories overtaking them about May 2009, with that overall majorit
y following in May 2010. It's a great fabulous time to be a Lib dem.

Gloy, don't you mean decapitate? De-cop-itate might be the sort of thing Mark Oaten is interested in, but not as a punishment for your shambolic poll performance!

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