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I'm delighted for Sam. He is a really good guy and totally without side. What an exciting challenge for a great young guy. Well done.

Glad to see good things can happen to nice people after all!

This is a tremendous tribute to Sam (and real recognition of the importance of Conservative Home, which should but probably won't silence those who have tried to suggest it is not a respected voice). Sam, we will miss you, but I guess you will keep in touch - we may even spot a new anonymous contributor! Enjoy the new job; it's a great opportunity for you, and a really important role. Go well.

Wonderful news / terrible news!
Sam's one of politics' really genuine people. Idealistic, talented, kind and hard-working.
I fear my favourite website will suffer from his loss however...

I know several people considered for this and I'm happy to say a wise appointment was made. Sam's humble nature hides a surprisingly shrewd intellect. His northernness should balance out the office as well.
I just hope he doesn't get bored!

Well done, Sam.

Well done buddy...

must make you one of, if not the most influential member of CF going...

good lad!

Sam, congratulations!

Congratulations Sam, all the best with the new position

Well Done Sam. Congratulations

How many CH sockpuppets could Sam expose? That’s real political clout ;-)

Congratulations to you! Although we will know who to blame if DC does a poor speech...

Congratulations Sam
Best of luck in the new job, lets get the Conservatives back down to earth and ready for Government!


A good move by Cameron but a loss to this site.Good luck Sam and power to bloggers.

Many congratulations Sam! ConHome's loss is definately DC's gain.

Sam is one of life's genuine good guys. It's a incredible opportunity for him. Best of luck, Sam.

Many, many congratulations.

Very many congratulations to Sam.

Congratulation, Sam - a good appointment and a great opportunity for you. I'm sure you'll make a great success of it.

Best wishes in your new job!

Well done Sam pretty good for a drop out ;)

Congratulations Sam. I've so enjoyed our chats over the last 12 months and you've renewed faith in this tired old Tory! I wish you every success in your new role and trust you will keep a well balanced and rounded aspect to all David Cameron's speeches. We're counting on you - well done! Heather, Dartmouth

Good news that someone from the coalface should be recognised!!

Don't forget the strong feelings on the inequality of the tax system Sam, particularly for those on earnings below £15000 p.a.

Congratulations Sam! Very well done - David Cameron's Office's gain is Con Home's loss and your successor will have a lot to live up to! Good luck and keep in touch.

This really is great news - fully deserved. Best of luck, Sam!

Sam, I'm really pleased for you -congratulations! See, we are capable of leaving nice/positive messages on ConHome!

Many thanks for your good wishes, everyone. However I have to announce I've decided to turn the job down, and join the Socialist Workers Party instead.

And I hearby appoint Comstock as my successor, who's first job will be to oversee this blog's move towards a more left wing view point.

Congratulations Sam.

Excellent news for DC; sad for us though.
Very many congratulations.

- and don't forget to slip into one of his speeches an announcement of creation of English parliament ;-)

Many congratulations to Sam.

At risk of repeating what many others have said, I'm absolutely delighted to see such a nice and decent guy in this position.

Again, well done mate and I look forward to buying you a pint to celebrate soon.

Many congratulations, and well done, Sam!

It would be great if you could blog here occasionally from 'inside the leader's office' - that's only for public consumption, of course.

Well done Sam.

What a great opportunity! Congratulations, Sam.

'I shall pass through this world but once... (Attr. to Etienne de Grellet)

It would be great if you could blog here occasionally from 'inside the leader's office'

Yes, I'd be interested to hear how you get on, and especially to read one of your speeches.

As Jill points out,though, I realise a fair bit of your new job will require discrection.

Good luck, Sam and best wishes.

Great news for the party and a real tribute to the quality of this blog that one of its 'sons' has been taken close to the centre.

Good luck to Sam, a top guy and a good appointment for David Cameron too.

Many congratulations Sam - it's thoroughly deserved.

Sam, you've already had my congratulations by private email but I want to add them publicity on here too. You are a top bloke and will go far. Very well done.

Good work!

Suggest everyone visits Guido tonight. There's a cracking fake picture tale which could have quite an impact on Glasgow East.

Congratulations Sam....


Sam has been enormously patient helping me to file posts for Centre Right - in the manner of an air traffic controller dealing with a hysterical passenger accidentally left in charge of an aeroplane.
Now he has the (even) more intellectually satisfying challenge of writing speeches for our next Prime Minister. Hats off to him.
A very good appointment.

Congratulations Sam! Well deserved.

Many congratulations to Sam. Team Cameron have just made a very wise addition.

Many congratulations to Sam. Team Cameron have just made a very wise addition.


James, my CV is almost ready :-)

Many congratulations to Sam. Team Cameron have just made a very wise addition.

Many congratulations to Sam. Team Cameron have just made a very wise addition.

Congratulations and best wishes for your new role.

Many congratulations Sam! Wow ! A speech writer who know where all the bodies are buried under their URLs!!!!!! Go to it lad!

Many congratulations, Sam.

I completely agree with what has been said already that DC's gain is CH's loss!

Congratulations to Sam. A wonderful addition to Team Cameron.

Congratulations Sam. This is really very well deserved and at the age of 22, a remarkable achievement. Well done!

A belated congratulations to Sam. Sam Seaborn, perhaps ;)

Well done Sam!!! Your help won't be able to stop us Lib dems preparting for goverment, but fabulous congratulatons all the same! These are excriting times.

Congratulations! I guess we now know who to blame when Cameron makes a poor speech ;-)

Well done Sam. I'm confident you will do very well! :-)

Well done Sam. I expect we will see your reincarnation as Toby Lightwater - nice little earner,too.


I add my congratulations to the many already expressed.

Well done Sam.

Now you can be an even bigger part of our shared Conservative Future. Good Luck for all of us.

Perhaps you should sneak a code word into speeches that only us Conservative Homies know about ;)

Many congratulations Sam. You'll be missed.

Reluctant to enlargen his head further but it's clear looking through the unanimous comments that Sam's chickens are coming home to roost (in a good way!). Just shows you don't have to lie, cheat and suck up to make your way in politics. I suspect Spelman would have at least some people by her side now if she'd been more interested in people she met on her way up...

Well done and good luck Sam.

Hmmm. So, Sam, you left university before completing your degree and have now landed one of the top jobs in politics! I'm looking forward to outlining that career trajectory to my students...! You free for our careers fair?!

Congratulations Sam, ConHome's loss is definitely Team Cameron's gain.

DC now gloats at the theft of S Coates,
as his speeches will thus reach new heights.
By eloquence enhanced, shall The Cause be advanced
and the nation soon put back to rights.

But what of what’s left, of S. Coates’ skills bereft?
A Dep Ed you need to fast seek.
Advertise quick, or the Ed will get sick
from edding a seven day week!

Well done Sam, I hope the job goes well it does sound like a terrific opportunity.

Brilliant McGonagall, and so true!!

And thanks to everyone for their kind comments on this thread. It's a real testimony to Sam that he is held in such high regard by so many good people.

I apologise that we weren't able to make the announcement sooner. Although we knew the appointment was likely for quite some time we couldn't formally announce until some i's had been dotted and t's crossed.

Great news! Keep my fingers crossed for him!
He'll be our man in Number 10 soon... ;)

Great news. Congrats to Sam.

He'll be a great representative of 'Blog World'.

I'd like to add my congratulations. Quite impressive for a 22-year old!

But don't spend your whole life in politics. After a couple of years, it's good and important to do something in the "real" world.

Very well done Sam.

Congratulations Sam and many best wishes.

Well done, Sam. I hope DC benefits from your honesty.

Sam, Many congratulations and good luck in your new job.

This is very good news for Samuel and I wish him the best of luck.

Sam and Tim are both to be congratulated for making this website what it is - I'm sure the gravitas ConservativeHome has in addition to the core role Sam played in getting the site into that positon helped him land this exciting new job.

Well done Sam, heard the news from my brother in Kent who heard it from Ingleton in Yorkshire! We liberal Catholics love you too.
Stephen Dawson

Well done Sam. But is he a good enough speech writer to smuggle in little clues that he wrote it?

Our congratulations go to David Cameron for selecting such a talented, thoughtful, committed person as Sam Coates as his speech writer.
Congratulations to you too Sam for having the qualities of integrity,and rock solid core values wrapped in a packet of insight wit, good humor, cultural conectedness and genuine compassion that have brought you to the attention of Britain's next P.M.

Best of luck in the future in DC's office. Can't wait to hear a knock-out speech by you smashing across the dispatch box!

Well done Sam--and well done Sam's former boss for your part, and new boss for good judgement.

(P.S. When Huntarian said "many congratulations" (s)he really meant it!)

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