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George Osborne?

The bridegroom?

I'm less interested in WHO wore them than WHY someone wore them.

Alan Duncan.

Nick Herbert.

Alan Duncan?

Alan Duncan.

If it's not Alan Duncan, then I'm going to be very worried...

Liam Fox

It's got to be Grant Shapps!

Process of elimination - it sure as hell isn't Eric Pickles.

He appears to be a man of possibly less than average height, with a shoe size of 7 or under. This will eliminate the 6 footers.
Beyond that, one would have to consider the snappy dressers, or those with an iconic sense of humour. Alan Duncan??

Were the silver shoes free ?

If so, then it must be Nicholas Winterton.

Michael Gove.

The flamboyant IDS, of course!

Alan Duncan would be too obvious. Small shoe size and a little portly: Oliver Letwin?

More on grounds of likely sartorial non-conformity: Francis Maude.

Is there a prize for this?

Peter Ainsworth?

Eric Pickles?

Must be the Chief Whip!

Unless Edward Timpson (of cobbler fame) has had an early promotion!

You're all missing the obvious one: it's Cameron!

He was also spotted on the same day at the ConHome morning editorial meeting:


Move over, Theresa? How apt for PMQs today...

Jeremy Hunt

Oh come on, do tell.

David Willetts?!!!!! Good grief....

Michael 'Fabs' Fabricant maybe?!?

Just read it was David Willetts. Well dun to him I did not see that one.

That's a cruel headline. I got my hopes up for a moment!

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