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Good opening line from Cameron. Brown again starts to list the latest Tractor mudguard production figures.


dave won :)

... I did like the line... "the only spine in No. 10 is in the book he wrote on Courage"

Boring , Boring , Cameron !!

I am not sure Cameron did that well this time. Surely the point about the bizarre suggestion that knife attackers go round to see that victims in hospital (I can imagine they would be the last person a victim would want to see, apart from Brown of course) is that it is wrong and offensive, not who thought of it. That is just a trivial debating point.

And who was the muppet with the tax too high/too low question?

As I point in my "blog", I am not sure about this seeming "lets be soft at PQE" approach. Getting rid of a reluctant-to-go PM can rip apart a party for a political generation.

Boring , boring Gezmond007!

Gezmond Gets thing Dunn !!

Gezmond007, you are Snotgobbler's brother and I claim my £5!

Nick Robinson, who obviously believes he is ithe conscience of the nation, has asserted, on the Andrew Neill programme, that by calling the Prime Minister 'Useless'
Cameron will have upset many people and will 'suffer'

I must agree with Mr Cameron's description of Brown. I would have prefaced it with TOTALLY.

I loved Brown's look at the end of his exchange with Cameron. He looked like a grumy ogre. I thought Cameron did really well.

Harriet Harman appeared once more to be dressed as a giraffe at today's PMQs. Was this meant to be symbolic of her lofty, towering intellect, or illustrative of her tendency to look down on all those lesser creatures below?

that by calling the Prime Minister 'Useless'Cameron will have upset many people and will 'suffer'

Compared to all the people working in difficult jobs for low pay (jobs which Gordon Brown would be incapable of doing) I wonder in what way he is useful?

Only those who would never vote Tory are likely to be upset like Gordon's wife, Gordon, and...... no I can't think of anyone else.

Did PMQs finished at 12.11 today?

Sorry Serf; we probably should give more time to backbench questions.

More cleavage from Theresa May. Most inappropriate.

I like Cameron's tactic of going on lots of different issues- as Snotmuncher never gives a straight answer, it allows Cameron on segway nicely onto the next question "Well, since the PM won't give us a straight answer on Fuel tax, let's see if he can be honest with us about his knife policy......" and so on.

I actually thought Nick Cleggover got a few good points in today after bombing in previous weeks- how they wish Vince Cable had stood for their leadership!

And yes PLEASE, someone tell Theresa May to keep her wrinkly bosum under wraps!

To say that DC will be a better PM than Brown is hardly an accolade. My dog gets his point across better than either of them and he also acknowledges the fact that, for example, British fish is more expensive than Spanish fish; that British beef is more expensive than French beef. When DC acknowledges that which every man and his dog knows - ie that we have huge problems with the European Union which can't be resolved by tinkering - I will not feel able to vote for DC (or EU Dave as he is fondly known at the Club).

Much as I like Mark Harper, I feel that his question was a bit on an 'own goal' today.

Susan, do you think there might just be a bit of a chance that Cameron actually shares your frustration on the EU (as many of us do on here and elsewhere), but doesn't say anything because it will damage his prospects of getting into power?

This isn't because you're wrong on the EU (you're not), it's just that voters (like most of us) don't want it ramming down our throats every 5 minutes. There seems to be a hardcore who try to bring everything back to the EU and to be honest they start to sound like the pub bore. Arguments about fishing quotas and how many votes Lithuania get in the EU parliament might be of interest to you but most people are concerned with trying to pay the bills and run the car.

Face it, if the whole country were crying out for your agenda, Nigel Farage would be in his third term as PM!

"More cleavage from Theresa May. Most inappropriate."

Oh, Alexander King, you are not becoming obsessive are you?

I must remember to watch the re-run on the BBC Parliament Channel tonight - I clean forgot to last week after Mr King had so ably advertised the goods on offer! It's terrible to think that we might have to wait until October for another opportunity. I wonder whether the lovely Theresa should seek sponsorship from Rigby & Peller in addition to those shoe ads I think she did some years ago.

Dear Cleethorpes, I appreciate your sentiments and to some extent agree with you. You liken me to a 'pub bore' but, unfortunately for you, the pub agrees with me: Cameron should be more vocal in his opposition to the EU.

I know the pub agrees with you and so do I! My hometown has borne the brunt of Heath's sell out and the CFP. I respect your opinions that Cameron needs to be more vocal, but being vocal in opposition isn't as useful as taking action in power. Let's get elected first- something which won't happen if we become a single issue party.

I'm sure you're not a bore either!

Dear Cleethorpe, single issue? I'm currently at a loss to put forward any issue which divides us from the Labour Party. What assurity do we have that Cameron 'will take action in power'? None. We have no assurity at all.

At heart, Cleethorpes, I think we have an issue of authoritarianism - socialist or capitalist. For myself, I don't appreciate authoritarianism in any form and it's time the Conservative Party recognise the mood of the country; understand & capture the nature of the people, and acknowledge that we will not be subjugated. It doesn't matter how many laws are made. The politicans should represent the people.
PS - I'd like to say I came top in the Pub Quiz but, sadly, fell short, when it came to someone called Ronaldino.

Although I agree that today's PMQs was hardly the best we've seen between these two (or three) party leaders, it was another good reminder of how nifty Cameron is on his feet. Right from the "planted question" jibe, via "the only spine in Downing Street" and right to the end, he comes in armed with good material and able to improvise on the spur of the moment.

Overall, Cameron did do well, despite what some might think, and the PM's evasiveness shows that there is little if anything of actual substance coming from the Labour side, despite what the PM likes to claim about "substance".

Gordon is "trans-pay-rent" to most of the public now.

Personally, I don't want him to stay in power for the next two years -- but then, I want a General Election this autumn. It would be ideal if there were a way that could be devised that would effectively force that to happen...

And we got to hear about another of Gordon's relatives, Polly Ooshun. Is she, by any chance related to Alky Aida?

PS: Susan- I agree with you on the EU, I just don't think it's an election winner.

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