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I am a genuine and committed Conservative, brought up by a single mother in Tooting.

I have since relocated to Yorkshire, where I have a job for 4 days a week.

I have strong contacts in the Tory Party, ranging from Derek Conway and Iain Dale through to Andrew Mitchell (Really? not heard of him? He *is* in the Shadow Cabinet...)

After a brief moment of madness, I am now out of work. I would be looking for a job where I could return to sucking up to the grassroots ahead of the next leadership election.

I could be used as a security guard, too. I am, after all, trained by the SAS. Mind you, it was territorial - my moves probably only work at the weekends.



Why the focus on London-based? For all the chatter about expanding out of the Home Counties and building a National party, you are still excluding those who live north of Watford Gap? How about a Scottish and Welsh office? Have you heard about video-conferencing? Multi-national and national companies have, which is why more and more aircraft are travelling less than full. Supplying the team with a video-camera and software is a lot less expensive than 3 days in New York, all expenses paid. (Or old York, come to that). Come on lads, fewer jollies and invest the money in building a network which is truly nation-wide and can pick up local political scoops quickly for the edification of all.

I have no idea whether they'd be interested but, for what it's worth, I have frequently been impressed by Londoner's posts on CH.

VERY good, DD!

...And fair enough, grumpy old man. There are quite a lot of meetings in London that it's important to attend but that can be overlooked for a really good candidate. One candidate has offered to give three hours a day from Australia and have the newslinks up by 6am!

Fair dinkum to that bonzer bloke James McGrath. Give that man an extra tinny for getting off the dole queue so sharpish. Working from down under is not such a bad idea, at least this time he can say, "I've already left" when being misquoted about johnny foregner.

Should I apply? Would be have to be changed to OneNationHome(0:

Seriously, what about asking our own very Greame Archer?

I can't get the "get in touch" link for applications working. Is there an email address?

It's [email protected], Ben.

I have a feeling I might not be eligible despite my impressive CV, but I nominate Mark Fulford. His posts are very well considered.

Why not hire englandism or Ken Stevens and change the title of the blog to "EnglishDemocratHome"?

Actually the most enlightened thing you've yet said on the topic of England and Democracy. I'm so pleased that you're warming to the concept.

Just that little but vital step further and I would qualify for the second point of the first criterion.


As well as Mark Fulford, Martin Coxall would also be a strong candidate.

Dear Ed. I'm going to attempt to hoist you with your own Petard.
"To embrace (PC, but I get your drift) the internet's revolutionary impact on political parties". You are prepared to consider using someone from Oz for a specific task - great. Are you prepared to extend a similar opportunity to someone in Glasgow or Prestatyn? Have you even thought seriously about video-conferencing?
Following on from that, "To argue for a Conservative Party that embraces localism and the democracy it recommends for the Nation" The job-description as published (No PC rubbish about Gender, race, sexual orientation or age included, I'm glad to see) and your answer to my previous comment, is very London-centric. Would you consider this to be an institutionalised oversight? Unless your spider web of influence is seen to embrace localities, where their issues may differ in priority or substance, you are going to run into the same trap as Nulab. Following on from that, "to provide a platform for all strands of opinion within the Conservative Party." If you don't have a nationwide network, how can you be sure that you are fulfilling this aim?
I applaud your achievements in setting up this site and making it a lively and successful enterprise. Maybe I'm half a lap ahead of where your business plan says you should be, or maybe you've already got it in hand, but with the long awaited demise of British socialism less than 2 years away at most, I would argue that the three aims of your manifesto I have somewhat mischievously plucked out should be nearer completion than they seem to be at present.

For the benefit of potential applicants, would you consider any of the following:

1. An atheist?
2. A person who is pro-abortion?
3. A person who is in favour of membership of the EU in its current state?

Obviously, ConservativeHome's home is London. How else could they rub shoulders with important people? The rest of the country is an afterthought. One day they'll realise that politics takes place north of Watford and even in deepest Wales and Scotland!

"I have no idea whether they'd be interested but, for what it's worth, I have frequently been impressed by Londoner's posts on CH."

Well, I'm not sure if the above quoted post from Mark Fulford was a dig at your "London-centric" job spec, or genuinely meant. If the latter, I thank him for the compliment but I already have a full time job that would not be compatible! I'd also have to check the manifesto, but suspect there may be one or two aspects on which the relationship with Tim, albeit I am sure he is an equable fellow, might founder. Aspects of "the family" and climate change spring to mind.

So far as the London point is concerned, (naturally) I think you are right to specify it. Part of the job is networking with the movers and shakers and, like it or not, most of them are centred in London, at least for part of the week. This site, to work, must be a dialogue between the insiders and the outsiders - for that you do need the "insiders" bit. Whether people like our public life being London-based is a reasonable debating point (I actually think it is a strength of our body politic rather than a weakness, and a further strength that the political elite have the opportunity of mixing with the leading financial, legal and arts people also in London) - however, the fact that it is is indisputable. How well would a national newspaper do based in, say, Birmingham? The Guardian came to the conclusion that it was not viable to be based in Manchester about 35 years ago.

passing leftie: yes, yes, yes

passing leftie: yes, yes, yes

Posted by: Editor | July 16, 2008 at 16:12

Thank you for answering. I'm pleased to know that.

Well, I'm not sure if the above quoted post from Mark Fulford was a dig at your "London-centric" job spec, or genuinely meant.

Genuinely meant, Londoner.

... I'd love to apply; but expect that AGE might be an issue, despite being an early Cameronite - or Portallista actually. ie in the vanguard of compassionate Conservatism and modernisation.
i'm going to send you my CV anyway, as part-time contributions - from the very Grass Roots that your earlier commentator so disparaged - might balance out the Capital-centric tone.(though i read the site daily and it's always fascinating and thought-provoking.

Like Justin, the first name that came to my my mind was our Very Own Graeme Archer!

C'mon Graeme - you know you want to.... you do really......

P.S. Oh and don't worry Folks, I haven't the slightest intention of applying - I am quite sure you don't want the site renamed "Europhiles R Us" ;-)

For the benefit of potential applicants (not I!), would you consider any of the following:

1. A committed Christian?
2. A person who is anti-abortion?
3. A person who is in favour of relinquishing our membership of the EU in its current state?

It's an interesting point about the Londonism of anything to do with politics. I can see why Tim's new staff would have to be based in London, but it might be an idea to have correspondents who are based in the different regions around the Country to give the news and views north of Watford.

For the benefit of potential applicants (not I!), would you consider any of the following:

1. A committed Christian?
2. A person who is anti-abortion?
3. A person who is in favour of relinquishing our membership of the EU in its current state?

Posted by: David_McD | July 16, 2008 at 16:45

Ed answered this above. I perhaps should have said "accept" rather than "consider," but this is a petty cavill.

part-time contributors - not only North of Watford; but the South West can also feel a bit disconnected sometimes.

I should have said outside the M25 Jane!!

"We have a pot of £25-50k to spend

That's a lot of money for a small website with few adverts! Purely out of interest, do you receive funding from the Conservative Party?

Giz a job

Please giz a job like

Sorry about the London thing, I work from home in Liverpool sometimes but in the long-run it really is necessary to keep your finger on the Westminster pulse. See it as us being in Westminster so you don't have to be!

I would love to play, but I live in Leeds and have no intention whatsoever moving to London. Give me Yorkshire any day.

Boris and Boles don't want me so will you give me a job?

Going forward, I would propose that the website would benefit from having a handful of new part-timers rather than one highly qualified replacement.

Just now with Samuel going, the site's editorial workers has fell by half. To avoid this happening in future, it would be beneficial to have a pool of more people. Then that way other leavers can be covered by the other part-timers.

This also means more specialisms can be tapped into with the same level of finances, so there is scope to get someone in Edinburgh (say), and someone in the North of England as well as a third in London.

Holidays will be covered better, and this should really lighten the load for Tim after the incomers go through the learning curve.

Just a thought...

Andrew @ 1955. Good series of points. It would allow Tim to employ disabled people and Mums with children who take parenting responsibly, if they are suitably qualified, thereby increasing diversity within the Party by example rather than exhortation.

So pro-abortion, atheist Europhiles will all receive consideration. Great.

But we all know what the deal breaker is.

Let's say I write on my application that I believe in a non-interventionist foreign policy, and on this issue I draw inspiration from the wisdom of such figures as the Framers of the US Constitution, Enoch Powell, Russell Kirk and Ron Paul.

My application wouldn't stand a chance.

Andrew Morrison, whilst you make a good point, I feel that living in London on a part time wage will prove more prohibitive, especially since most political jobs are inevitably full time, no matter what the contracted hours are!

Will @2144. The whole point of this strand of the thread is convincing Tim to use IT to farm out the gardening via the net, leaving the outstandingly enthusiastic young plungers in the Smoke time to discover new blooms. We old and treacherous hicks from the sticks could take on a lot of the back room work at decreased costs, leaving the sharp end more time to weave their magic. The other advantages are listed further back in the thread.

Ron Paul?! I'd hope it wouldn't Tom! Shame on CH for having an opinion on foreign policy

The post at 5.42pm under the name "Donal" was not me. Someone is being silly...


Please give Donal a job.

As a matter of interest, has this been advertised elsewhere? Just seems to me that if there's anywhere that needs to widen the gene pool, as it were, it's probably CH.

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