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Can you believe it? Photoshop has copy&pasted our ideas.
Unfortunately for Mr Purnell there is more to government than ctrl+c ctrl+v

My point exactly Conand.


Nice though that the official Conservative response was a bit more mature.

Does anyone actually care what the Liebour Party trumpet as their next 'great idea' ?

In the last 11 years, how many thousands of these sorts of things have they pledged ? Hundreds and hundreds.

They all come to nothing. Liebour are dying on their feet - these are just their final desperate but fading squeals.

Doesn't matter you know. They could steal every single idea and we could be voting for two identical manifesto's but I am still voting conservative. :P

Truly pathetic, and this pillock wants to be our Prime Minister HA!

Tory or Labour, these ideas sound nasty stuff and another attack on the vunerable :(

1. Someone should compile a list of policies that Labour has nicked from us over the years.

2. I agree with the editors. Labour nick ideas but then bring them into public disrepute by implementing them badly.

I disagree Comstock

I don't think it's a coincidence that life expectancy is so low in areas like Glasgow East, where the number of people not working is so high

I genuinely believe that working instils a sense of pride and something of a reason to exist (I know that while I was job-hunting I had a few bad days, but I worked 2 part-time jobs while I sought full-time work, which helped my self-belief)

Any measures that get people working, even menial jobs in exchange for "benefits" has to be better than having jobless people with a lot of time on their hands and, as is well documented in Glasgow East, a lot of drugs available

This measure will hopefully provide some sort of a bridge back to work, get the jobless used to being in a working environment again and, I hope, get them back into the workforce sooner rather than later. This is a good policy and one that I'm glad the government wants to implement

But Grayling's stuff is all nabbed from Freud.

Where are all these jobs going to come from especially in the current climate?

Who is going to convince employers to take chance with people who have a poor work history or history of poor health? They don't do it now so who is going to change there mind. Employers don't want to take the risk.

Yet again our caring government is going to pick on the sick and vulnerable.

No doubt the unemployed won't show up in true figures, the figures will be manipulated to show what a wonderful job our government they are doing.

Ok tell me what would you do with me, I had an accident in 1990 in which I broke my back, damaged my spinal cord, then caught MRSA in 1991, forget who was in power then but thats does not matter.

The damage to my spinal cord is a partial spinal cord lesion, I have a bag strapped to my wheelchair which is a urine bag, but my bowel simply refuses to stop leaking, so when I go out I take body spray because of the smell well you would.

The accident took five years before all the damage came to light, now I have failure of the bladder bowel Kidneys and liver, I use a wheelchair, which I bought myself second hand because we could not get them on the NHS in the 1990's even under Major and then under Blair.

Then I had another bout of MRSA in 1995 which really hit me badly and caused one of my kidneys to fail totally.

But I had an infection again MRSA to my spinal cord doctors opened me from my neck to my bottom and then drained the puss from my spinal cord but the damage to the nerves caused pain which went chronic I now have an implanted morphine pump under the skin which delivers morphine to my spine, and guess what I had another dose of MRSA thats three this time under Blair's mob.

I now have a wife who is trained in giving injections of morphine, because without this to stop the pain I will go into a coma.

What would you do with me, be honest, not that honest gas would cost to much, but come on then tell me what would you do with me.

The Labour Party ought to change their theme tune from "The Red Flag" to "The Thieving Magpie"!

When the Conservatives announce a policy, the collective thieving magpies [why pick on Purnell, they're all at it] purloin the policy, twist it around, and water it down. Why? To try to discredit the Conservatives. And then they have the cheek to say the Conservatives don't have any policies!

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