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It looks good so far.

I think it might need more references. I have just added one link in the article about David Cameron winning the leadership race.

Good move, there is a huge potential for this! Anyone seen dKosopedia in the US?

Having trouble validating my account (username: Ulster Tory). Could an admin do it manually? Cheers!

Ulster Tory - no, I'm afraid we can't validate your email address for you. MediaWiki doesn't give us a mechanism for doing that.

What is the problem? Have you received the confirmation email? If not, it may have been blocked as spam. There are a couple of minor problems in this area which we are working to fix.

I hadn't read your account of the leadership election before. It's a fascinating insight.

This is a fantastic resource - well done Tim and Sam for setting it up!

I don't seem to be getting confirmation Emails either. AFAIK I have no spam filters set up.

Tried again and it worked this time. Cheers!

Ulster Tory - glad it worked!

Comstock - many ISPs reject some emails as spam without your knowledge. Equally, some emails just get lost. It might be worth requesting another confirmation email - go to "My preferences" and you will see a link, click on that link then click on the button. However, we are working with our hosts to resolve a couple of issues - watch this space.

I can't seem to get a confirmation e-mail. Since it was Ulster Tory who started it, there may be a leprechaun amongst the gremlins. Best of luck with getting it fixed!

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