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There is greater joy in heaven when one sinner repents......etc.

How many quango troughs does Dacre still have his snout in?

Hypocrisy!! In 2002, when Brown was Chancellor of the Exchequer, Dacre commented: "I have an awful lot of admiration for Gordon Brown. I feel he is one of the very few politicians of this administration who's touched by the mantle of greatness". Brown returned the favour to Dacre at an event at the Savoy Hotel celebrating the tenth anniversary of his editorship of the Mail in 2003. In a video presentation, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer said that Dacre "has devised, developed and delivered one of the great newspaper success stories of any generation" and was "someone of great journalistic skill , an editor of great distinction and someone of very great personal warmth". THE MANTLE OF GREATNESS! BROWN! THE MANTLE OF IGNORANCE MORE LIKELY!

Is Dacre still in charge?

We still have many anti-Tory stories appearing in the Mail.

The Mail needs new Leadership and a clear out of the nuLabour supporters.

There are leaders and followers in public opinion, someone has to follow.

The only surprise was that Darce believed the Brown hype, when an increasing number of commentators were peeping behind the Wizard of Ozs' curtain and beholding a farcical mentalist.

I stopped purchasing the Daily Mail over a year ago. The paper was a constant in my life from my earliest memories, but Dacre had changed the editorial direction in a way I could not stand.

It may well be that my action was not the only one and that economics has demanded this change. However I will wait until the management decide to replace Dacre with an editor more tuned to the traditional Daily Mail readership.I just hope that the change comes very soon.

I am tired of Editors (and especially Australian/American owners) believing that they can control this country. A far more independent press to give praise when praise is demanded and to criticise when criticism is required, of all parties, would be welcomed.

Where is that Independence today?

Today the Mail decides to dig amongst the expenses for more muck to chuck at us.


"Conservatives use £1.5m of taxpayers' money a year to pay relatives"

Why not just praise us for openess?

Today The Mail, tomorrow the Labourgraph ?

I used to enjoy reading the Mail but more and more these days it gives the appearance of being a very low-class tabloid only marginally up on The Sun, the Mirror and the News of the World! Even the Express is almost better ....

Encouraging but Mr Dacre has left himself with some wiggle room. It's not as emphatic as it should be.

What you all have to remember is that Paul Dacre's primary mission in life is to ensure that the Mail sells evermore copies. He's been remarkably successful in this. In the late '80's when I worked there the Mail and Express sold similar amounts every day. Now the Mail sells 3 copies for every 1 from the Express and the steep circulation declines that have been felt by just about every newspaper group in recent years have not really affected the Mail titles at all.
The idea that the Mail will always be an uncrtical supporter of the Conservative Party is naive however I can't see too many readers being impressed with uncritical support of GB either!

Is this really a more interesting story than a 30% drop in crime since Labour got into power?

The Daily Mail will support the Tories into the next election. They'd look pretty stupid if the didn't.

Is this really a more interesting story than a 30% drop in crime since Labour got into power?

Labour have fudged more stats to try and make themselves look good before an election.

Newsworthy? no.

After Nick Clegg stole what should have been Tory policy today on tax cuts the Mail will be regretting that headline ("Cameron is starting to look like a real leader")

Is this really a more interesting story than a 30% drop in crime since Labour got into power?

Labour have fudged more stats to try and make themselves look good before an election.

Newsworthy? no.

Well, the Times and most other newspapers thought it worth the front page. The BCS and Met police figures show crime down.

The figures represented "the longest recorded period of falling crime in living memory."

The BCS was set up under the Tories. It measures the same thing every year, and while you might dispute that it records the exact level of crime, it certainly records trends, and the trend is down. I realise that doesn't suit the Tory agenda.

What if Cameron claimed that the Crime figures were down only because of a sabotage by Eastern European Immigrants, bent on covering up their Swan-hunting in case it led to cancer and a reduction in house prices?

Would the Mail back him then?

If you believe these crime statistics you will, no doubt, believe the inflation statistics pumped out by this government and you will agree with Brown when he said, yesterday, that employment was up (he actually said unemployment!).

This Government changed the way inflation was calculated and the figure is ridiculously low. John major coldly pointed this out accurately last Sunday to Andrew Marr!

Crime is UP and never forget that many people do not bother to report crimes now because the police are not interested.

So you will understand that I do not believe ANYTHING that comes from the Labour Government or any Labour Politician (Andrew Mackinlay excepted!)

Will the tories allow the TRUE figures on Crime and Inflation etc to be given ????

Dacre is abolished.

Metric martyrs and estate agents please note that if you measure land by the acre, you'll now be breaking the law.

The Agriculture and Fisheries Council, attended by Agriculture Ministers of 26 EU member states (but the UK just sent a couple of lowly officials since these matters aren't really important), agreed on 15th July that, "since the acre is no longer in use for land registration purposes in the United Kingdom and Ireland there is no longer any need to provide for an exemption in that respect."

So that's it then: farewell fair English acres, bonjour les hectares ou metres carrés.

Source: EU Council press release No 11470/08.

The hectare has been in common use within UK agriculture and local government planning areas for the last two years at least. For those InTownTories, 1 hectare equals 2.2 acres, approx.

Well hoolio, given that the metric system was first established by a Briton and the out-dated imperial system originated from Rome, I suggest you say 'arrivederci' to the acre and say 'hello' to a more intelligent, scientific and British way of measuring things.

NorthernMonkey, I'm sure you're right about the imperial system, but I thought the metric system was Napoleon's handiwork. He even tried to metricate time: in France they were going to have 10 days in a week, and I think 100 minutes in an hour or something like that. Thank goodness that never took off because had it done so in France we'd probably have metric time in the UK by now thanks to our membership of the EU. Anyway, I agree the SI system of measurements is more intelligent and scientific, and I agree that farmers today probably talk in kg/ha rather than pounds per acre, but all this standardization just seems so unnecessary. Units of measurment for many of the world markets in agricultural products are things like bushels and short tons, the Indians talk in crore of this and that, the Mauritians have arpents on their small island. Why can't we British townies and out-of-townies conduct our business in acres any more? I'm with DD and the metric martyrs on this issue because it seems so defining of what's wrong with the direction the EU is taking us. Let the (single) market decide, let the EU remain treaty based and not subject to an overarching constitution, and let's have less of this harmonization for harmonization's sake.

hoolio I think it's the misalignment of different measuring systems which is unnecessary.

John Walken (Wilkin?) will be spinning in his grave that you confuswed the "Customary Measurements" of Napoleon with the proper metric system.

It's the weekend though, you should go and enjoy a .47 litre!

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