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No surprises there then!

My prediction - DD will return to the cabinet in the next reshuffle - but not as Shadow Home Sec. I think DC may well put him in the position last held by Patrick Mercer where he'd actually be very good.


Says it all.

Well done David Davis. He won the argument . Labour have lost all moral authority. The Lib Dems supported Davis's stand - so stood back. All the other ragbag candidates at least had something to say. Gordon Brown and Labour had nothing to say and nothing they could defend - In the name of God! They should Go !

Congratulations to David Davis on his re-election to the Commons. His campaign has kept the issue of the erosion of civil liberties in the headlines. The size of his vote is a tribute to a remarkable man who has that old fashioned quality of actually believing in something other than his own advancement.
It is sad that Sky News tried to belittle Davis’ achievement by using such phrases as “... but on a reduced majority”. Surely he should be congratulated on achieving such a large vote (over 17,000) in a bye election where the government dare not show its face. By contrast the BBC's report seemed very fair (for a change).
Politics needs more people like David Davis. Democracy needs fairer reporting.

David Graves-Moore

Congratulations to David Davis on his victory, I look forward to him returning to parliament and providing a powerful voice to the great cause of resisting Gordon Brown's pans to further erode our civil liberties.

A total waste of public money.

Congratulations to David Davis who took a great personal risk for the sake of a vital principle.

The coalition of support that he attracted was one of the most satisfying things about his campaign and should prove to the conservatives that to do what you think is morally right can also be a vote winner.

Brown won the vote on 42 days but has lost the debate. Over now to the HoL.

David Davis is wrong to claim he has changed public opinion already.
As ConHome argued yesterday he needs to stick at this like IDS sticked at his social inclusion message.
I hope he does!

A small but interesting take on the result from Iain Dale: "The candidate Labour was tacitly backing, Jill Saward, came sixth with a miserable 492 votes, 29 fewer than Miss Great Britain." And almost 15,000 less than DD.

Now for stage two following DD's return to the Commons. It would not be unreasonable to summarise this as: "Labour are the party of authoritarianism. We are the party of freedom." Here's hoping this message is proclaimed far and wide.

Thoughts from The Spectator on WHEN David Davies will return:

It is clear that Cameron will not reshuffle straight away to return Davis to his team, he doesn’t need to and Davis’s rash actions have made lots of those around the party leader even more wary of him. Davis himself is not agitating for an immediate return; on The Today Programme this morning he once more effusively praised his successor Dominic Grieve. However, if Cameron loses a shadow cabinet member to a scandal and has to reshuffle then all attention will be on whether or not Cameron brings back Davis.

"Today the people of Haltemprice and Howden have delivered a stunning - a stunning - message to the Government"

Yes - that in a safe Tory seat with no Labour or Lib Dem opposition, the Tory candidate will win overwhelmingly.

If the turnout was about 50% this might have been something to shout about. But 34% is hardly a great message - it's just the Tory loyalists turning out to put Davis back in.

I know this sounds horribly cynical but as someone who backs Davis on this issue, I found that statement profoundly silly.

Wow! The "brave" Davis wins. Dog bites man.
He had better hope that no bombs go off in the near future.
Criminals will be pleased to know that Davis has little regard for DNA and strategically placed CCTV.
Turkeys vote for Christmas.

The one word that comes to mind is vanity.

Congratulations to David Davis. Even Boulton stated before the election that no one was expecting the vote to hold up so the 70% was an excellent result and a very clear message.

No to the surveillance state!

Labour should have fielded a candidate - cowards.

Oglaza need shooting - his reporting was poor on Sky and very biased. The government didn't win the 42 day vote, it BOUGHT it!!

I hope David Davis is back in the shadow cabinet pronto - he should be deputy PM. Someone who wasn't afraid to stake his whole political career and the certainty of cabinet office at the next General Election deserves our total respect.

I make the point in OurKingdom that DD had a higher proportion of his electorate voting for him, 27%, than Labour has of the electorate voting for it in 2005, 22%.
I also, er, criticise the BBC's coverage

The problem is that our traditional liberties and our very democracy itself are very much more at risk from the ever expanding EU Superstate than from the dying days of the discredited Labour Government which can no longer get much of its legislation through the House of Lords.

David Davis, who as a whip, helped to force through the Maastricht Treaty, is effectively silent on this issue, as is his leader.

Well done DD, I think his turnout was high enough to defy the critics. Should he return to the Shadow Cabinet? ASAP, please. DC may think he has a strong Shadow Cabinet but there are a lot of minnows in there, especially when one considers the talent being left out in the cold (Clarke, Rifkind, Trimble, IDS, Redwood etc). And remind me, who came top of the Shadow Cabinet performance rankings on this site most of the time, and second the rest? David Davis. William Hague is the only other person in the Shadow Cabinet with anywhere near the talent and gravitas that DD possesses. He has completely restored my faith in politics, and if that has cost me 0.5p then that's a price I'm willing to pay! Waste of money? Don't make me laugh, some things are important enough to go out on a limb on. The Magna Carta is one of them.

Congratulations to David Davis. He has won the argument hands down. I very much hope that he can play a full and CONSTRUCTIVE role in the future Conservative government.

I think David Davis should go and join all the others at Speakers Corner.

make the point in OurKingdom that DD had a higher proportion of his electorate voting for him...

Not a great surprise considering Labour supporters didn't have anyone to turn out for.

Sorry for italics.

Good result. This was an important moment in this country's history, and will surely be recorded as such.

It was necessary to happen (but should never have become necessary -- blame NuLabour for that, no-one else!) but we are fortunate in having someone who could and did take the brave stand that was the only effective way left to make a real impact.

Oh, and as usual, the Labour trolls here merely demonstrate that they haven't a clue about this issue and have nothing in common with the real, everyday folk of this country. Perhaps instead of wasting their time posting garbage here, they could achieve something by going and learning about the Real World out there...

I am very disappointed that we have yet to have a comment from our Eng Nat friends on here about the historic result of them having coming third in a by election: with infinitely more votes that 67% of the three main parties. Projecting the result nationally, the Leader of the Opposition position is on a knife edge between them and the Greens.

It is actually rather encouraging that the BNP did so badly.

Which was the candidate who was trying to get the least votes ever in a by-election and was he one of the two who got only 8 (see BBC website for full result)? That tally means that at least 2 of the signatories to their nomination forms did not vote for them!

A legal point: with more than 20 candidates it would have been possible for the winning candidate to have only polled 4.9%. If that had happened, is it legally possible for the winning candidate to lose their deposit?

Fraser Nelson described David Davis as a modern day Eddie the eagle at the start of his campaign. A perfect metaphor. We all loved Eddie for his courage and pluck but at the end of the day he was never good enough to be on the main rostrum for the medals.

Londoner: You may enjoy John Redwood's broadside at the English Democrats' expense.

Congratulations to David Davis

CCHQ just doesn't get it, does it.
Going through the motions of democracy is not democracy. The public despises Westminster and its ineffectual chicanery. DD's stand has resonated with ordinary voters in ways which CCHQ's synthetic postures never have.

@Mark Hudson
It may well have been a waste of public money but given the rubbish it is otherwise wasted on the defence of public liberty isn't a bad cause.
Or are you suggesting that democracy and the parliamentary system are themselves generically a waste of money. Couldn't disagree really - just as long as they are replaced by rule by me and not by you.

Fabulous bit of real and honest politics. It really was worth it. 17000+ voters agreed.

What a pathetic waste of public money! So David Davies has a mandate to challenge the government on Big Brother security matters. Handing Labour lots of material to hammer the party on being weak on security and crime.

I can see the Labour posters now , National DNA database caught x amount of Criminals , rapists , and murderer's , Some Tories want it scrapped, Vote Labour the Tories are soft on crime.

And the same on CCTV which has also helped to bring down crime by up to 30 % in our major cities. And the majority of the public still back Labour on the 42 days , Tories are soft on terrorism.

I can see this and I think David Cameron and his PR Gurus can as well , which is why Dave didn't want Davies to go ahead with this charade ! Why can't all those on this site see past this daft self indulgent waste of time by the former Shadow Home Sec.

He made a good victory speech! Big improvement in his public speaking skills which used to be, frankly, rather ropey!

What a pathetic waste of public money!

just have to hope GB doesn't think like that when the next GE is due!

Congratulations DD!

Norm ,Sally congratulations for what ? Dropping the party in the Mire! I despair with you people have you no vision !!!

Just wait until the General Election, I am sorry to say but you'll see .

Probably Gezmond007 because we know enough of this country's history to realise what it will be like under the joyless, puritanical, repressive surveillance state that we have been blindly walking marching towards for a good fifteen years.

As for the National DNA Database, if this government cared a jot for the freedom of the individual the database would store DNA samples collected at crime scenes and that would be the limit of it. After all, that's the evidence that matters.

Instead they presume that we are all potential rapists and murderers and use any trumped-up excuse imaginable to store our DNA permanently on file. Such presumption of guilt has no place in the English legal system.

It was a waste of public money, pure and simple. The dynamics of the debate have not remotely been changed: the legislation is following its parliamentary course exactly as if no by-election had taken place. Moreover, and regrettably, the subject is no more discussed down the Dog and Duck by the average punter than it was before.

The turnout was way under even half and he got fewer votes than he did when Michael Howard was the Party Leader at the General Election in 2005.

I am sorry, but what the hell was the bloody point of it?

The terrorists friend returns!!

I am sorry, but what the hell was the bloody point of it?

David Davis got from the front bench to the back bench which, considering there was no other possible result, I suspect is exactly what he wanted. The only thing clever was that he managed to make the reason Labour rather than David Cameron.

"Norm ,Sally congratulations for what ?"

Gezmond007 - read my posts again...I didn't use the word "congratulations"! In my first post I noted that it was no surprise and that DD might be good in the Patrick Mercer job if DC saw fit to put him back into the shadow cabinet - and in my second post I remarked that DD's public speaking skills had improved - which they have!
I remember him coming to an Association Dinner some while ago where his best effort was to trot out a joke so old it was growing mould on it and of such a nature as to upset some of the women present! Hopefully this sort of thing is now behind him.

No Jack, you continue to maintain your record of being 100% wrong on absolutely everything you comment on - a perfect negative indicator!

Editor - thanks for the link to John Redwood, but I think his was a rather stupid comment really.

Although I was adopting a teasing tone towards the Eng Dems - much better I suggest than JR's rather angry one - JR is wrong that they lost their deposit, they actually saved it. The beat the BNP soundly and I'd much rather the disaffected voted for the Eng Dems rather than them. Imagine the field day if the Eng Dems did not exist and many of their votes had gone to the BNP putting them second and saving their deposit?

They also came quite near to beating the Greens, whom are one might assume would be a natural repositary for Lib Dem and Labour people who could not bring themselves to vote for a Tory but still wanted to vote.

So, although I made my comment jokingly, I have now ended up praising the Eng Dem's myself (even if they have rather a long way to go)!!

"No Jack, you continue to maintain your record of being 100% wrong on absolutely everything you comment on - a perfect negative indicator!"

That is because he is a UKIP-supporting troll who has been doing this for years.

"The terrorists friend returns!!"

I actually find this comment from Mr Stone rather offensive. DD's policy is party policy so presumably he thinks our party are the terrorists' friends. Let's lock up anyone who the police think might have once sent an email to a suspected terrorist for, say, 5 years without telling them why! That's the way to increase support for the forces of law-and-order and the benefits of western ideology: what ho!

Well if JS is UKIP - interesting that they put up no candidate. Following the lead of the Labour Party I presume.

Well, Davis gets what he deserves: to look slightly ridiculous.

What will happen next?

My 3 stage prediction:

David Davis will get bored unless he's given a big job.

If he gets bored he'll look for excitement.

He'll find excitement in disloyalty.

Westminster Wolf I fear you could be right...unless he does the sensible thing of "taking up" the cause of liberty and doing some useful and valuable work rather as IDS does in the field of Social Justice. It could be done and as my grandmother used to say "The Devil Finds Work for Idle Hands".

We must remember that Gordon Brown - partly because of DD's stand and partly because of the HoL debate on the matter - has not heard the end of the 42 day debate.

I was glad to read Andrew Gimson comment:

"Lord Falconer.... said he opposed 42 days 'root and branch', since it was quite possible to charge a detainee as long as there was 'reasonable suspicion', even if not all the evidence had been collected".

If Brown's Bill does become law, I hope the conservatives will immediately promise to repeal it and replace it by a much shorter period of detention 'without charge' on suspicion of terrorism (say 14 days) and then allow the authorities as long as they reasonably need to put together a case.

I have no trouble with that.

The party is wrong on this subject and could still pay a heavy price for it. The liberty to go about your business without the fear of being blown to bits is far more important than the rights of those suspected of being terrorists.
The next time there is a bomb outrage and there is bound to be try defending this then!

"..UKIP - interesting that they put up no candidate..."

The English Democrat candidate was good value for money, i.e. an underlying Tory with EUscepticism and concern for England. Three for price of one!

From ED website:
"..had been a Conservative voter .. became active in the Referendum Party. ..UKIP Parliamentary candidate in ..2001, ..became increasingly disappointed by UKIP’s .. failure to capitalize on their momentum. ..now thinks ..UKIP .. 'dead but not yet buried', and that it is also insufficiently concerned about England, so she joined the English Democrats.."

The next time there is a bomb outrage and there is bound to be try defending this then!

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety

Congratulations to DD!

However, one does get the impression that it was a waste of effort and money as Labour didn't bite and as most people, while agreeing with DD on this subject, still don't give a damn.

However, DD proved his point and as saltmaker @ 13:32 rightly said, he got out of a wet shadow cabinet in a nice way. It will be interesting to see his next move.

My best guess is that DD really resigned because Cameron didn't allow him to pledge that the 42 days would be changed to 28 days.

No mention of DD on the Six'o'clock News headlines. He's already a non-story.

Well, Mr Stone, if being blown up is your fear, wouldn't you rather the Human Rights Act was repealed so that we could deport terrorist sympathizers, and other undesirables? Shouldn't we be more 'outraged' at Labour Ministers who attend Islam Expo and generally give succor to our enemies? Shouldn't we be banning the hate material available in mosques? Isn't all of this rather more 'terrorist friendly' than passing a law which could easily deprive any of us of liberty at anytime? I don't think I would sleep soundly with that fear.

Further, why would an Islamic terrorist bomber be afraid of 42days? His plan is to blow himself up? So it is not a deterrent, nor a course to bring home justice. Many people who know say they don't need 42 days to detain someone who is a strong suspect - and even that doesn't protect you, because a lot of the bombers there have been were not strong suspects.

So, 42 days makes you no safer from bombs and a lot more at risk from false arrest.

And to all those who think campaigning for our freedom is a waste of money - I will say second wives, Labour bribes and John Lewis list: freedom or fish tank? You choose. And just think of all the millions we might have now saved in wrongful arrest payouts !!

In the end this has been a waste of time. The debate never really got started. I don't think this vote has achieved anything and may well have damaged the Tory's in the Long term. I agreed with what DD stood for but the fact is, mostly it didn't get through to the public

Miranda it speaks volumes that you believe Islam is our enemy. It isn`t and I think the remark is offensive.We are fighting terrorism not the muslim religion.

It is actually rather encouraging that the BNP did so badly.
The BNP didn't do anything at all, the National Front stood - similar parties with overlapping membership, but who knows whether the BNP would have done better or worse if they had stood.

Yes - that in a safe Tory seat with no Labour or Lib Dem opposition, the Tory candidate will win overwhelmingly.
Not only that, but most of the people voting for him were voting on other issues, voting for him as the official Conservative candidate, Labour couldn't have won the by-election because there is an anti-Socialist majority in the constituency, many voting for David Davis thought that 42 days wasn't nearly long enough and would have been quite happy with 42 years or indefinite incarceration.

Gemma Garrett of the Miss Great Britain Party stood on a platform of supporting 42 days and of raising troops pay and got actually a very respectable vote, higher than woud be expected other than with the issues David Davis raised.

So the media decide what matters Mr Wall?

Although, as a matter of fact, David Davis was on the 10pm ITV news - so you are wrong anyway.

Congratulations to David Davis - he has made a stand for traditional British liberty.

Now is the time for Mr Cameron to show whether or not he cares about British liberty - if he does he will reappoint Mr Davis to the post of Shadow Home Secretary.

Suspicions that the David Davis fight against Big Brother is little more than an elaborate scam grow with every passing day. If this guy was on the level with aspirations towards real debate on the Orwellian State there would be no good reason in the so-called, public debate, open to anyone that had booked a ticket to turn away the world’s utmost authority on the subject of Big Brother David Icke.

Perhaps for David Davis, it was simply a matter of you can fool most of the people all the time but there is no way on earth he could hope to fool David Icke, and so the David Davis minders took the Big Brother posture and quickly removed the rights of David Icke to listen to the debate on the Big Brother State.

Davis turns away David Icke but allows Patrick Mercer to support him against Big Brother. Mercer is a consultant for a private army security organization, it is said he works for organizations that use the very same Big Brother technology that Mr Davis said we should bring to an end. Patrick Mercer connected to such organizations supporting a challenged to Big Brother simply put the kibosh on any belief that Davis is entirely sincere.

Many will wonder if having used the Big Brother issue to destroy Brown and his Government Davis will suddenly receive a big pat on the back from Cameron and possibly that which is promised behind closed doors.

If it’s the scam that David Icke seems to believes it to be, then it is the cruellest scam, ever perpetrated by any politician on the profound hopes and dreams of the common people and serving only the good of the few.

What I have said is of course only my personal opinion and I hope I’m wrong, I hope it’s more than a new scam to trick the people but if we know anything about politicians’ we know they play to our emotions and hardly ever know wrong from right and we also know there is nothing more insecure than a political promise.

The BNP didn't stand in this by-election. If they had done, then it is highly likely they would have beaten the devious separatists of the EDs.

Well done David.
You will now be able to tackle Brown, Jackie Smith and the pompous McNultys of this world who threaten the very fabric of our freedoms which were hard won by our forebears.Our Liberty is worth fighting for. 17,000+ supported you in your Constituency and many millions support you Nationally.

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