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"If we want stable families there has to be a man holding down a good job on a decent wage"

A man! A MAN!

What sexism.

Yeah - that is a weird quote, Felicity. I wonder how they got that? The context of the article seems to be talking about dads.

The apprenticeships are only for boys

The girls get to do cookery

(Ducks and runs for cover ........)

Brian Dear:

Haven't we taught you anything?

Girls don't need apprenticeships. We were born knowing it all!


What sexism.

My wife and I have a small daughter. It is a fact of life that she prefers to be looked after by Mummy rather than Daddy - not that she doesn't like Daddy, but Mummy is better.

If you like I can explain to her that her views are politically incorrect, out of date, and hark back to an outmoded patriarchally hierarchical society (that social sciences course at uni wasn't entirely wasted you know). How this will go down with somebody who still isn't quite up to speed with counting to twenty I'm not sure.

Never read nuffink of it, headline says it all.
This is the missing third way that will support schools, homes, and the broken society

RMA said: "Girls don't need apprenticeships. We were born knowing it all!"

Are you sure? That's what my wife says about men!

[NOTE: I have a wife, two daughters and a female cat. Talk about being outnumbered.... ]

Paying bonuses for private firms out of Tax payers money is not a good idea. A reduction in Corporate Tax for sound Corporate social responsibility is much better.

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