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I hope he has someone on the staff who looks more convincing holding a guitar! - There goes the Nashville vote.

He should have told him to take a hike.

Why oh why is Cameron cosying-up to someone whose ideas are essentially a US-centric replay of what put the UK into its current financial mess?

He's very popular on both sides of the Atlantic, and it's looking increasingly likely that he will become President of the United States. Of course Cameron needs to cozy up to him, just as he's already forged ties with John McCain. And from the excerpt of that conversation, it seems as though they have found common ground quite quickly. (Probably a bit of a relief for Obama after whatever heavy political stuff Gordon put him through this morning.)

And I have to wonder whether Peter Walker has actually listened to any Smiths or Radiohead songs, or just skimread some of the lyrics. "Gloomy"?

Apologies for the triple-post, but I thought it worth noting that along with the CDs, Cameron gave him a copy of William Hague's book on Wilberforce. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7526979.stm

The body language seemed to indicate a genuine warmth between David Cameron and Obama. These guys seem to get on - I suspect they are more on the same wave-length than many on here would like to admit!
Looking at them I felt very conscious that we were looking at the future.....


It seems to be an affinity drawn from a shared generational outlook more than anything else, the events and issues which have defined both Cameron and Obama as politicians are radically different from those that shaped folks like Clinton, Bush, McCain and Brown.

For politicians here in the UK, particularly those on the left such as Brown, the Thatcher years were central in defining their politics – but politicians of Cameron’s generation have very much moved beyond this (as, frankly, has the electorate). The same could be said to be the case with Obama who (unlike Clinton) was not shaped by the generation of political frustration the Democrats endured since 1968 (do not underestimate the traumatic impact McGovern's defeat in '72 and the Reagan years have had for some Democrats).

Yes I agree with you Ben - very perceptive!

Mr Cameron could do well by keeping his distance from Barack Obama, I'm not fond of the closeness of foreign policy with the United States. And Blair/Bush relationship with Cameron/Obama is pretty bad.

"Why oh why is Cameron cosying-up to someone whose ideas are essentially a US-centric replay of what put the UK into its current financial mess?"

Indeed, it is often forgotten that the charismatic JFK was a big spending Leftie. As I suspect is Obama.

This transcript reminds us of perhaps Cameron's only serious presentational problem: his overwhelming instinct to interrupt people.

"He should have told him to take a hike."
That would have been nice to hear, but that wouldn't have been very classy. As the next PM, there is reason for Cameron to try and get along with the man who may be the next president (as Tom pointed out, he already has "forged ties" with McCain.) Obama, as much as I distrust him, made an interesting move going to Europe for that very reason. None of the leaders there, even if their policies differ, are going to criticize him publicly to his face.

Each day that brings Barrack Obama closer to the American Presidency brings us closer to the matter of reparations. America owes Africa and the people of Africa a profound debt. The numbers are staggering: millions of Africans enslaved and murdered by America. Millions of Africans oppressed and jailed in America’s prisons today. Families destroyed. Culture destroyed. Knowledge stolen and denied.

How much should America pay? Clearly the amount would be in the billions in monetary funds. Additionally, there is no reason why any African should pay taxes to the American government. I certainly hope that Obama as President will make that a reality. But more than mere money is required here. America must express a sincere remorse for the crimes it has committed against humanity. America should be made to pay a price and be punished.

After the European powers concluded their First World War they made Germany pay a price. They made Germany pay vast sums from their treasury. They redrew Germany’s borders. They reduced Germany’s military and economic might. I suggest that similar measures be taken on America.

Keep in mind that all of the territory that comprises the United States is stolen land. The United States therefore is an illegal nation. The Southwestern part of America for example, belongs to Mexico. Why not return this land to the people of Mexico?

It may take generations but I hope that a President Obama will start the process and will correct the wrongs of America and start the healing.


"This transcript reminds us of perhaps Cameron's only serious presentational problem: his overwhelming instinct to interrupt people".

Indeed. It reads rather rudely, doesn't it? I can't think Obama took kindly to being so constantly interrupted like that.

only once does it say 'interruped cameron', it is entirely possible that obama paused on the other occasions, looking for the right words, and cameron stepped in.

Truth First wants people who commited no crime to pay compensation to those who are not victims.

The US government fought a bloody war to end the curse of slavery. Obama is popular precisely because he doesn't dwell in the past like you obviously do.

Bac on topic, Cameron has identified the biggest weakness in Brown's make up, which at the same time Gordon rather cluelessly advertises as his biggest strength. Something mus be done........I have to work 24 hours a day.......I have to control everything.

As Obama say, your staff should know the details much better than you, so micro managing them s stupid.

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