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Good! Let's hope this draws a line in the sand.

Let's hope ANY existing MEPs who kick up and refuse to co-operate are dropped from the Party list for next year immediately and without any further ado or right of appeal. We can't have people standing under the Conservative banner who allow themselves to become tainted with any of the sleaze and corruption inherrent in the institutions of the EU.

From the BBC website:

"Mr Cameron said: "By publishing this stuff it will be possible for people to have a go at us, but in the end it is public money. People do have a right to know."

Absolutely right. Excellent stuff.

"...UKIP who have been good on this issue". That is meant ironically isn't it?

Surprise, surprise the BBC claims to have seen an internal memo criticising the new plans:

An internal Tory memo has criticised party leader David Cameron's attempt to reform MEPs' expenses as "half-baked".

A document seen by the BBC argues the change is a "direct breach of the rules of the European Parliament" and likely to bring a public relations "defeat".


BBC claims that some MEPs are opposing this.

"An internal Tory memo has criticised party leader David Cameron's attempt to reform MEPs' expenses as "half-baked"."


Who signed this memo?

BBC claims that some MEPs are opposing this.

"An internal Tory memo has criticised party leader David Cameron's attempt to reform MEPs' expenses as "half-baked"."


Who signed this memo?

UKIP have been good on this issue-what planet are you living on? UKIP is losing members because of the infighting initiated by the Farage clique as well as disgust at their MEPs who despite promises have become experts at claiming expenses and visiting all the expensive watering holes and worse at the EP.One could mention Tom Wise MEP arrested for suspected chicanery with his expensesbut the leader Nigel Farage secretly started paying his wife after promising not to employ family members. He is I understand being investigated by the anti-fraud body OLAF. Then there are all sorts of unaswered questions regarding the internal 'expense claims' of Farage's South East Region.

Cameron is spot on with this one. Its amazing how the Lib/Dems and UKIP have the gall to criticise this. My understanding is that Camerons proposals will actually put the Tories ahead of all other Parties in transparency etc. Not that one would have picked this up from the BBC reporting.


Dennis McShane on News at 10 saying this code is just the same as what Labour MEPs already do. Is this true?

Having read the leaked memo, I am more convinced than ever that DC has this one right. Perhaps the errant MEP(s) in question (or the staffer who wrote the memo for them who I hope has been sacked) will realise that there is one word missing from there - constituents. "Would my constituents think that refusing a direction from my Party leader to disclose how I spend their money is reasonable?".

ConHome is keen on grasroots campaigns, rightly so. While the memo raises the threat of legal actions from those who are deselected as a result of this, as result of the membership reforms last year, all members of the Party are simply members of their home Associations.

Whilst I would regret the internal disruption it might cause, Associations have the power to propose to their Executive withdrawing membership from any member whose "conduct shall, in their judgement, be inconsistent with the objects or financial well-being of the Association or be likely to bring the Party into disrepute." I am no legal expert, but I would assume that an outright refusal by an elected member to account to their constituents about how they spend taxpayers' money, in defiance of instructions from the leadership, would fall under the latter clause.

It's quite difficult to be a Party candidate while not a member of the Party! Something for the author of the memo to reflect on. Time for the grassroots to really stand up, back the leadership and pile on the pressure if negotiations fail.


It is a group apparently - not one sole MEP - who has penned this memo (or had it penned for him or her)

A sensible and decisive move.

The expenses thing still has the capability of wrecking a lot of what has been achieved. Anyone caught should expect no understanding from the party.

David Cameron has shown strong leadership.

I think this is an excellent step forward. Shame the EU couldn't have already setup a better (better meaning one that doesn't allow people to pocket money at every turn) system properly in the first place. We can sadly only be accountable for people from our own country yet others are wasting our tax money too. One thing I will complain about. I am thoroughly bored of the word transparency and I choke everytime I hear it now. It's completely overused and pretty pointless in meaning. Why not replace the word with something with more debth like honesty for instance or accountability?

The Mail this morning is saying that the unsigned memo was "left on a photocopier". Who on earth would be stupid enough to leave something like this lying about unless of course it is a fake designed to smear a particular group of MEPs? We know that dirty tricks abound both at Brussels and at Westminster.

It appears from the Guardian report that the report was written either by or on the say so of Roger Helmer! I must say I am rather amazed as it seems distinctly out of character.

Mr Helmer if this has been an unjust slur and you had nothing to do with it then please come on here and set our minds at rest!

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