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Jeremy Hunt, so I can also invite a couple of former pistol shooters to explain to him exactly what they think of the Conservative Party and why.

John Major. I'd love to talk with him about cricket.

A dinner party that would be a lot of fun would be to have...

Michael Howard next to Ann Widdecombe,
Boris Johnson next to James McGrath,
Margaret Thatcher next to Michael Heseltine,
Patrick Mercer next to David Cameron,
Iain Duncan Smith next to John Bercow,
Caroline Spelman next to Stephen Hammond
Dan Hannan next to Chris Patten!

"Jeremy Hunt, so I can also invite a couple of former pistol shooters to explain to him exactly what they think of the Conservative Party and why."

Is he anti-hand gun then?

Is he anti-hand gun then?

He's the current shadow sports minister. In a ConservativeHome Q & A some time ago, I asked him about it. His reply showed total indifference; no sympathy, no acknowledgement of how shooters feel - couldn't care less. He didn't even have the decency to try and justify the current policy. To him, we just aren't people.

Tom Montgomerie, obviously.

It's a bit depressing that someone like Boris can become Mayor but I think he is much suited to a role such as party guest.

Thanks heavens he's not a newt-fancier, or mates with murderous dictators, then.


I would quite like to meet Boris - I'd imagine he'd be quite a wit, and have plenty of stories to tell!

But on a more serious note, I'd like to meet him to discuss politics! Having read a vast amount of his work, I find I agree with a majority of it - but would like to talk about what I don't necessarily agree with (such as his view on China). I would imagine it would quite a good discussion.

I wonder if Gordon is on the list - he strikes me as the life and soul of a party...

Alex Swanson - I'd also choose Jeremy Hunt as he is an excellent salsa dancer!

Benjamin Disraeli (re-vivified). Tim and Sam @obviously@. The Wintertons, once we'd opened the third bottle. Lots of people who contribute here (the best reception at conf last year was the CH one- hint/suck/hint).

I'd love to put our fab leader

Nick Clegg next to Paddy Ashdown
Charles Kennedy next to Sarah Ludford
Simon Hughes next to Prunella Scales
Justine McGuinness next to Paula Radcliffe

...and a useless Mayor.

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