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"It states that up to 50% of children in some areas of Britain are growing up with significant speech, language and communication needs..."

Now why would that be, I wonder?

This is clearly a welcome report, but it is only into speech, language and communication problems, not the whole area of learning disabilities as implied on the front page.

There is a crisis in learning disabilities including specific learning disabilities and this will only address some of these issues. There needs to be a whole-sale rethink of the whole learning disabilities agenda, putting the parents into the front seat.

I meant the front page of Conservativehome, not the report.

John Bercow has done some great work for the Government. Well done.

I hope he will also do some positive work for David Cameron at some point.

What a ridiculous notion Bill.

It seems to me when considering how screwed up education is, one has to take into account exactly whose failures and oversights these have been for the last 11 years.

I think that John Bercow, as a supporter of Harriet Harperson's equality bill (except for white men), should immediately resign his seat, so the Conservatives can select a woman to replace him.

My wife works in the area of specific learning difficulties. Get the impression from her that the problems in general are getting worse rather than better. Suspect that the concept of inclusion has something to do with it.


Bercow is contributing his bit to equality by speaking for Labour from the Conservative benches. All that's now required to fulfill the equality norm is to have a spokesman for the Conservatives who has been elected as a Labour MP - any suggestions?

Why doesn't Cameron deal with him in the same descisive way he has those MPs who have strayed too far to the right? I wonder.....

It is long overdue for the Buckingham constituency seriously to consider Bercow's deselection. Independence of mind is one thing, and usually to be applauded within a political party. However, giving aid and support to the opposition (i.e. the current government) is quite another. Bercow now has a great deal of 'form', and is no longer to be trusted. How can the Party have any consifence in this man?

confidence, of course

I agree with the thrust of the Bercow review. However, there is a lot of good work going on out there already. He visited Ealing last week to launch our service for Children with Additional needs (ESCAN) which promotes early intervention and is a great example of joint working between Ealing Council and the Ealing PCT, together with support of the voluntary sector (link on my name below should give more info). The whole thrust for this service was to make life easier for parents and their children by co-locating our services together rather than in isolated buildings all over the Borough. Services can be improved, all it takes is the will to do it.

I suspect that if Birkenhead chose to deselect Frank Field or Kate Hoey for acting too far beyond the maintream of their chosen party, people would be calling foul play on here.

Bercow was asked to conduct a serious review into a serious problem and this sniping shows exactly what the general public hate about most politicians - that theya ct within the narrow realm of their party and fail to look beyond that.

I'd be proud to have John Bercow as my Member of Parliament, and not the second rater that sits in the Shadow Cabinet I currently have to suffer.

Good work John.

After George Walden, and now John Bercow, the thousands of Conservative voters in Buckingham are entitled to ask when their votes will deliver a Conservative MP.

Can the local association bear this in mind, please ?

London Tory - they seem with happy with their Conservative MP at the moment!

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