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In case anyone is wondering, that's a painting ('Night Cap') by Myles Sullivan. If you like it, also check out his 'Martini Hour'

I think Labour have really had it!! A Party that is virtually bankrupt (can they AFFORD to fight an Election in their present state..?), a useless leader and a dilemma........

As they say in the best (or worst?) soaps - Tune In For the Next Exciting Instalment!

It would not be unreasonable to apply the Labour/minus margin of error and Conservatives/plus. Why? The real by-election figures applied through the swing and anti-Labour srength of feeling shown against 10 years of Labour's chronically useless and inept administration and economic ignorance, hidden by spin and propaganda.
This would produce a 50%+ for Conservatives and 19% or less for Labour. With a huge majority I would hope to see a real effort to help places like East Glasgow improve dramatically.
How? Massive crack down on crime with significant Police presence 24/7. Big drive to identify intelligent youngsters and give them special educational help. The less able, find them work and character building activities through mentoring and volunteer contributions from business and wealthy sports clubs. A windfall tax on professional sport administered to these areas by the clubs themselves. Lastly a drive to pour local foods into the areas via small and subsidised outlets manned by locals themselves in return for an enhancement to their benefit payments. That would be a Conservative Co-operative application but not tainted by socialist doctrine and spite.
Above all else make these people see their salvation is in helping themselves supported not cossetted by the welfare state micro-management, Orwellian approach beloved of Brown and labour!

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