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It's only a temporary setback. We Lib dems at 15 are still above the 11 when we decapotiated are leader last October. I don't beleeve it anyway. I'm at Henley and the mood on the ground is fabulous for us, and we're very excrited. My prediction? Lib Dem majority of 8,000. We're on track to win in 2 years time still, really can't stop have to get back to it! Stupendous momentum.

You're boring as hell Gloy.

Narrowed the gap?
Some gap!

"Narrowed" the gap to 18%? Doesn't this come into the realm of statistical error? Well we'll just have to get 50% next time then.

we're very excrited
More like excreted.

When are you going to right your novall, Glouy??

Malcolm, "Gloy" is an invented character to wind up humourless posters here. Lighten up! Working for Iain Dale can't be that bad. On second thoughts, may it can.


Nick Clegg's most memorable phrase to date is "not more than 30". Prophetic, eh?

Henley result is a better indicator as were the local Council "polls". 57% of a real election works for me. ICM were more accurate on this week,s polls before Henley! Fifth, well I think that a marvellous signal that Brown's personal popularity, as well as that of Labour, is showing green shoots of recovery! That is poking out of the grave.

Promising positive discrimination for minorities is a vote loser as is promoting increased numbers of wind turbines for electricity. Who is going to vote their careers away and their children's or grandchildren's to benefit other people. Who is going to vote to lower the value of their house (in money or personal enjoyment) by voting for the risk of a wind turbine nearby. Brown shot himself in the foot by announcing these policies on the Henley by-election day.

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