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Magazine feels very studenty in quality - cheap paper. Pretty boring content. Bit like the kind of magazine that's free on a train. As for the website, the designer must have been on magic mushrooms or trying to win a bet on who could use the most colours - no matter how illegible.

I'm not sure I want anything to be unremittingly positive about politics. As with Cons Home, things are improved when people are put under pressure and called to account.

The picture on the front cover is enough to put anyone off.

I feel quite sorry for Iain Dale, he tries so hard and keeps failing.

I wish total politics well but I fear it wont even last as long as that wonderful treatment for isomnia '18 doughty street', another absolutely bonkers idea.

I rather liked 18DS, though it looked like a net destroyer of wealth.

Not sure I can see the point of Total Politics.

I'm looking forward to reading the cover interview with the Supreme Leader - quite a coup for a known Tory to get him to agree to an exclusive. You should always know your (political) enemy...

I'll be reading this magazine avidly.


I hope the magazine will contain some weighty material and not just be dedicated to the political milieu. The Westminster smart-set can be quite narcistic and this in turn makes them intellectually lazy as they buy into any trend that has currency. I hope Iain will hire a few people to ruffle the feathers, an interview with Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul would be interesting. Don't let this venture become an exercize in political vanity, make it into a challenging read.

Looked good but the first article, written by Clemency Burton-Hill, made me stop reading. I then thumbed through the rest only to discover Alan Duncan was giving me some fashion advice and Gordon Brown perfers Indiana to Bond. I think I will be sticking to the Spectator and the Economist.

I rather enjoyed the magazine - a fresh of breath air compared with the other free distribution political magazines like the House Magazine.

Thanks for the kind (Louise and John) and not so kind comments. We were proud of our first issue but will continue to strive always to do better with each successive magazine.

I've read the first issue. Not in the league of the truly outstanding Standpoint.

I had a read of this magazine this evening and have to say I was not terribly impressed. Very little grabbed the attention.

If it sees 2009 I will be surprised.

Well of course it will see 2009 because it is being bankrolled by investors. It's a free distribution mag, so the issue is whether advertisers will pay for it and they seem to be willing.

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