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The document is vague and rather states the obvious. One suspects it was deliberately passed to you... just the right length for a press release.

Great to see that Social breakdown is the main priority- and so it should be. This is probably the most important challenge facing the nation which we can actually have a large amount control over and use to differentiate ourselves from Labour- unlike the economic difficulties which seem to be about as easy to control as the weather.

Why do you have to an uber-moderniser to be interested in environmental issues?

Hi Conserve-ative:

You don't have to be an uber-moderniser to be interested in environmental issues. We were suggesting - perhaps inelegantly - that ubers are most keen for green issues to be as central to Conservative strategy as they were in the first 18 months of Conservative strategy.

I'm much keener for the issues that are central to Conservative strategy - social breakdown - AND cost of living issues to be the major themes.

For the record I'd like to see micro environmental issues (recycling, protection of natural habitats and endangered species, animal welfare, greener house design etc) a key part of the Conservative manifesto. I just think we overdid green issues in phase one of Project Cameron.

I hope that helps.

Our welfare-to-work policy;

Hand JCP entirely over to the private sector. Split it into regions, and franchise to charities/employment agencies. Merge JSA and IB, which are in effect one and the same thing anyway. Pay on results. Pay benefit for a maximum of 6 months once able-bodiment has been established. Remove the right of Guardian reading GPs to issue 13 week sick certs to skivers with 'bad backs'. Send civil servants on secondment to these charities/agencies to administer this scheme. Offer them un-generous redundancy if they refuse.

"Society rather than the economy remains the top Tory concern."

Well that's stupid, for with people totally fed up at the level of taxes they are paying, fed up of the failure of public services to supply the services they are funded to supply, when the Conservatives success came about because they began to takle taxation issues, when this Government have dropped to the lowest poll ratings ever because people are worried about the economy, when peoples house values are falling by the week, when the next big Government train wreck is about VED, the Conservatives decide that they aren't going to talk about the economy. Oh dear!

As it was said, its the economy stupid!

Or could it be that the Shadow Treasury team are so light weight they can’t lead on the economy, and prefer to talk about anything other than that, for they are out of their depth?

Ed's right. Breakdown of society and over-taxing are by far the biggest issues for most people.

Rightly or wrongly, most people don't give a damn about 'green' issues. They can't afford to.

The economy must be the top priority. We can tackle it by applying Consrvative principles.

1. Any tax or benefit that costs too much to administer should be scrapped.

2. Nanny state nonsense should be stopped; if it upsets the EU then great.

3. IT should be used to help the electors not to control them. Grand schemes always look as though they are creating jobs to bloat the Ministery.

The money saved from scrapping half the benefit schemes can be channelled into better state pensions and dissability payments. Recipients will spent it far more wisely. The Exchequer will recoup the admin cost savings.

Abandoning Galleleo spy satellites and the associated road toll scheme will all be savings. We could use IT to install intelligent direction signs that inform. National ID cards, NHS super database are clealy jokes or plain madness.

Update the James report to include all the latest mad ideas from Bully Brown & Co, publish with the promise to implement it in the first year of the Conservative government.

Helping us stop Gordon concreting over greenbelt and high quality arable land in an effort to gerry mander the electoral system might be a good start.
If you have a spare moment people, please please sign our Downing Street petition.


We are a Labour marginal which is a narrow notional Tory seat under boundary changes.
We have 3000 empty properties for sale or rent. We have only 30 people on our social housing list but Gordon wants to build up to 20,000 houses on greenbelt, half of which will be social.
The cost of the equivalent to the council tax in a so-called eco town is 3 times that of the average bill. Those in social housing will not pay. It will have to be meet by the Tory Council which was won back from Labour and local taxpayers.
Please sign.

I agree with Iain, Gordon Brown is badly exposed over the economy and his risible repuation for economic competence has to be destroyed one and for all. The Conservative party must show how it will lead our country out of the economic mire. The social agenda is vital but key areas like welfare reform and improved public services depend on a vibrant economy to provide jobs and the revenue to effect change. The Conservative party must not leave itself open to the charge of not having an economic strategy in place.

Spot on, Tony Makara. It seems that Gideon has gone to sleep.

"I agree with Iain, Gordon Brown is badly exposed over the economy and his risible repuation for economic competence has to be destroyed one and for all".

Quite right, Tony at 16.12 and Iain at 14.48. I sincerely hope though that it goes without saying that the "hard" issues - security of the realm, the economy, law and order etc - will loom large in the manifesto and that we find top quality people to run the relevant departments.

The social agenda deserves to get the spotlight this time and, if the conservatives do start to put right what has gone so badly wrong over the last decade, then the electorate will surely reward them.

No. no - this is all inconsequential second-string stuff.

The real priority is to resolve what you're going to do to trump Labour's new flagship swimming policy!

David Belchamber @ 17.49 - I agree with what you have posted, because although the state of the economy is indeed of great importance, and undoubtedly THIS Prime Minister was/is at least half responsible for the economic problems that we are now facing, it has to be said that the other half (of responsibility) is to do with external influencies, over which presumably we have little control.

HOWEVER, the social problems that this country is suffering from at the moment, are an internal problem and not influenced by international events. At the same time, without attention and 'treatment' NOW, those areas of the country that are becoming quite anarchic, will spread, that is indisputable! Like the 'bad apple, that put in a basket of healthy apples makes them all go bad!

As the general public are far more concerned about lawlessness, which they often experience themselves, but many of them do not really understand the intracacies of the economy, it stands to reason that - at the moment - it is more important to address what concerns the general public most, and suggest policies that a conservative government would introduce.

The only problem is that THIS PM, has absolutely NO compunction in nicking anybody else's policy, to attempt to boost his 'image'!!

@Ken- the swimming pool policy made me LIVID. Labour have presided over a collapse in the provision of municipal baths. Some of us have a psychological need for our daily immersion. Now the few baths remaining are to be strong-armed into becoming part of Brown's social policy. I predict one miserable little lane left for swimmers to squish into, while the rest of the pool gets turned into an outreach class. I'm being selfish, I know, which feels horrible, but good God, was the sanctuary of peace for an hour a day in the London Fields Lido too much to ask for? [ans: yes, and stop being a selfish old git Graeme].

Re tax and green issues; I note this "strategy" is for the "next few months".

I have never been much of an ecowarrior but there has been a lot of substantial anti-global warming stuff recently without much in the way of "eco-answers". I wonder if just letting the subject drift into the background is good enough.

"the social problems that this country is suffering from at the moment, are an internal problem and not influenced by international events."

No I disagree, one of the underlying problems is the Government, CBI, and human rights lawyers have made this country a dormitory country for transient migrant workers, good for the CBI but a lousy place to bring up children.

This is an excerpt of a speech:


This memo does articulate perfectly what we should be telling the electorate.

Those who pour scorn on it are either rather lacking in a vision or are unaware just how much detailed policy research has already been done on these subjects to ensure success on this vitally important area for us.

My worry is that opposition parties will say that the Conservative party is choosing to lead with a social agenda because it is trying to mask the fact that it has no coherent economic strategy. This is how the opposition will play an electoral campaign fronted by a social policy agenda.

I support 100% the need for a far reaching approach to social problems but feel that economics must be the frontal mode of attack. Labour are so vulnerable and would be in an impossible position trying to justify their artifical (credit-fed) growth which has left individuals and the exchequer with volumes of unmanageable debt.

If the Conservative party leads with a social agenda and puts the economy on the back burner that will be portrayed as ducking the big questions and appealing to populism to win power.

George Osborne has got to beat Gordon Brown black and blue over the economic mess our country is in. He must articulate the problems in layman's language to the voters and pin the blame where it lies, with the architect of the credit-economy.

Excellent strategy - addressing issues that concern many voters (although rising prices and high taxes must be higher now among voters' worries), i.e. the "State of our society".

Real answers for society rather than Labour's failed state-control. Tackling the root causes of problems in society might I suppose be a longer-term, no quick-fix solution, with a better society taking longer coming. But such a serious and positive agenda would contrast with the negativity of Labour - evidenced by their Class War C&N campaign, tax rises for the poor followed by what was seen as a tax bribe (which appears to be be only temporary anyway), and Labours' nasty ladies whipping their MPs to keep the abortion limit at 24 weeks, in defiance of public opinion which is concerned about abortion..Add this to the failure of all the extra tax-payers' money to get any meaningful improvements in public services, and the failure of their quick-fix gimmicks for a headline as they try to deal with problems in society... However I wonder if more is needed on law and order?

But "We will be as radical in social reform as Mrs Thatcher was in eceonomic reform" - exactly what is needed.

If only anyone knew what conservative education policy *is*....

Goldie: Yes I do.

Michael Gove is a Conservative MP who sits on our front bench as the 'Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools, and Families' and will be in charge of education policy if we form a government. Now, he has been on telly many times, written in the papers often, and made speeches articulating our policy wrt our *education policy*. Policy development has been going on for a number of years at 'Policy Exchange' and 'Reform' to name just a few.

Conservativehome has covered it at length *here*.


If you need any further information, let me know.

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