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Thanks Tim and Sam! I was going to email you to say it had got bad again - but I know you're working on it as hard as you can! And this on the start of such a big news week...

isn't MoveableType just the self-hosted version of TypePad?

It is Norm Brainer.

Been running a lot smoother last day or so. Not sure what changes were made before these latest ones, but they certainly did the trick for me!

Following on from Norm Brainer, how come you're moving to self-hosting, surely your bandwidth usage is huge and would lead to ridiculously huge bills compared to the fixed rates offered by TypePad?

Thank you Chris, The reason for moving was ease of backup, better emergency support and more design flexibility but I'll investigate the costs issue. Thank you. We realise it will cost more but 'how much more' is obviously of interest.

Better over the past few days. Seems even better now. Will feedback if that changes.

working grand now

CH is now usable again !! - we brought our college site back in-house and have found the small increase in costs well worth it.

There are many self-hosting options to keep costs low. I reckon it can be done cheaper than TypePad's paid hosting. The real trouble is with archive retention and broken links.

For real design flexibility, I would suggest a move to Wordpress, though.

All seems ok now, although haven't been able to access the whole site since my last post above until this morning.

/subtley changes his URL to a reccomended host :)

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