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Excellent! Keep sacking the non-jobbers!

Excellent news. Now this money can be spent on real issues that need it, not the PC rubbish we have had from government for so long now

Well done Boris. About time we got rid of these money wasters and spend the GLA budget to benefit londoners.

Plenty more where they came from of course.

If Boris can show at the GLA where the money has been wasted for the last 10 yrs, it will finally nail the lie that Tax cuts = Service Cuts.

Looks like the Spare Rib subscription is going the way of the Morning Star.

Spare Rib closed down years ago numpty

"Spare Rib closed down years ago numpty"

Now, someone sounds bitter about the revolution at city hall. The good news is Boris hasn't even started yet!

Will they get compensation for loss of office. Were their contracts ammended in the run up to the Mayoral Election...just in case. ;)

It is the pension top ups you need to worry about!

Good news!

As long as Boris doesn't replace these non-jobbers with his own people (he should be abolishing the jobs themselves, not just the people in them), then this is great news.

Can we have a ConHome "Jobsworth" watch please? It can be updated as each non-job is plucked from the teat of the London taxpayer!

This is inspiring news. Boris is not going in for 'business as usual': he's throwing the money lenders out of the temple (or should that be money grabbers?). Ken had eight years to institutionalise his leftist ideology and promote its adherents - we must not rest until every last vestige has been surgically removed..

Little by little Boris is gaining my respect. Getting rid of these leeches is a good start.

Very well done Boris. You've made an excellent start.
I'd lay bets with anyone this is just the tip.
Human Resources officers who think they know how to run organisations and dictate who to recruit, outreach officers, the lot - put them all on the dole, and let's give everyone else a bit of their own money back, and a little more control over their lives!

A good start.

Presumably these people will get large pay-offs, so that's not so good.

Boris should publish a list of all those in politically motivated non jobs who he, and we, would like to see go. He should also publish the eventual cost of getting rid of them so that everyone can see what Livingston's Socialist Action gravy train has cost us all and how little we got in exchange.

Whatever that cost it is well worth it to bury the last remnants of old style municipal socialism as continually practised by Red Ken.

...most notably including Emma Beal the mother of two if children...

Why did you choose to highlight that she is a mother of two? Were you implying that being a mother makes it harder for her to be worth the salary (value of the role aside)?

"most notably including Emma Beal the mother of two if children"
Is that trying to infer something?

Agree that there should be a publishing of the cost savings, although I doubt it would happen as he'd just look like Gordon Brown being all divisive and vengeful rather than optimistic/inclusive forward thinking.

Well done Boris for making the changes needed.

(really confused as to why the fact one of them is a mother has been mentioned though?)

"At least one of their roles, that of Women's Adviser, has been scrapped altogether for being a "throwback to the eighties GLC"."

What a pity we can't do the same to Students' Unions across the country. Full of 'equality officers' or 'womens officers' or the like.

The the London Mayor was a throwback to the 80s, most Student Unions are still in the era of flairs and afros...

The Emma Beal info looks like a typo. It should say that she is the mother of two of Ken's own children. She's his partner, reputedly on £96K. But not his secretary. He had another one of those.

What could possibly be corrupt about that? He's a leftie. He must be clean and pure.

It is, of course, unfortunate that these non-jobbers are given large pay-offs as they are sacked. However, the cost will be higher for London if Boris allow the loony leftists to remain in place. In such a case they would be an enemy within, and could spoil the promise of May’s Conservative victory in London.

Why would it be expensive to get rid of them?
I thought the statutory is a week for every year, so if it's £96,000 that would be £5,538.46p.

But I suppose the sting in the tail is the notice period could be substantial.

The size of these salaries and the sheer scale of this waste is quite shocking actually - even if some of it has been long suspected.

And as these are useless jobs anyway, I'd rather they cleared their desks now than had them hanging around. So there is the cost of that.

But we need to clean our own act up aswell - I'm getting quite worried about the drip drip of expenses stories that are coming out. It astounds me that some Tories take this kind of attitude to public money. I think anyone found guilty should pay the ultimate price and quickly.

My example above was 3 years.

These faminazi parasites (especially Kens "mate" ) have to go. It is time to clean out the Augean stables. I bet there are another 1000 people who could be fire and no one would miss them.

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