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So immigration beats the NHS, Education and Taxation/Economy? Who are these people???

1.2 million people have just signed a petition against polyclinics replacing local GPs. Given that this is in line with Conservative policy, perhaps more could be made of this.

Re-introducing and supporting existing Grammar schools?


Mandatory jail sentences for carrying knives/guns/drugs

Abolishing student tuition fees.

More NHS dentists.

Scrap car licences and TV licences.

Raising the tax threshold year on year to get poorer people out of income tax.

This a steer but nothing more. Candidates are not always the most objective observers of the views of local people.

The hardest job for a candidate to achieve is to live in the real world, which is often glimpsed only in hindsight, as Tamsin Dunwoody has found out.

How about stopping the pretence that we still run our own country, and putting in plans to resume self-government?

Out of the top 11 issues raised, the EU doesn't get a mention. Will people finally realise that this issue ranks so low down most peoples' list of priorities that we won't win an election by campaigning on it.

However, I bet there are still Tory candidates who give undue column inches to the EU issue in their campaign literature. STOP IT!

Code of standards for mainstream media. Watching television these days is like sitting in front of an open sewer.

Interesting that planning and care of the elderly feature in the policy suggestions so prominently.

I agree with bluepatriot: the care for the elderly comes up prominently.

May I suggest that this poll is carried out regularly? Feedback from our candidates on the frontline is very interesting.

It's interesting, I think, how, given long enough (eleven years so far) the Labour government has, to judge from these responses, really brought about its own demise, for many of the problems mentioned are the direct result of government policies. Perhaps, after all, it really was impossible for us to win the earlier elections, so we shouldn't worry about those defeats too much, and patience was really all that was required. I mean, at the previous elections, we were casting about to try to find policies which would resonate with the public, but without much success; now the public are clamouring for certain policies, a lot of which turn out to be things we would have liked to have done all along anyway. This makes one wonder if David Cameron just happens to be the lucky man in the right place at the right time, and all previous leaders might as well have not bothered doing anything. But in fact I think DC's contribution is more substantial than that. Much as I supported David Davis in the leadership election, I don't think he would have caught the public's attention or affection to the same extent as DC has, however much the Labour government disintegrated. However that may be debated, the message from these returns is very clear: the public is now crying out for distinctively Conservative policies on all the national problems mentioned, and the general election appears to be an open goal.

Make stamp duty marginal. Local income tax, pay twice for 2 houses. Sort out the mess that is now the lords. Unelected PM's have to call a general election within 12 months. A quick amendment to the London Mayor that they can't stand more than twice, else Ken will be back, as a candidate at least. Make Fridays English days in the Commons, scots, welsh & NIrish are far away and need an extra day to travel. Put NI in with Tax, it doesn't pay for itself and get tax credits, don't bring back 10p but increase allowances accordingly. Then I may move back to the UK.

An English Parliament does not mean another layer of politicians. It looks like another bunch of thickos heading for westminster then?

The fact that "Europe" isn`t even mentioned means that these prospective MPs are happy with the fact that 80% of our laws come from the EU - soon to be 100% if Brussels gets its way. They will have a well paid job with generous expenses and a gold plated pension without having to do any work.

Roll on the old gravy train

We must get powers back from the European Union - for if we do not we will not be able to deal with anything else.

And if there is no other way of getting powers back from the E.U. than to leave it - so be it.

Protecting disused railway routes from re-development needs to be a priority. Unless road congestion is a good thing.

With passenger number at record levels and more to come Conservatives are shooting at an open goal. More freight by rail reduces both costs to those who must travel by road and road repair bills.

Downing Street has embargoed re-openings in England, an own-goal!

An English Parliament for these reasons
1 The only reason MPs oppose one is because it would make Westminster MPs jobless. The Scottish Parliament made MPs powerless in Scotland. Therefore a much reduced UK Parliament would result. We could actually end up with fewer politicians not more.
2 It would give England direct representation in the UK, EU and other political groups like the British/Irish Council which it does not have now.
3 It would focus on England's needs without one eye on the UK
4 England would have a First Minister elected in England
5 It would provide clarity and equality

How about allowing public buildings & work-places to have smoking rooms (with forced-air ventilation)?

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