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Good grief.... more state intervention...Daniel Kawczynski MP will want a communist state next

Imogen that is a bit of a cheap comment, I must say!
I am sorry that Daniel didn't manage to bring the cow along to College Green to make a strong point - I am sure she would have been very well behaved. Some years ago when I worked for David Amess, he had a photocall on the Green with various animals (including my mother's lovely Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bracken!) All the animals (small ones admittedly) behaved perfectly.

I thought the headline referred to Hazel Blears!

Just as a matter of interest, that photocall was when David introduced a Bill in 1991 to try to amend the Pet Animals Act 1951 in order to regulate the selling of pets to children.

I just had to read this article after spotting the headline on the front page, yeah, okay my imagination ran away with me....

Bovine TB has very serious implications for our farming community, and considering the battering that the farmers and the poor cows have taken over the last 20 odd years in the UK, we need to take this seriously and tackle the problem. No ifs, no buts just a concerted effort to help one of the most vital industries we have in this country. Now, if it was bl**dy bank associated with Labour in its heartlands they would still dither and make a hash of it, but they would not let it go to the wall!
"Farmers really feel that the DEFRA Minister - a vegetarian and MP for the rugged constituency of Leeds Central - understands their livelihoods." - NOT.

I find it beyond believe that our Labour politicians cannot connect the dots on this.
With rocketing fuel prices and food security being vitally important, why are we allowing our once great farming industry to go to the wall. And before anyone bangs on about the EU, yes I know. But the French can manage to provide plenty of outlets with fresh local produce that last more than the time it takes me to get it home from the supermarket. Why can't we do that anymore, and what will it take to rebuild our farming community?

Daniel Kawczynski appears to be furious they won't let her bring a cow to the Houses of Parliament. Surely there are better things to be furious about? The letter was perfectly reasonable:

"I do appreciate the seriousness of the issue that you are dealing with, and would in any case wish to support any Member of the House in any way that I could. But I have to tell you that animals are simply not allowed onto the grounds, with the sole exceptions of guide dogs, sniffer dogs and police horses. The House would not wish to establish a precedent for further exceptions, however important the cause concerned."

What would you have DEFRA do about bovine TB? As you've demonstrated, no one agrees the best way forward.

The point is, Passing Leftie, that animals certainly USED to be allowed on the Green and I wonder when the Regulations changed?

What a scandal! Not so much Watergate as Cow(&)gate!

Alan S that is brilliant!

If the headline did refer to Hazel Blears, and in particular her inability to even wish to answer the most simple of question, then it would surely read "Furious Cow in MP snub".

All Big Dan needs to do is get Widdecombe in a headlock and drag her down onto the green.

Most people wouldn't know the difference between her and an Aberdeen Angus.

If hygiene was the reason for disallowing such a fine animal on the green, a bit of cowpat would have been a refreshing change from all the bullshit that goes on inside the chambers.

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