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I have just spent a most enjoyable time reading Toynbee getting thoroughly savaged by her readership after writing one of her Gordon is misunderstood articles.

You know we are doing things right when the Guardians readership turns like this. As one contributor wrote: “Anyway, I guess this is it, we're all going to Toryland”.

If you have a bit of spare time then the comments section following the article is well worth a read, it is so funny and will be a most uplifting experience.


If we're up 5 entirely because of methodology changes then that implies that MORI wants to adjust to be more accurate (about the huge scale of our lead) since Crewe & N. Because we remember which pollster got it right - the one that said we would rout Labour - that was YouGov!

So you could see the new poll as more accurate and the old as less. They're still not directly comparable, but this data will still go into the poll of polls and as more pollsters realize that internet polling is better, the vast scale of GB's unpopularity will show in all of them.

I expect to see a poll (which the govt will dismiss) giving us 51% or more (of those saying they will vote).

Thanks for the little hint HC, that was indeed a most pleasant experience. I loath the Toynbee type.

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