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BBC reporting it live now. CCHQ has hinted this will be a "personal campaign"

LibDems rumoured not to be standing against him


I'm listening to his speech on BBC News 24 right now. It's absolutely brilliant. Good God this man is great!

I like what DD is saying. Will he the the evil union?

Don't quite understand the mechanics of how that's gonna work... but good on that man - glad someone is putting their neck on the line to protect our liberties.

I have never heard such a speech! I have never known such a bizarre by election. What on earth does David Cameron think? And why has Nick Clegg agreed not to stand against David Davis?

He summed up all the stupidity and ignorance of New Labour and what that is doing to the country. We need David Davis.

Unbelievable speech. THAT was leadership. The libertarian banner held high.

Why does no-one resign on a point of principle over the Treaty of Lisbon?

Is that cause not rather more worthy?

A strong speech - said with conviction - can we have him as leader?

Best political speech I can remember!

A politician with principles that he is prepared to stand by.

Clegg doesn't know what he believes on this subject (see Hagues letter to him) so best for him to stay apart...

The honesty, the straightforwardness, the decency, and the strength & guts to stand up for the country. Sorry for posting so much but I'm absolutely gobsmacked.

Hang on just a minute... this is the most farcicle of situations. DD is resigning to contest a by election, at enormous expense to the taxpayer, for a single issue of which the Lib Dems will not be contesting.

It is utterly surreal and totally bonkers. My respect for DD, which was considerable until this cretinous move, has all but been extinguished.

Man on an ego trip...

A by election will be seen by the electorate as a NEEDLESS waste of taxpayers money (and time) in a climate of tightening economic hardship...

Divisive and unneccesary...

Words of my stupendous admiration fail me! When does the battle bus set off? Guys. Win this and we are the government.

A bizarre publicity stunt - at large expense to decent and hard-working taxpayers. Lets hope the voters see through it and use this opportunity to elect a Labour candidate committed to our national security. And we actually have public support for 42 days, it's about protecting the public and it's about national security. It's disgraceful that the Tories are politicising this.

Cameron needs to get alongside him PDQ and give total backing. Then we're home and dry.

This wasn't a bad idea. The Conservatives didn't have enough MP's to win yesterday, but they do now have the ability to win elections.

The byelection can bring attention to David Davis, who can give more great speeches like that which can turn heads and change people's hearts.

The BBC couldn't keep up with him, they were trying to make it out to be about revenge on David Cameron. Listening to the speech, I believed every word David Davis said. The BBC was wrong.

I think the Conservative party is very strong right now

Of course if no-one stands against him he can be returned unopposed without the cost of an election. The ball's in Gordon's court now.

I don't agree with David Davis's views on Europe, amongst other things, but on THIS issue - I'm behind him 100%.

A brave, principled and noble stance.

Where can we donate to his campaign?

I voted for David Davis and resigned from the Party when he didn't get the leadership (and I have never regretted that decision). However, THIS decision totally baffles me?

I am now hearing the most bizarre dvelopment - DD is to stand as an independent? LibDemVoice is not exactly brimming with enthusiasm as the idea of missing out on a byelection because of some unusual ego trip?

Absolutely fantastic news. Well done DD and a great speech too.

This man should have been leader. What a move. To put everything on the line. Only if we had more politicians like this. This is a move that Churchill would have been proud of. At last someone standing up for all our civil liberties.

he is taking a principled stance -something which politicians dont do often , cameron wont reverse 42 days i have an inkling if he gets to power , davis would -more of a libertarian than cameron.

So David Davis agrees with his party but lost the vote so resigns. And if he wins the by-election, he will still agree with his party and it won't have done anything to change the balance in the House which led to the result in the first place.

What does this achieve?

Great stuff David Davies, please please Tories back his principled stance - we can give Brown a bloody nose on this one.

anyone got a clip of the Davis speech??

Coventry87 - you're having a laugh...

This is unbelievable bonkers but marvellous. I didn't manage to see the speech... is there a link somewhere? He said it would be a referendum on the "erosion of British freedoms"... does that include Lisbon treaty then?

It's self-indulgent showboating.

What a move. To put everything on the line. Only if we had more politicians like this. This is a move that Churchill would have been proud of.

For the historians amongst us, I seem to recall Stanley Baldwin attempted something similar in 1930, when he was Leader of the Opposition. I'm looking it up...

I've just listened to David Davis make his statement to the press. All I can say is BRAVO David. It takes courage to stand on principle and put his political career at risk. I know this will cause some division in the party, but as far as I'm concerned David Davis has just announced that he will fight to protect my Liberty. He should receive the support of all free men and women.

Very well done David.

its not ruddy showboating. our freedoms are being taken away left right and centre. we need someone to come and fight for the right thing. i don't much want to live in a police state. this will end labour

What David Davis has done is a to change the nature of old-fashioned politics in Britain.

When the current authoritarian government denies our rights to referendum on issues of paramount importance to our civil liberties and sovereignty there is no other choice but for a principled politician like David Davis to give the people a voice in a by-election on these important issues.

Surely if you resign your seat, you therefore can't be a member of the Shadow Cabinet. It's nothing to do with party splits. It's a simple consequence. David wants his constituents to have a say by calling a by-election.

From the BBC - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7450627.stm.

"Conservative sources have told BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson Mr Davis told Mr Cameron of his decision on Wednesday evening.
His by-election campaign would be "personal and not backed by the full resources of the Conservative Party", the source added. "

If this is true, Cameron has behaved abominably towards to davis who has been scrupulously loyal to him. As a former Parliamentary candidate in Yorkshire, I will be offering my services to the Davis campaign.

David Davis's action shames Tim Montgomerie who disgracefully supported the government on 42 days. Gordon Brown quoted him yesterday during PMQs. Tim should resign as Editor of this site. No true Conservative could support such an attack on our liberties.

As you might be able to tell by my screen name, I hail from just over the river from DD’s seat. There isn’t a pack of rampaging wildebeest on Earth that’s going to stop me going back home for the weekend to campaign for this great man.

This is a referendum on the issue and, like ID cards and other aspects of the overbearing state so loved of Labour, once it is properly scrutinised, the 42-days law will be shown up for the disgrace that it is.

Let’s all pledge on here today to work for a DD victory. I’m in.

will he be standing as an independent?? too many un-answered questions.

Sorry, that should have been HERD of wildebeest.

Whatever the tactical appraisal of his decision by more learned people than me, it reminded me of what it is to be English, whether by lineage or adoption. It was about freedom and liberty and all those things that are sneered at by corporatists and authoritarians. It may prove to be a massive mistake, but this Englishman is very moved.

He's got a majority of something like 5,000 I think... there are safer Tory seats than his. If the LibDems are NOT standing - and if Labour can run a decent campaign, we could seriously dent his majority... (And if he is returned to Westminster with a lower majority this is a defeat of sorts for him).

Bravo!! Wouldn't it be ironic if he lost?

This is a decent and honourable move. So all poloticians are not the same. Thank God for that. Come on Conservatives and Leadership, back him to the hilt, then get us out of an EU Federalist plot!

There are a lot of unanswered questions. The rumour that DD will stand as an Independent is doing the rounds on the blogs now, as it the rumour that the local LibDems are not best pleased at the news that Nick Clegg has agreed for there to be no official LibDem candidate.

David Cameron must be crossing his fingers that this bizarre gamble pays off!

As Toby Ziegler had it: "Ginger, get the pop-corn".

That was one humdinger of a personal statement.

Now: does he stand as an official Conservative? After all, he has explicitly stated that he is running a single-issue campaign: I heard, "This is not about the Government record". He also seems to regard his possible re-election as continuing this single-issue approach. In that case, he must become an "Independent Conservative" at best. If he has complicit LibDem support in the by-election, is he even qualified to claim that degree of affinity to the Party?

By this stage, a whole pack of slavering Labour wannabes are panting at the leash for the chance. My experience is that no election campaign, with the possible exception of Tatton in 1997, particularly one as high-profile as this one promises, can be restrained to a single issue. If Davis were to succeed in making this a local referendum on 42 days, on present form he would lose catastrophically.

Then there are the murmurings in the Press that Davis had difficulty in holding the line on 42 days against faint-hearts like Osborne and Gove. That does not bode well for domestic harmony and peace, particularly since we know that, only a year back, many Tory MPs were accepting of 90 days, and have been whipped into line this time around. Doris Karloff was the only one gutsy enough to vote her convictions.

Whoops, there goes the 22% opinion-poll lead.

"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive". Or, as Willy Whitelaw had it: "Mustn't gloat, bad form to gloat. Absolutely mustn't. Let me tell you, -- I'm gloating like hell."

Politicians of course. Excited key board!

It would be hilarious if he lost. And be under no illusions: Labour will be putting everything into working for an upset by-election win. It would be a tremendous boost - and lets remember there is public support for 42 days! If this by-election is fought as civil liberties v. national security, Labour might just win... (ironically, to the disgust of many grassroots Labour activists)

I love this man, I hope he gets re-appointed as Shadow Home Secretary when he wins his by-election as he is head and shoulders above anyone else on this. This is stunning someone willing to act on principle and is entirely in character.

All respect to David Davis. Unbelievably daring move. It's about time someone called Brown out on his totalitarian 1984 tendencies. The gauntlet has been thrown down!

Respect to the Libdems for not standing.

David Cameron must support him to the hilt!

The Duchess of Atholl stood down to fight her Perthshire seat in protest at Chamberlain's appeasement policies in 1938. She lost to the Conservative candidate.

This is a really interesting decision by David, politics is often dull, predictable and currently seems like trench warfare witht the odd bit of excitement such as in Crewe.

David has shown what real politics can really be about. People taking risks, taking a stand, doing the unpredictable.

The issue he is fighting over is so important as to absolutely need men and woman like him to stand up and be counted. It is surely only logical that the Tory Government will repeal this draconian legislation? David was speaking for Britain today. He will win this by-election, but then what....?

The BBC has just reported that Cameron thinks this is a courageous move. Also the Lib Dems have confirmed that they will not stand against him.

Hey everyone. Stop quoting and reading the BBC. They are trying to sow disquiet among the Conservative Party and supporters. This has nothing to do with any party split. Th is about principle and protecting our rights.

This will kill the lie that the majority of the people support 42 days. This is a selfless act of political courage. Cameron has shown himself to be weak by comparison.

Cameron, the writing is on the wall. The Conservative Party want A LEADER not a man who can make speeches without notes (allegedly)

This is simply unreal.

The electoral benefit is that it will place us as the party of traditional rights and freedoms - removing the need for the Lib-Dems all together.

Happy days.

The LibDems aren't standing? LOL - this is just a gift for Labour.

Davis is going to lose (or be re-elected with a MUCH SMALLER majority.

:) Cheers Dave.

As one who is fully at one with DD on this issue, nonetheless I find this totally bizarre, particularly as a personal rather than a party backed move.

Will he be replaced as Shadow Home Sec permanently, or temporarily? Does this indicate a huge division, as has been rumoured, and it is a pre-emptive move to try to stop Cameron dropping our opposition to 42 days? That is the only rational explanation, but it is a most unwelcome one, and I very much hope that we can be told otherwise.

I haven't seen his statement but rarely have I been as mystified by a bit of breaking political news as this.

David Cameron is a great leader. Losing David Davis would be a great loss. The country should be run by a team of leaders to lead the country to success.

Quite unbelievable, I don't remember anything like this in my time. Someone prepared to make a real principled stand on my liberties, he will get my support.

I voted for David Cameron and was not sorry when DD lost. However he has been hugely impressive since. Deep down I believe Cameron is a libertarian too... I hope I'm right otherwise where do freedom loving people in this country turn to ?

What a gamble though, who knows what the hell is going to happen ?

What a brave thing to do. I think talk of splits is overdone. If Nick Clegg is preventing a Lib Dem challenge it would seem churlish to run this as a Conservative by-election. This will be a single issue campaign with Tory and Lib Dems together. And given Labour were third in the last GE I can't see him losing. I just wonder how he can rejoin the shadow cabinet it he is elected as a civel liberties independent, rather than a Conservative.

Sky can't spell Grieve!!!

Always been a big fan of DD. But what a knob!

Well done, DD. Even if you lose, you've shown yourself to be a man of guts and principle. A man of honour - so utterly unlike most people in Parliament.

There is talk of Lab not fielding a candidate...if the LibDems don't either, this by-election will become an expensive joke at the taxpayer's expense... all making Davis look ridiculous.

If he is prepared to have support from all quarters, I'll be on a train to support him - and so will a lot of other people (Michael McGough, Chad?).

This is what it's all about. Let slip the dogs of war.

Get the website up, with register function, asap.

I believe this is a colossal blunder. Labour can't win in this seat, the Libs won't be standing and so the only winner will be a tory candidate.

Why would Brown even put a candidate up? Why not leave Davis as the only candidate and then the by-election becomes a total waste of time and effort and looks like a stunt.

If I was Brown I would leave Davis to stand on his own and dismiss the by-election as something I've no intention of wasting time on.

If the LibDems are out and DD stands as an independent without the backing of the Tory machine will there be a Tory candidate?

What if the Labour candidate is also vehemently opposed to the Big 42? Ken Livingstone is looking for some action and a 'traditional' Labour candidate could somewhat dull the point if the point is solely related to a single issue.

I'm looking forward to hearing DD this eves and DD-Day election -could it be 42 days from now to give some perspective?

I do agree with M Sharp. An 'Independent' stance and one which gives Mr davies the opportunity to test the water.

I believe there is a real need for a new party which promises old values with politicians without a stain on their character.

This would give Mr Davies a great opportunity to show conservatives, unhappy with the sleeze still within the party and the lack of true leadership from Cameron, true policies on which to follow- Look at the way the excellent report of Ian Duncan Smith has been allowed to gather dust!-

What true guts. I do hope that the Labour Party contest this election - they will have to on their policy for 42 days!! IO would have considered!_ and get the hammering of all hammerings.

Politics Home alleges that Brown unpopularity has bottomed out! Stand by for the pit to get deeper for the man.


The local LibDems are not pleased about not having a candidate, but I assume that given DD seems to be speaking their language on the 42 day decision, why split the vote?

The more I think about it, the more reckless I consider it.

If Labour win - which they may - we'll have lost all momentum. Remember, the majority supported 42 days.

Cameron, we need to hear from you.

Dominic Greive ey?

A stand against the EU constitution being forced on us without a referendum would make more sense.

Bloody wonderful! What a hero. Brown is toast. No to ID cards, No to 42 days, no to data tyranny. Well done Davis and Cameron. Absolutely awesome. Respect! This is the most amazing inspirational political act of the last 10 years. I am sure Cameron is behind this. Worthy of Churchill. Putting fear and loathing in its place. Hopefully, when we get in, someone will clap the Speaker in irons.

it seems like grieve will take over as shadow home sec. this move is more than courageous. this is what politics is all about. i feel very proud to be British today. what a day. This man is very principled and doing the right thing. It always falls to the conservatives to save the day

It's stupid, self-indulgent grandstanding.
Nick Robinson couldn't contain his gleeful excitement as told us this is going to create terrible problems for Cameron and the Tories.
Unfortunately, he's probably right.

D.D has started something. An MP willing to put country before party; there`s some decency in politics after all.

Good luck to him for all our sakes. He will win the byelection with a huge majority.

The next Tory leader? You bet!

FANTASTIC. I fully support the action David has taken.

I can't believe Cameron has appointed the most disloyal front bencher to the shadow cabinet! I think this will be turn out to be an enormous mistake in the long run.

"The next Tory leader? You bet!"

Don't be silly. That will be Boris!!

FANTASIC BRILLIANT. DD's speech brought tears to my eyes. He has introduced a completely new dynamic into British Politics

Cameron must back him all the way.

This is a brave and important step by David Davis. It is not only about 42 days but about all the disgraceful attacks on freedom made by this Labour government over the last decade. The by-election will be a dramatic way of bringing this to the attention of the electorate and ensure that the issue is properly understood. Given the weight of public opinion, it will not be an easy fight. Winning it will send a clear message to the Government that it cannot continue to undermine the rule of law without being held to account. And Dominic Grieve will be able to step up the fight within the Shadow Cabinet and Parliament. A very good day for politics and the nation.

Well i voted for the wrong leader - sorry DD you have my complete respect. Principle over politics. What a man!

Tim Montgomery I hope you feel humbled.

Its not often trhat I regret votingfor david Cameron!

Does anyone know whether he will sit as an independent or conservative if he is re-elected?

David's local party chairman said he will stand as the Tory candidate and with their full support.

Where is Cameron?

Davis is no threat to him, the least he could do is make a comment.

If Davis is to stand as an independent, will the Conservatives field a candidate?

His speech is certainly one of the most personal and passionate I have ever heard. The general mood across the blogs seems to be - the man is a fruitloop but good luck to him!

This is a brave decision by Davis. I'm not sure there's any real split between him and Cameron (apart from the normal disagreements you have between high-calibre politicians) - Davis obviously feels strongly about civil liberties and how they have been slowly eroded in recent years.

I see this move as an attempt by Davis to put the media spotlight firmly on Labour's authoritarianism as a national problem that needs highlighting and fighting.

If he wins the election and forces hours and acres of media coverage on the issue then he will have succeeded. Hopefully it will have a marginal influence on public opinion.

To assist those of us who wish to offer practical supplort, please will you urgently publish contact details for David Davis' campaign?

Well done David Davis.

He has shot Brown through the heart, just when they thought they had kicked the issue into the long grass Davis puts it up front and centre.

By standing on this issue alone, and not as a Conservative he will have cross party appeal to all that love liberty and, to be fair, hating them to their miserable yellow core as I do, I have to say well done the the Lib Dems - for once they seem to be putting what principles they have before naked opportunism.

I am sick to the stomach to see the freedoms my father's generation fought for being destroyed by Blair & Brown and by weak quislings in our own ranks.

Bring it on, see you in Yorkshire

Of course another option is that he is standing down for other reasons... but using the 42 days issue as a cover up....

What a brilliantly strategic move from a politician who has principles (sadly missing from a lot of today's politics).

A quick question though, given Labour's perilous financial situation, can they afford to run a thorough campaign, especially if it becomes a two horse race?

Well done, David!

I don't think the electors in haltemprice and howden will think there is much point to this by-election. It will achieve little except cost to the tax payer. It may prove damaging to the tory party. Away from the Wesyminster bubble it seems a pointless exercise.

A real conviction politician. I will certainly be there helping him. I hope the LibDems don't just not stand, but actively help. It is an opportunity to have a real public debate and present the evidence which hasn't been discussed in the media at all.

I'm not sure this is a good idea. Why did he need to do this and resign as Shadow Home Secretary? It's obvious that he's had a huge bust up with Dave and the split was so deep he felt he just couldn't be in the Shadow Cabinet anymore. The resignation from the Commons just seems like a publicity stunt.

The Lib Dems aren't going to put up a seat and if Labour are smart they won't even bother fighting it either. This could leave a messy, public fight between DD, UKIP and the English Democrats. This will create a public farce and do nothing to improve the standing of the Tories. It will also put DD's own record on civil liberties under scrutiny. After all, it was the Maastricht Treaty that set in motion the abolition of English democracy and the first steps of the Balkanisation of England by dividing the nation into Euro-regions.

And who voted for the Maastricht Treaty and the abolition of England? Traitor Davis, that's who!

"Of course another option is that he is standing down for other reasons... but using the 42 days issue as a cover up...."

What other reasons?


Denis McShane saying the whole thing is a "stunt" and hopes that the only parties who stand agianst him are the "nutters of the world"

There's more to this than meets the eye.
Apart from an expensive publicity stunt paid for by the taxpayers, who are the winners and losers? This is a Tory safe seat so he's going to win. Perhaps all the parties should call his bluff and refuse to stand making it a redundant exercise?

I hope EVERYONE in the Party will support DD!

What an excellent precedent! I do hope we can see some more Tories resigning over the Lison Treaty, abortion, fuel tax, and fox hunting.

I'm sure Davies will win, but it won't be on 42 days, it will be on Labour unpopularity.

I can't see a downside from this from my point of view. If he loses, it's a bloody nose for the Tories, if he wins, a salutory lesson to the Labour party authoratarian tendency.

I look forward to seeing No2ID campaigning with the Tories on the ground.

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