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Hang on a sec - we should think of Cameron as a labrador because he has so much 'loyalty' that he hangs one of his staffers out to dry at the first hint of some leftie besmirching their name??

Policies & policies!
I used to think it was funny when Labour used to copy the Tories policies but I dont think it's funny now that the Tories are copying Labour!

Labour had to act like they were turning right to get power but they NEVER REALLY lost their lefty revolution though capitalism idea. On the other hand we have the Tories who are acting left but are putting themselves in a postion that they wont be able to return to!

The British & especially the English want a party who will stick up for them & NOT be afraid to do so!
If the Tories aren't carefull they will experience the same fate as the Labour party are doing now!

Only certain interviewers & one was on the BBC that I saw, said that "Labours downfull was not looking after the white working class".
NOW! If the BBC can admit this looks the case when will one of the main parties or other reporters?

I know one party that many will turn to if the white working class aren't looked after!
Yes! The only party that doesn't look like a clone of the others!

It is important for any political leader of any party to look after the 'working' classes, but particularly devise a tax system that does not tax people who are earning below the average industrial wage.
This applies to all the electorate not just sections of it as inferred by T.England

'The Conservatives would not engineer another institutional upheaval but would give GPs and patients more choice'

..the choice between one bad hospital and another ?

'the policy on grammar school was unchanged because the party didn't want to divide children into "sheep and goats"'

again, he is allowing the Left to set the parameters of the debate. It is nothing to do with sheep and goats, but giving children the education which is appropriate for them and encouraging the ablest to succeed.

It is sad that over health and education we see no imagination or vision, and a meek acceptance of failed socialist models.

With Boris' capitulation to the race relations industry and its PC agenda this is a depressing way to start the week.

Where is the unequivocal undertaking to save this country from the eu constitution/treaty?

John Broughton @1445. If he cared about this promise wehich he is about to break, it would seem, he'd have got it in somehow (a planted question?).

As it is he will smugly claim that he was never asked about it.

The EU leaders took the Irish for granted. It looks like Cameron is going the same way with the Britis AND especially with his own supporters!

Comment is free is holding a vote on whether it was right to sack McGrath - http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/poll/2008/jun/23/race.boris

The Guardian's McGrath vote seems loaded. Boris comes out bad either way you vote. Their coverage of the London mayoral elections was a bad joke. It's funny watching them lie and make mountains out of molehills as they lose their grip. Tomorrow's Guardian's front page is a large image of a Guardian journalist throwing a kitchen sink at Boris.

Today's Conservatives are fully aware of the left's dirty tricks and are better able to deal with that bull than their predecessors.

P.S. David Cameron's straightforward approach to talking about difficult subjects is refreshing.

David Gales @1940 "David Cameron's straightforward approach to talking about difficult subjects is refreshing."

Except the one that matters

Can anyone confirm that the Conservative Candidate in Ayrshire North and Arran has been suspended following comments attributed to him praising Ian Smith and Enoch Powell?

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