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"Conservatives used to think that all young mothers stay at home", but now it seems like "the Labour Government is saying they all should go to work".

A cheap shot. We need childcare structures in place to enable young mothers to go to work (if they choose).

One of the reasons the Nordic countries have such relatively healthy birth rates is that women there know they can combine children with careers. Do British women have the same confidence?

I'd like to see some serious proposals put forward on cheap, convenient childcare for mothers around the country.

This would help the economy, families, and the birth rate.

Relationships are vital, particularly the mother and child relationship and the bond it creates. It is the reference point for all other relationships as psychologists will confirm. For this reason A Conservative government must support stay-at-home mothers and that means single mothers too. The drive to push single mothers into work once the child reaches four is an anti-familiy policy and undermines the fine work that the party has done in highlighting the importance of the family structure. A single mum is no less a mother than a married woman. We must not discriminate between the two. Support all motherhood.

"A Conservative government must support stay-at-home mothers and that means single mothers too".

If mothers are expected to stay at home, the birth rate of this country will plummet even lower than it is already, and twenty years down the line we will have to import millions of immigrants to do the jobs to support our decrepit population.

Alexander, don't worry there are enough people on benefit to fill any vacancies created by stay-at-home mums, we won't need to import even more immigrants. Of course we can only encourage mothers to stay at home, the choice is theirs, but they should have that choice, under a Conservative government single mothers won't have that choice, which seems very unfair.

Every time Cameron gives one of these speeches I hear the click of a jig-saw piece fitting into position.

On single motherhood, you commenters should take a look at James Bartholomew's "The Welfare State We're In." When compared to the risk of living with mum married to the biological father, children are 3 times more at risk of abuse when living with mum and stepfather and 35 times more at risk of abuse when living with mum and boyfriend. That's 35 times as in 3,500 percent!

God forbid that we have COUNCILLORS to help us in our relationships.
Fine to have COUNSELLORS though.

Can those at Tory office please learn the difference - or learn to spell?

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