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Labour are in sustained free fall and John Hutton was spot on Brown is a f***ing disastrous PM.

As long as we can avoid proposing a very unpopular policy, keep a cap on sleaze and remain united we will walk it.

Pity that seems to be easier said than done.

Well the media doesn't help Oberon, it was Alan Duncan who was on the receiving end this morning on Marr!

This is excellent news. We are halfway to destroying the Labour Party as a political force. When in power an end to all non-jobs and public service advertisments in the Guardian will kill of one of their main propaganda organs and force many of their supporters to spend time looking for proper jobs instead of indulging in left-wing social engineering.

More analysis of the dogs, please.

If I needed rescuing from a mountain, the last person I’d want coming to my aid would be Jonah Brown.

If David Cameron comes down hard on any Tory seen to be slurping at the Westminster Trough or indeed the EU Trough; then it will only make him seem 'more worthy' to be our next PM.

What we are crying out for in this country is FAIRNESS & EQUITY!

It isn't fair or equitable that MP's & MEP's can simply by-pass the laws and rules that govern the rest of us.

Don't you people get it?

This is the bloody reason why the electorate is 'Quote'...."Looking so miserable all the time"

We are forced to watch as 'our betters' sic, behave like PIGS with OUR money and we are supposed to stand idly by and just let it happen.
So as the rumblings of discontent in the public grow - so the government brings in yet more repressive measures to curb our freedom of speech and the right to protest.

At least David Davis has GUTS!

How many of YOU disparaged him; saying that he was 'mad' and that he had 'lost the plot'?
Are you the same one's now praising him to the hilt because, surprise, surprise!...He has tapped into the way the public feels about these matters.


Things are clearly tight at the Mail, because that's the worst Photoshopping I have ever seen. Good poll though...

Gordon Brown certainly hasn't performed worse than I expected - not that he'd be able to take much comfort from that...

Silent Hunter, in regard to what you say at the end: I'm certainly aware of that and I thoroughly agree with your recommendation.

Stefan said 'More analysis of the dogs, please.'

Brown the St Bernard? 'known chiefly for its loyalty (and large Gordon Brown-type jowls).'

Loyalty? To the Toniblair I suppose. Brown the St Bernard would have Strychnine in his wee barrel and would push you under the snow to make sure.

Good to see that the Conservative vote comfortably surpasses the combined LibDem and Labour vote. No chance of tactical voting having much effect.

Chris Howell, Brown has performed worse than I expected and I expected him to carry on being completely rubbish.
He performed a massive con on the electorate by being a debt junkie and getting many people hooked too.
This weekend's con is to pretend that a tiny increase in Saudi oil output is of any relevance.
The government takes most of the money from pump prices and he's lecturing the oil companies on what to do with their tiny share!
Where does our fuel tax (and the compounded VAT) go Gordon? What have you been investing in? New technology?? YOU'VE SLASHED SCIENCE BUDGETS YOU COMPLETE ****!

I say again: There must be a General Election as soon as possible!

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam!

No chance of tactical voting having much effect
For one thing it's an opinion poll probably a year off from the General Election, the other thing is that Tactical Voting can have a big effect - if concentrated in enough seats it could lead to a party with 49% of the vote struggling to win a majority, equally it could mean that a party with such a vote ended up winning every single seat in the House of Commons.

85% of voters say Brown has performed worse than they expected


Meaning 15% of voters thought he'd do worse than he is currently doing/as well as he is currently doing.

Those 15% are smart people!

Conand, June 22 @ 16:54

You're absolutely right about Gordon's trip to Saudi. The increase he came back with (200,000 barrels/day globally) is too small to be significant.

But what's more, I gather rebel activity in Nigeria in the past few days has cut their oil production by 300,000 barrels/day.

So what I'd like to know is that if bottler Brown has any plans to jet off to Nigeria to take on the rebels?

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