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'Admires what Livingstone did on the environment and wants to pursue that agenda with concrete measures of his own'

unfortunate turn of phrase Mr Editor.....

His phrase not ours!

Thank you. Interesting report.

Think he handled this extremely well coming across as charming, funny and sensitive when he needed to be. He dealt with the question concerning the tube "party" very well I think.

Dave Hill has a video recording.

Praise to Dave Hill for the YouTube recording.

Since he has now delegated his job to Tim Parker perhaps he will be filling in for the Mayor in the weeks that fall between the one month "Mayoral" press conference intervals?

"concrete measures"? Shades of Prescott and the green belt :)

How can parties be properly conducted without alcohol? Typical Tory ignorance.

He has an interesting approach to communication to say the least.

The downside is that he sees it on his part as more about placting the listener than actually being forthright and honest.

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