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Test whether people still want David Davis back as Shadow Home Secretary.

I predict enthusiasm for Mr Davis will have collapsed since your first poll on the issue.

Whether Caroline Spelman should stay as Party chairman. If not, who should take over.

Whether we should commit to revoking Labour's forthcoming punitive increases in vehicle-excise-duty and reducing the amount of fuel-duty paid on petrol/diesel.

Ask what size majority they believe we could achieve following the general election - far more interesting than just whether people think we will win or not.

Should we have English votes on English matters.

In or out of the EU?

What two policy areas do you want a Conservative government to focus on in its first term? (Fraser Nelson thinks it will be welfare and education).

Are you convinced that man made climate change is as severe as some would have us believe?

Would you stop supporting the Conservative party if they scrapped CO2 reduction targets?

Would you stop supporting the Conservative party if they scrapped plans for wind farms and wave generators in favour of Nuclear and carbon capture coal technology?

I second Jennifer.

I predict any questions on DD will indicate that his bubble has well and truly burst.

Should blazers and ties be made compulsory in all secondary schools?

I think DD's support will hold or increase.

Ask whether Gordon Brown should resign. There are two arguments - from a Conservative perspective he should stay, but it is in Britain's interests for the incompetent one to go as soon as possible.

Quite a quandary for the Conservatives IMHO - what comes first Nation or Party?

I presume Steve Green is p..s taking on most of his questions. Don't think that many Conservatives get overheated on climate change. The man in the street is more concerned on how to pay his bills etc at present.

If we are being flippant then should Theresa May wear leather in the Commons - personally I say Yes - definitely.

Andrew B,

I'm not taking the p**s. This government expects me to pay so called "green taxes" and also foot the bill to build 7000 wind turbines which is estimated to cost us an extra £260/year. If I'm not paying green taxes to keep the EU happy then I will be in a better position (as a man in the street) to pay those bills you mentioned.

Andrew Bradley, I was rather shocked at the relevance of Steve Green's questions. I suspect he's hit quite a few nails on the head.

Question: Do you want the next Conservative government to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty whether it's been ratified or not?

Should we be making a clear pledge to hit the ground running in our first 100 days with an immediate programme of targeted repeals of Labour legislation since 1997 (see Douglas Carswell's original Centre Right article of 10 June), and if so what should be a priority? (The alternative for the box-ticking would be something such as "no, we should get our feet under the table and steady the ship first without doing anything hasty").

Bear in mind that if you choose a question aimed at appeasing Tory 'ultras' you might find the result thrown in Cameron's face at PMQs.

Steve Green,
The questions you propose would give completely meaningless answers. Just because something is not number one on people's agenda doesn't mean it's not important to them.

Europe is a classic example of this, most people in the UK have a deep distrust in Europe yet they still elect europhile politicians. The environment is rather similar, people won't change their voting intention solely because of a party's environmental credentials, but it doesn't change the fact that a majority of people are now trying to live in a more environmentally friendly way.

I am in agreement that we need more nuclear power instead of wind, but I just can't see how asking any of your questions would actually provide real information.

Should blazers and ties be made compulsory at Tory Conference?


I think asking the questions I've suggested could give an indication of how "Green" Cameron needs to be without losing support. The Green route is expensive and according to some reports it's not too reliable either.

A Tory government could save money by dropping some Green policies and therefore so could we the taxpayers. What I want to know is: would the Conservatives lose too much support if they did cut back on Green policies.

I suppose I could have also asked: Are you more likely to support the Conservative party if they were to cut back on their Green policies?

How about an open question for people to give their thoughts on what the party should have on their official website?

48 out of 50 of the top comprehensives wear Blazers: Conservatives pledge a blazer for every pupil to bring back school pride

This is all about getting it right from the beginning. It may seem petty, but it could make a huge difference to pupil performance and discipline.

Will you break the law over ID cards?

We should back David Davis to the hilt, not pander to Labour spin and deception and their trolls on this site. DC has detractors but now silent in the main. You can't please everybody but you can have values and belief in honesty and decency. My question is can we become strong and united whilst respecting differing points of view?

Do you think that David Cameron was a reluctant opponent of the 42-day detention
vote, which he thought was the more popular choice, rather than voting against on principle?

1) As many of India’s & China’s poor start to move out of poverty it seems micro style cars are the thing they all want.
These little cars can pollute at an amazing rate & hundreds of thousands are being designed & built ready for the emerging market, one manufacturer in India said that the west had had its turn & now his people want cars, micro waves, flat screen TV’s, etc & nobody is going to stop them!

Is it wise to continue to donate & invest in countries that have no interest in saving the planet or in renewable energy?

2) These same markets are slowly starting to come round to the west’s work ethics & human rights in the work place, this is pushing up the cost of items we buy in the shop to the value they should have always been!

Should David Cameron be pushing businesses to bring outsourced work back to Britain so that the British public can not only pay a fair price for their clothes but keep fellow Britain’s in work at a fair wage?

3) In Britain we have lots of open space to grow our own crops & become a more self sufficient country in these turbulent times, this will also increase employment & help with the green issue.
Should Britain strive to become more self sufficient country in as many aspects as possible?

4) The green issue is being seen by more & more people as just a scam to earn extra cash & cash that can’t well be afforded at the present time!

As Britain’s contribution to this so called green issue is minute compared to others shouldn’t green taxes be stopped in Britain until we are in better economic times?

5) What do people think is the real reason that people are turning to the Tories!

David Cameron,
People are just totally fed up with Labour & the Tories are the only party who stand a real chance of removing them!

The 'elephant in the room' question as mentioned by Don Hoyle @1923 -Should the party pledge a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty whether or not it has been ratified.

This involves the honour of both G Brown and Cameron and should be a must.

Also the questions which implicitly throw a question mark over the ultra green policies we are being forced to adopt.

What can we do to prop up Brown?
If he stays on as leader, a Conservative victory is guaranteed, but if they throw him under the bus and replace him by, say, Alan Johnson, who knows?

From now on, we need to do everything we can to support Gordon Brown!

Have you donated time/money to a charity this month?

Sorry, can't help myself! :

Should there be an English parliament?

Thanks everyone. I cannot use all of these ideas but they all help to get my creative juices flowing!

Should David Cameron's government repeal Harriet Harperson's laws allowing discrimination in the workplace?

Should the Conservative Party adopt a Flat Tax policy?

Ken Stevens, judging by the performance of the English Democrats at the Henley by-election, at the Crewe by-election and again at the Sedgefield by-election, I guess the answer is:

NO!! :-)

Any MP caught on the fiddle should immediately be thrown out of the House Of Commons and a by-election should result.

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