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Informed opinion at Westminster seems to regard Hilton as on the way out a la George Bridges.

And Coulson as the key man now.

Megaw is guessing what will happen. He could be right but as I say conventional opinion suggests he is wrong.

As for summer offensives that is a non story. They have always existed since the Tories went into opposition and happen every year.

The real issue last year was that the press office was a shambles and cameron did not have a serious press handler.

All that changed for the good with the appointment of AC and one or two departures of personnel from DC's team.

I think PR Week have been sold a pup here.

Suprised this thread has aroused so little comment. I truly hope that there will be a summer offensive as once again too many shadow cabinet members have become invisible again and even Cameron is not finding it easy to make headlines. His excellent performance during the 'Cameron Direct' meeting in Harlow went largely unreported. We can't always rely on Labour destroying itself.

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