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Is that a whiff of Sour Grapes in the air perchance, "Anon"?

Certainly not woodentop 1005! As a longstanding Tory member/activist I hope he wins but on a personal level I simply cannot understand it!

Oh please God Oh please God!! To see Livingslime slither out would merit a HUZZAH!! of the highest volume, but Mr Mugabingstone is
unlikely to let Bojo win. It's the Postal Ballots Stupid!

"the rank disgrace of middle class middle england" (Red Wedge).

Er… sorry, what did we do? Being MMME myself, I'd like to apologise for it, if you can tell me what it is. Or are you just bigotedly abusing an entire economic and racial group, which is something we tend to frown on these days in civilised circles?

"why are people so hateful? there's nothing so repulsive as the vision of the privileged classes in full throttle." (Fifi)

Er… why do people who think people on ConHome are so hateful, go to ConHome in the middle of the night, read all their hateful things, and then say hateful things back?

I'm all for passionate political debate - there isn't nearly enough of it - but could there be a minimum mental-age qualification, please? Then we could do politics without hate or puerility, which would be to all our benefit.

Announcing a predicted result one minute before the polls close? Tut tut ... :-)

How very revealing to read through the comments of Livingstone's supporters on this thread. What squalid, hateful views of the world they hold. Civilisation is indeed fragile, as the fan of Kipling reminded us on CentreRight the other day. In their class and race soaked obsessions we can see that City Hall has been under the sway of the barbarians these last eight years.

I can hardly breathe for anxiety today- I lack the cool assurance of this website regarding the outcome this afternoon!- but whatever happens, please God let this campaign represent the lowest point of the British Left's tactics. Their methods these last few months have been disgusting, and to this naively optimistic pluralist, truly shocking. The racist smears. The lies to pensioners. The secret lies to Muslims. Decent people of the left: is this what you went into politics for?

Puck says (with aplogies to Shakespeare):-

Over hill, over dale, through bush, through brier,
Over Battersea Park, over pale, through Thames flood, through fire;
Boris has wandered everywhere, swifter than the moon's sphere;
And he serves the Fairy Queen, to dew her orbs upon the green.
The cowslips tall her pensioners be (when voting); in their gold coats true blue spots you see.
Those be aquamarines, fairy favors; in those freckles live their savors.
I must go seek some dewdrop ballot papers here, and hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear.
Farewell, thou King of Knock-Up Spirits; I'll be gone to the count. Our hero Boris and all his busy elves come here anon.

…… Shall we our fond pageant see?....before ere the day be over?

If livingstone gets in what will be done to investigate and prosecute electoral fraudsters

A victory for Boris will be the ultimate pyrric victory because he will expose the Tories to ridicule on a national level and hamper their momentum nationally. It will be a disater for him personally because he will find that some people will hate him and that his buffoon act, rather than being charming, will become grating. A victory for Boris is not the same thing as a Tory victory, he's a personality, a brand.Should be interesting though.

Maybe it's tiredness or maybe i'm just on a bit of a high after the overnight council results ... but I have this nagging feeling, especially considering all these nuggets of stories about turnout, that Boris could win on first preferences.

@EML: I agree. Then I change my mind. Then I think we've lost it. Then I agree with you again! Aaargh. who on EARTH thought it would be a good idea to leave off counting London's results until some time late on Friday afternoon?

I'm with Graeme. It's absolutely horrible waiting in these circumstances, knowing that one could and should be doing a perfectly good day's work before the results come out but obsessively surfing the websites to see if by some miracle there is some early definite news.

I don't take any comfort from Labour saying they think they've lost - I'd say that in their positon if I was sure I'd won: all the more to make it a surprise wiping out all the Tory feel-good from last night. But I suppose I'd also say if if I thought I'd lost as damage limitation...

I can only think of a comfort lunchtime drinking binge, shopping binge or sandwich binge to try to distract myself. Think the latter is the least dangerous. Oh to be Harold Macmillan and just be able to sit in my drawing room reading Pride and Prejudice (a small prize for those who know the reference)...

Keep criticising Johnson. Be as accurate, objective, and truthful as you can. Let's criticise him as much as possible under the threat of our criticism damaging the Conservative Party. Cameron works well under pressure like that.

Johnson will do well by taking on the criticism, accepting it, and acting accordingly. He'll be a bloody great mayor until the day he loses interest.

I'm black, females from South East London and so not your typical Tory voter I took the plunge however (as did five of my other friends) and Voted for Boris.

At 22 we're completely fed up and disillusioned with politics. It's all very well and good for those on the left to critisise the right for disrespecting the poor, but we just feel as though the young and not so rich have been forgotten.

What we want to see a world where, if you're young and inteligent have drive and motivation you can suceed. Who cares quite frankly if it's an inner club that runs the world as long as you can join that club?

I don't think the left understands what people like myself want, tax the rich more than the poor. What happens to those working thier butts off to try and get rich? Why should I be penalised for working hard so that the lazy people I went to a state school with can just keep popping out children like they were bunnies?

Do the conservatives have the answer? I don't know, I'm giving them a trial run through Boris and that will influence if I continue to vote Tory or go shopping for another party.

1. To poor Jay.. u suffer from a pathological need of affection.

2. last year Sarkozy became president of France, this month berlusconi became prime minister in Itali.. today right-wing clown is mayor of London.. next November McCain will be in the white house.. followed by sub-neocons (i.e. the new ruling brigade of tory) taking power in UK.. there is no doubt, God is planning things.. the world is heading unto disaster with increasing speed

It was not a cry for sympathy or affection, simply an observation on why myself and my friends broke with social and family trends abandoning Labour and voting Tory.

Well Mohamed, it's good to see that you choose to hang around places full of people with different views than you. Have you not got something better to do? What do you feel you need to identify yourself with what YOU ARE NOT, rather than what you are? Or are you a glutton for punishment?

Jay.. I think you're feeling the same as everyone.
The left seem to want to treat everybody equal unless someone is better than them at which point they will either belittle or tax them to bring them down.
That's not treating everybody the same ... that's trying to make everyone the same bby treating them differently.

Matt. I am not identifying myself with anyone, im surfing many websites to gather news about the election. i am on 7 websites of different political trends trying to have an idea about the results -through insiders' blogs. this is my first visit to this site... i came here by clicking a link on Nick Robibson's blog (BBC website).

Speaking as an American who knows the great debt that the United States of America will always owe Britain, I am close to heartbroken.

England, in my memory, has gone from being the most wonderfully civilized countries in the world, to a hodge-podge nightmare of rudeness, incivility, anger, frustration, hatred and discontent.

I don't even want to think about my last nightmare at Heathrow when the "Asian" "gentlewoman" practically spit in my face as she gleefully informed me that I was not to be allowed access to the public purse.

Now I am coming in on a JAL 747 in Business Class. But her hatred of Americans, especially Caucasian Americans, came through very clearly.

Does England even exist anymore?

Well down, Andrew Gilligan (& Boris). You did what Maggie and Blair failed to do. Oust Red Ken.

Boris may wel have won, but he's covered London in shit to do it. This has been one of the dirtiest Tory campaigns ever, and that's really saying something. Livingstone is probably the most decent politician in the country and certanly the most honest. But Johnson's minions have smeared him as corrupt and dishonest. Livingstone has done more than anyone to make London a freer and more equal place, and yet supporters of a genuine racist like BoZo have tried to paint Livingstone as some kind of anti-Semite. Johnson will be a disaster as Mayor. Like Tory councillors who think racism is "so exagerrated darling", he'll appoint someone frm the BNP to chair the race relations bodies at the GLA. He'll turn London into Hell. The only consolation is, if he has won, he won't serve a full term. If doesn't end up getting hauled out of city hall in handcuffs when he gets caught with his fingers in the till, the people of London will chase him out of the city long before four years is up when they realise what he's really like. And what damage will his disastrous rule do the Tory Party? Will the Tories survive Boris?

Hope you Tories are pleased you look like electing a buffoon as Mayor. Amusing and likeable guy, charismatic, but a buffoon nontheless.

Will be Labour best weapon.

James in Glasgow

"Livingstone is probably the most decent politician in the country and certanly the most honest."

*cough* ... I nearly choked when I read that!!

Assuming this goes to a run-off, who will Boris pick up second prefs from? Certainly from some LIb Dems, but not all. Who else?

"Livingstone is probably the most decent politician in the country and certanly the most honest."

This being the man who:-

a) compared an Evening Standard journalist (a Jewish one) to a Nazi Concentration Camp Guard;

b) called the American Ambassador a "chiselling little crook";

c) Cosy'd up to Mr Hugo Chavez in the hope of getting a Nice Little Deal on fuel for London's buses; and

Lots more!

I for one will be delighted to see the back of Mr Leavingsoon!

"yet supporters of a genuine racist like BoZo have tried to paint Livingstone as some kind of anti-Semite."

Oh no, Jass - the bile spewed by our (hopefully about to be ex) Mayor is all on record - he condemned himself out of his own mouth - no "smears" needed by anyone!

Can you cite your sources please Sally for those of us too lazy to Google.

I hope you're wrong. Remember this election was won by second preference last time. You might still get smashed. Here's hoping...

I can only say that in our part of the world I have never had such a good telephone GOTV with everyone voting and saying good luck, including all Ps, and thats in Wales. In London I guess Boris has done it,


Thismachinekills - it is all very much in the public domain - get your Google finger out - the exercise will do you good.


a) It's not anti-Semitic to compare a gutter journaist to a Nazi.

b) Like I said, he's honest. Thank you for proving my point.

c) A trade deal with a democraticaly-elected leader of a foreign country that would have benefited London and Venezuela. A good thing. I know the Americans don't like Chavez because he won't lick their ass, but if you're going to say that British politicians should have nothing to do with democratically-elected foreign leaders, well I guess that just leaves Bush and the Chinese.

As always, you Tories have lied and smeared your way to victory. Things like reality, truth and facts make you scared and cry, that's why you're conservatives. Now London will have Mayor Boris, a Mayor who is incompetent, corrupt and stupid, and his hate-filled supporters will run the city for the next four years. But I guess at least you'll be having a party, while crime and homeless go back up, while attacks on ethnic minorities and homosexuals start increase again, while everything goes back to the way it was before Livingstone became Mayor.

See Sally, I don't think his anti-Semitism is on record. You made the claim, so please cite your sources.

...of course, I'm not suggesting Ken is anti-Semitic off record! (Sorry, I'm a bit tired)

I trust Sally Roberts' silence is down to the fact that she's busy gathering up her sources to post. Thing is, it's a bit difficult to reference blind prejudice and 'just a feeling I have from what people say', so I won't be holding my breath.

Good grief, Thismachinekills! I go away for two seconds and come back to find you squeaking peevishly because I haven't jumped to your tune and answered you straight away.
Now the truth is, although I could cite plenty of sources I am certainly not going to give you what you want, only for you to shoot any source I do give you "down in flames"! As I said before, the argument I put is most certainly in the public domain and I am by no means the only person who holds this opinion about Ken Livingstone. I do not have to source a comment I make on a blog - it is not an academic work - it is a post on a blog! Do lighten up. Now I am going off to watch the results and may or may not be back later. I do understand your disappointment that things appear not to be going the way you'd hoped, but get over it. I would if it were the other way around - but then I have a life.

Sorry Sally, I realise it must be onerous to be asked to stand up - with even one direct quote - what is quite a serious allegation. I won't trouble you again.

Well, you won. You took the risk and you won. Congrats to you for calling it so early.

Bloody good news! Praise the Lord! Thank God! There is hope for Londonistan. What will Red Ken do next?


absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
elect a communist

someone who will work full-time
to destroy your country



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