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It would be great to see a big beast on the Tory frontbenches. I like OSborne a lot but I think the team would really kick ass if Clark was there as well. He is a seriously good debater and wouldn't let his opposite number get away with some of the rubbish that they have quote in the Commons. Bring on Clark, we can only win bigger. He did not go and sulk as some have put it. He had the courage to stand for leadership and the good grace to accept an unpalatable result. He is the only person to have fixed the country's finances and with the likely mess that we will inherit from Labour, I think if Osborne has foresight, Clark can do much to help him.

Clarke should be given his own parish council to run. He wanted parliament to have all the power of a parish council in relation to the EU.
Give him a packet of Hamlet cigars for his political contribution to Britain and, (failing a parish council), send on his way to Brussels where he belongs.

Ken Clarke would be absolutely brilliant as Cameron's Foreign Secretary and there is a sybaritic element to him that would find the offer too good to refuse.

I write as one who rightly spurned him, with all his immense qualities, in favour of IDS in 2001, exactly because as leader he would have plunged us irretrievably into Europe. Those who remember him as a good health secretary ought to remember that he actually likes big government and thinks it works. That is why John Redwood should be chancellor, not Clarke (or Osborne come to that). Clarke in the Lords would go on making mischief, simply because as now he would consider he has nothing better to do.

Foreign Secretary is the one cabinet job from which a vulnerable Prime Minister need fear no threat to his position. The incumbent usually has little time or opportunity to build a back-bench claque and he is fairly easy to sack if he takes too many liberties abroad. Clarke might take liberties in respect of Europe, but Europe would know that the cabinet has the last word on any commitments he tries to make. Meanwhile he would do us proud in the US (especially if Obama is president), China (which he knows well), Israel, Iran ...

He could prove one of the greats.

Never under estimate the difficulty of transition to governmnet and the capacity of the Civil Service to F**k things up. He should be your head of transition and delivery for the first two years of a Tory government. Either Deputy PM in a Willie Whitelaw mode or Leader of the Commons. Its good to see amongst the euro bile on here at least one mention of his precient stance on Iraq, soemthing that puts him head and shoulders above most front benchers.

Ken would be a huge electorial asset as he is very popular with the wider electorate. Lord Chancellor would be a fitting post as law and justice will be an important issue which will requre a good communicator

Smart chap, but not a Conservative - Definitely not in the Cabinet - suggest some high-powered Ambassadorship somewhere which will be useful for his post-diplomatic business activities (China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, India).

Even when I hated the Tory party, I always had a soft spot for Kenneth Clarke - the people's Tory! He is pragmatic and not afraid to laugh at himself (he smoked cigars when he was Health Minister).

He makes sense in a political world where it is all now, sadly, management-speak. A real person, with his own mind.

A Europhile might be what we need right now, after Ireland's WONDERFUL "No" - he can unruffle Continental feathers by sincerely saying he's sorry!

Don't knock experience, either.

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