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Tory leader? No, no, no... Boris for President of the United States!

If Cameron keeps his pledge to leave the EPP and pursues other eurosceptic policies will Clarke want to serve in hie cabinet?

Would Ken Clarke serve if asked and if so in what capacity? He presumably wouldn't agree to be chancellor again, though that is where we need a big hitter. Lord Chancellor?

I certainly think that the conservatives would benefit from having two or possibly three of the old brigade in cabinet posts, partly because they know about government (which obviously all the new ones don't) and also I think because they still have something to contribute.

Time to move on from the Clarke/Portillo era

Please, isn't it time to move on? Clarke for me represents yesterday, not to mention his views on Europe, there is enough talent in the Party to equip the cabinet with a solid foundation of ideas for the future of the country. Pass the torch to the next generation, look forward not back, he has not shown any real inclination to be part of the future.

If we want someone to talk impressively on Question Time, engage the opposition powerfully in parliament, connect with voters - and be completely wrong about everything - then Ken is the man.

Boris is the Victoria Beckham of politics - all hype and no substance.

I agree with Steward. KC is yesterday's yesterday man. The BBC only like him because he's a Bildberburger and is so rabidly Urofanatik.

That said, I love his quote that "eventually all Labour Chancellors run out of money". Make him a Euro-banker.

I am astonished that so many thought Ken worthy of a place in cabinet. Are their memories so short - the only time he pops up is when there is a leadership election or to support a labour PM.

Boris however, Alexander, has, apart from his vitality, great intellectual substance. Do we want all our politicians to be automatons?

OK, I'll be the first to say it:

What are the chances ken clarke will even be alive after the next election?

Lets face it, he is not the healthiest of people and will be 70 after the election.

I must say that although I think that David Belchamber may have a point in his second paragraph about having a couple of the older brigade in the Cabinet, for experience sake, I do NOT think that Ken Clarke should be one of them. He doesn't really like anyone else getting a word in edgeways, when he starts talking, and he often cannot resist being flippant, which given all the damage that has been done to UKorEngland PLC by the present lot, will be the last thing that is needed from a new government!

I supported Ken Clarke for leader in 97 and 01 but it's debatable whether it would be a good idea to have him in the cabinet. He's a big figure still but would he shoot his mouth off about Europe and re-open old wounds? Lord Chancellor would be a reasonable post for him if he stuck to his brief. Rifkind should also be a possibility for a role - Attorney General perhaps?

There will certainly be a bigger and better future for these two than there will be for the Scots in the cabinet if today's reports are to be believed!

If Ken Clarke gerts back into a powerful position in the Conservative Party I, for one, will NOT vote Conservative at the next General Election.

With Ken Clarke or Malcolm Rifkind in the shadow front bench, the Party is sending a very powerful message to voters: It is serious about appointing the most competent people to the highest jobs; it has healed old wounds; and despite being out of power for ten years, can still draw on the assistance of politicians with huge experience, gravitas and high popular opinion rating.

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