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Brown needs somebody to love....at the end of the day he's boring...

I see that CCHQ has forgotten to add the other, more substantial policies that it proposed and Labour has now pinched:

#1 The non-dom levy

#2 Extension to state funding of political parties.

Let Labour pinch the glossy headline-friendly but inconsequential ideas as it will at least strip down the supposed ideas that cchq has to see if, when they replace Labour, they actually have a plan and not just a list of things they won't do (see Grayling on Newsnight).

And people wonder why David Cameron is being coy about releasing his policies this far in advance of the election. I saw John Rentoul in the Independent having a dig at Cameron for not coming up with alternative policies, but can you blame him when Labour just steal the good ones?

If you really think Labour are stealing your policies, and that these Tory ideas are the best for country, why not release them? Or are seriously putting the good of the party before the good of the country?

This "copy cat" stuff is like being at Primary school. If someone has a good idea in politics then you are pretty much obliged to use it an implement it.

Mind you this started when Tiny Blur and the Cronies took a chainsaw to the Labour Party's constitution back in the 90's.

Margret Thatcher won the argument on communism, and down came the Berlin Wall and Clause 4.

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