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Caroline Lucas made a right pillock of herself on the radio yesterday - essentially say that it was worth the pain for people to go bust paying high energy and fuel prices if it saved the planet.

Environmentalists like her are watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside.

New you gov poll out



Awesome, I'll be there once I've done some vacuuming.

Is it bad I've only actually hear of Hoon?

Donal, I can't stand her. She gives off this vibe that she believes herself to be an expert on whatever topic she is talking about. This usually has something to do with the environment, world economics and things of that ilk. Funny, considering both her degrees are in Literature.

Military historian Dan Snow? More like Dan, got a job from my Dad Peter, Snow!

I'm just relieved it's not Blears again. I feel quite sorry for Hoon, though, up against Ruth Lea *and* Eric Pickles. No - scrub that. I don't. At all.

Just a quick explanation of my typing "stutter" on the blog - something went wrong, and every time I pressed the space bar - between words - my message was sent - unintentionally. I had to open up a new window completely for this problem to stop.

And a message for non-participants in the blog - do join in, it's great fun. Am only sorry I'll be at a Conservative dinner this time next week, but hope to be back to join in at the end - or if there's a blog for "This Week".

A request please.

I rarely have time to watch Question Time, and so I like to pop on here afterwoulds to see if there were any gems, or interesting moments. I'm sure I'm not alone.

The live blog seems to work on the assumption that everyone is actually watching.

Comments like:
"10:44 Chris Blore - Good comeback from Eric to Snow's unprovoked attack"

are frustrating to read. What was the attack, what was the response??

Can one of the moderators perhaps summarise what is said at times - not for everything, but when a really good comment or question is made.

Just have half a mind on people reading the blog who aren't watching.


Fair point James and if we had unlimited resources we could! Whilst we try to do that always with the Commons' PMQs I'm not sure BBC1's Question Time is quite important enough to do so. The liveblog is as much an opportunity for ConHome readers to participate in a once-a-week live chat/ get-together as it's about recording the importance of QT. I hope this helps.

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