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Does Brown realise that labour were trounced last week, has anybody told him?

He was so out of touch today that he doesn't even know the price of petrol!

Does anyone else notice Brown's unusual pronunciation of certain words? He pronounced ‘devolution’ as ‘Dave-olution’. I’m against devolution, but Dave-olution sounds far more promising.

He also managed to drop the second ‘t’ from ‘constituency’ Previously I’ve also noticed his Del-Boy pronunciation of billions: ‘biw-ions’ Is this standard Scottish pronunciation or just Brown?

How can Labour refuse a Scottish Parliamentary Referendum now? What a disaster Wendy is. V disappointed that Conhome didn’t cover this morning.

Alexander doesn’t even know how the Scottish Parliament works. You can not table a bill on a topic the Scottish Government is already proposing. Thus she has confirmed her support of a referendum, but has no powers to bring it forward?!? You also need two party support to bring such a referendum forward I doubt we or the liberals will be supporting her after her back stabbing. What an idiot? Now she will have to support the 2010 measures. The nats can simply point to their manifesto where it is in black and white that 2010 is the referendum year.

Gordon is obviously severely angry with Wendy and I’d say she is pretty much toast now.

If this is the best defence unionism can muster in Scotland, it's gubbed.

Why do all the Conservative MP's in your picture look like they have just spent a month in the Bahamas?

I watched Wendy Alexander make up this policy as she went along on the Politics Show on Sunday. She has dropped Gordon Brown in it and made it impossible for Labour to oppose a Scottish Indpendence Referendum unless she is deposed - the likeliest outcome I have to say.

I wonder if Wendy actually meant to say "come ahead" - she gets so nervous sometimes I bet it was by accident.

Then again, perhaps not. It was her brother Douglas, in co-operation with Ed Balls, who helped provoke the 'election that never was' last August, giving The Great Leader his 'Bottler Brown' reputation.

Perhaps 'premature electioneering' runs in the Alexander household?

There is logic to this however, and as a Scottish Conservative supporter and a Unionist (albiet one in favour of full fiscal autonomy) I say we should have this silly referendum and get it out of the way.

I believe the SNP will increase their majority at the next election, which will be in 2011/2012.

I expect this will be a couple of years after David Cameron becomes Prime Minister of Britain with a spectacular majority.

The Lefties in Scotland - and let's face it, there are a lot of the whining, self-pitying bunch here - will be up revelling in their victim status at the hands of the "big bad Tories" by then and could swing the referendum vote to 'yes'. On that basis, why not rush through this referendum while their beloved Labour party are still in, otherwise this issue may come back in a few years or so.

“The new Mayor of London is one of a number of MPs listening to a question from Nigel Evans MP.”

Were they? I watched the question, really it was another rant from Nigel, and the Tory benches were conspicuously quiet throughout the question and answer.

This was not a sign of approval.

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