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A great appointment. Was anyone else enobled at the same time?

Michael Bates is a political giant universally respected across the Conservative Party. Michael has inspired me to seek public office and he is the most brilliant politician of his generation - sadly absent during 11 years in the wilderness. His hard work, determination, humility and willingness to serve others with dedication and without any regard to his own status is a brilliant example to every aspiring MP. Once again Michael will add so much to politics at Westminster. The Party has recognised one of its heroes! Well Done Lord Bates!

Phew, for a horrible moment there I thought it was Ken Bates

Sure fire way to reverse our progress in Leeds

Well done Michael! Very well deserved.

A well deserved appointment.

However campaign north has seen less agents in winnable seats in the north, and lots of Agent Managers to set targets for others.

We have followed the path of Labour in the NHS, we have lots of managers and too few workers.

Lord Bates will be an authentic voice for Conservatism in the north and north east of our country. This is a very proud day for Michael and his family and his many, many friends. I look forward to working with me old mate at Westminster once more as we prepare for a Conservative government

Well deserved.

A worthy ennoblement. Michael Bates drove down to the Colne Valley to speak at our patrons dinner at very short notice, then drove back to tyneside. His is the sort of energy our party rejoices in, and I congratulate him. I also love his sense of humour as a fellow Geordie, joshing each other for coming from "posh" parts of County Durham!

Speaking as a "soft Southerner" I must say, Annabel, that having met you and other Geordies, the marvellously quirky and sometimes dry sense of humour is one of the finest assets of those from the North East combined with their grit and determination.

I'm so pleased to hear Michael will be put into the House of Lords, he's a fantastic guy and has helped us so much in County Durham.

Congratulations Michael!!

Congratulations Michael,

You have been such a help, and voice of experience for us in Newcastle. Michael will be a splendid addition to the upper house.

Congratulations Michael!

Hopefully the work of Campaign North will be reflected in the next General Election.

Who would have ever thought that across Salford Labour would only outpoll us by only 400 votes, and across Wigan by only 8,000 votes?

This in large part down to our professional staffers and people like Michael Bates.

I for one commend his initiative.

Well done to Michael for all his efforts. Great to see him and James (pictured) out and about helping to make the Crewe result what it was alongside all our other activists.

Fantastic News

Michael Bates is a truly remarkable force in Conservative politics. I have known him since the 1980s and he brings the power of positive thinking and an enthusiastic energy to the campaigns he is involved with. Last year he ran the Sedgefield by-election campaign (in which I was the candidate). He was unflappable, imaginative, genuine, kind and worked every hour God sent. David Cameron was wise to appoint Michael to his role in the North and now he is to become a member of the House of Lords the North will always have the benefit of his voice in Parliament. Well done Michael and thank you for your marvellous support last year.

Well done , Michael, you have very worked very hard for the Conservative Party in the North East of England. Your elevation to the Lords is an honour well earned.

This is superb news. I remember meeting Michael for the first time in 1992 and once met, never forgotton. He is a man of humility and tenacity and will be a massive asset to the Party at Westminster. COngratulations Michael!

Michael Bates is a true giant. Humility, compassion, passion and integrity, courage and leadership are all characteristics of the man who embodies so much of what the Conservative Party stands for. Congratulations Michael!

Congratulations to Michael Bates. This is very good news. I remember him holding Labour to a tiny swing in Langbaurgh (now Middlesbrough South & Cleveland East) in the 1991 by-election, and regaining it with a very good vote in 1992.

These gains in the urban north, particularly in 2008, show us something very different has finally arrived. Even in May 2007, when the Tories gained 911 seats nationally (far more than expected), the devil in the detail showed we were still struggling to get far enough ahead in many North West targets, for example.

This year, it has changed, and it looks, in quite a big way, even before Crewe and Nantwich.
Congratulations to all involved (and congratulations to Scotland and Wales for gains there aswell).

This is fantastice news! Michael is a HUGE asset to the Party.

Many Congratulations to Michael. I am really delighted by this news. Michael has worked tirelessly for the party in recent years originating and driving forward the Conservative North agenda and I can think of nobody who deserves the honour more. Lord Bates of Low Fell, Perhaps?

I like Michael a hell of a lot he is a great guy with a great sense of humour...Im sure he will find some of the rather over the top comments very amusing.

PS. As powerful as Lord Bates shall be he isnt in charge of Candidate Selection. Some of you need to ge a grip...

Great news.

As for the title,being one of Michaels first Constituency Officers in 92, I would of course suggest Lord Bates of Langbaurgh!

Well done Michael. He wrote our northern masterplan and we're seeing some positive results. Now he's in the Lords he'll be able to work even harder!

Michael Bates and Gary Streeter were very early pioneers of the formula that has revived the Conservative Party.

It is good to see at least of one of them get the recognition both deserve.

Great news for Michael and the Party. I remember Michael from the YC days of the 1980s, he was someone who appeared to be respected by people from across the various factions that were so much in evidence at the time.

Many congratulations to Michael. He truely deserves it!

As President of Durham University Conservative Association, Michael supported the North East and helped to build up CF. He helped us so much in Durham and has helped build up Conservatism in the North East and the whole of the North over the last few years.

Michael really does deserve it. Well done Lord Bates of the North!!

Ben Howlett
Former President 2006-7
Durham University Conservative Association

Congratulations to Michael from Sunderland on your appointment to the House of Lords, and thanks for all of the help and support you have given us

Many congrats Michael, I'm sure you'll do County Durham proud in the HOL. Our recent success in the North can't be put down merely to one person, but if it could, then M W Bates would probably be my nomination.

Well done Michael. I had hoped you might have defected to labour. One day I might be able to convert you. That said, you are a great guy and friend. We see too little of each other. Best wishes my lord. Regards
David Manning

I would like to reiterate all of what has been said by us 'Northerners'; Michael has lead Campaign North excellently. He is a very approachable and generous man and his appointment is well deserved. I just hope that it won't take him away from the North for too much of his time!

Congratulations Michael!

Congratulations Lord Bates. I cannot think of anyone else who deserves such an appointment more than you.

Lord Bates is indeed a sincere, intelligent and highly competent person. Yet with all these wonderful characteristics he is a man that always shows humility and a great sense of humour, and is always there to listen and assist others.

Congratulations again on your well deserved appointment. Wishing you the best of success in the House of Lords.

Mohammed Shareef

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