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Downing Street believe Boris has won London.

Is your call of London for Boris based on him winning on first preferences?

Incidentally - do you think the BBC commentators were right to suppose that high turnout in inner london areas meant high inner London votes for Ken? Couldn't it equally have meant lots of "new" voters turning out for Boris?

Just heard Con gain Vale of Glamorgan. This may be old news but I've just logged in!

Seeing a smug Cameron gives my a sick feeling; however I find Labour's pain rather fun to watch. Any ideas on how the BNP did? Or is that the subject that dare not be discussed.

Daniel: is that based on what Carole Walker said on the BBC? I think she was a tiny bit more nuanced than that.

Super effort from everyone in Finchley and Golders Green last night- looking forward to working with you all for the General now.

Does anyone know where the best/biggest election results gatherings/parties are tonight? The only one I know about is the CF one at the Old Star in Westminster.

Apparently, members of Brown's inner team believe Boris has won. High turnout in the suburbs.

The Prime Minister has contacted Ken and said Labour was proud of a "hard fought campaign".

GLA results;


Redditch declaring in 15-20mins

Andrew Lilico: Is your call of London for Boris based on him winning on first preferences?

We're limiting ourselves to saying he'll win, Andrew. Nothing more.


Hale Ward By-election on 1 May 2008Candidate Party Result
DAVEY, Tom Conservative 2798 - Elected
BRODKIN, Alex Labour 1882
JACOBS, Geoffery Liberal Democrats 487
CURRY, Stephen BNP 213
NEWBY, Andrew Green 206

2006 Local Council Elections ResultsCandidate Party Result
Gordon, Brian Colin Conservative Elected: 2315
Ellison, Jane Elizabeth Conservative Elected: 2276
Rayner, Hugh Robert Conservative Elected: 2099

Balendra, Sandi Janani Labour 1820
Blomer, Steven Edward Labour 1799
Dustagheer, Adam Labour 1749
Gottsche, Sheila Liberal Democrat 528
Jacobs, Geoffrey Alan Liberal Democrat 523
Lake, David Ronald Green 359
Roberts, Michael Charles Liberal Democrat 488

Sky News calling London for Boris on 2nd preference votes

Conservative gain in Reading [Caversham Ward]


Thank you Daniel Furr for that very useful link!

Re By Elections - there was one yesterday in Sands End Ward in Fulham so it will be interesting to see how we've done there. I believe it is expected to be a safe Conservative win.

Four so far in Tyneside


I think Tyneside is a +2 gain (not 100% sure)

Newcastle Council


Just seen the Sands End result - well done to Ali De Lisle and the Conservative team there and thanks to Paul Bristow for publishing this result so quickly!

(results should be declared very soon)


Swing in Hale looks like roughly 4.6%, which will please the local Tories looking to oust Dismal.

From what we've discovered so far, Tories are probably near +160

First pref/second pref: Boris will obviously need to be ahead on first preferences, but he'll be well off 50%, and so he'll then need to hold his position on second prefs.

Does anyone know if in practice we will hear how the first pref votes have gone before the final result later on?

It's a fair point that inner London higher turnout may mean lots of new Boris voters. I was telling in inner London non-Tory Borough much of yesterday and I think both sides were piling in to vote. There seemed to be a higher proportion of younger voters than normal too - which you could take either way. I am also aware anecdotally of lots of people voting for us who wouldn't normally bother, e.g. students away at Uni specially organising postal votes, some people in their late 20s and 30s who have NEVER voted before etc. But there may be as many Labour-inclined people, who don't talk to a known Tory in the same way, doing the same thing.

I just cling to the hope that the national trend is good and that people are more likely to be energised to chuck out an incumbant than to block a challenger. But it's hope not certainty.

Basingstoke - Conservative Hold

With 5 wards declared in Reading, Labour have already lost 3 - 2 to Tories, 1 to Limp Dums.

In Caversham the Tories now have a majority of nearly 600 and Church ward was taken by nearly 200 votes.

Word is that there are trouble with postal votes in Tower Hamlets. Anyone shocked?

Update: 9 Tories elected in north tyneside now

Conservatives hold Hertsmere

results are starting to fly in now

Can we have the chatroom back up please!

+2 gains in Wolverhampton

North Tyneside is confirmed. Tory gain.

BBC confirm Tory win in North Tyneside with us taking 2 seats off Labour and 1 Libdem

According to the BBC, last night was a disaster for the Conservatives.

We didn't get 50% of the vote, didn't win control of Manchester, Liverpool and Sunderland. Cameron should be worried - very worried, apparently....

PoliticsHome reckons that Labour has held Reading. That would be a disappointment if true...

Sitting in my office listing to the ELO’s Mr Blue Sky and thinking how appropriate the words are for today.

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On the streets where once was pity
Mister blue sky is living here today hey, hey

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Where did we go wrong?

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Welcome to the human race
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Hey there mister blue
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CLICK HERE for the chatroom.

Wolverhampton - historically, a Labour rotten borough through and through, but last night 8 seats gained from them to force NOC. Notable local casualties include Pat Byrne and Milkinder Jaspal, the latter being a former transport chief who was arguably Public Enemy Number One in the eyes of anyone who has ever battled with the council inflicted traffic jams.

If anything a Ken Livingstone victory in the London Mayoral election will cause huge problems for Gordon Brown, his continued presence represents an alternative powerbase inside Labour for the Trotskeyites and will be used as propaganda by them saying that New Labour is unpopular, many unreconstructed Trots are quite ready to put Labour's political failures in the 1980s and 1990s down to being the fault of Social Democrats.

North Durham Conservatives have won 3 seats from Labour, right in their heartland. There have never been Conservative councillors in East Durham and this is an astonishing win.

David Blunkett has been saying today that we have 'low unemployment' 'low inflation' etc. Its pretty obvious that the Labour party is incapable of learning from its mistakes or even admitting that there are problems. This government is so out of touch, they are still trying to say our economic woes were 'made in the USA', Incredible!

Sky News has put CON gain over 200 seats - currently 215:

BTW, I have a gripe. I voted by post for the London Assembly, but at the time I didn't realise from reading the bumpf that under the horrible PR system my Conservative List vote is bound to be discounted because we'll win too many constituency seats. If I'd known that I could have considered voting tactically to keep the hard Left out. It was only made clear in 'how to vote' bumpf that arrived several days after I'd voted.

Please do comment on this thread if you want but must chat is taking place here.

No sign of Goldie today? His comments predicting doom for the Conservatives under Cameron are as always, completely wrong.

Big news from Crewe & Nantwich where the first unitary seats have declared.

Conservatives have won 2 seats in Crewe West and Labour 1. Labour polled 53% and the Conservative candidate 29% at the last County Council election.


Quite possibly one of the most impressive individual results is that of 19yr old Becky Brunskill, who won in Willington, Co. Durham, and not by a few votes, but a few hundred.

Willington is an ex-mining village, but Becky and her friends worked the ground tirelessly and Becky has been rewarded.

I believe Becky deserves serious recognition for what was a massive task, overcome in one attempt at County level, having worked part of the ground last year at District level.

What would be nice in these areas of Durham is a concentrated membership drive (driven by the party) aimed at increasing our foot soldiers.

Cheshire East looks to be a blue-wash. In the Tatton half of the former Macclesfield Borough all 15 seats/5 wards (Wilmslow South, Wilmslow North, Bucklow, Knutsford and Alderley Edge) have gone to the Conservatives. In the Macclesfield half it looks as though as many as 12 might go blue. The Congleton and Crewe and Nantwich parts also look promising.

Something Vince Cable said last night on the BBC concerning the 20% gap between Conservative and Labour is worthy of mention. He said that the downturn in the UK 'has not really started yet' and that when it does; 'People are going to get even angrier.'

Denbighshire 18 Cons, 7 Lab, 1 Lib Dem, 13 Indy, 8 Plaid. 17 of the Cons councillors are in the Vale of Clwyd (5 in Rhyl alone).

Matt Wright

Talking of young candidates doing well in previously fairly safe Labour seats, James Keeley (Liscaird) and Tom Anderson (Upton) have both made gains in the Wirral, capping a good night which ended with us being the largest party on the council. The Liscaird result is particularly impressive, with James picking up 51% of the vote.

What's particularly exciting about the Co Durham results is that there would seem to be scope for building on our success in future years - there are several two-member wards which we won having only stood a single candidate.

Hearty congratulations to Conservatives in Co Durham whose efforts over a long time have now paid off. Well done!

Conservatives have gained a massive 7 seats in the Socialist Republic of Wakefield. Labour now have just a single seat majority in a district they have never lost.


London Elects website has just changed and looks to be ready to go.......

I listened to BBC London: Everyone was crying on it.

The last two days have demonstrated how much a left-wing organisation the 'Beeb' really is.

The London News at 6.30pm signed off their report on the mayor race with the words of a socialist blogger plucked from nowhere:

"the result is cruel. London will now be a much less pleasant place to live. A less tolerant place to live."


Bexley & Bromley

James Cleverly wins by 75,000 votes

Brent & Harrow Assembly:

Con lose by 1000 votes or so

Hard Luck Bob Blackman

The Brent & Harrow result is terrible, especially given the over 3,000 'spoilt ballots'. I hope there's a proper recount and they're investigated. Tories can't just assume everyone else is playing fair, it's not the 1950s.

Pliticshome says Boris 43 Ken 39 after 10 constituencies

Not sure which 4 are to come but that's a little to close for my lkiking at the moment

Until it's confirmed I can't get properly excited about a Boris win

In Southampton we have had two 18 year olds elected. One in a safe Lib Dem seat, the other in the safest Labour seat of the city which has a massive council housing estate in it.

What I find spctacular is how many people still vote for them - it just shows the galactic ignorance of the British voter.

"In addition to our 8 constituency GLA members, 3 list candidates were also elected - our highest ever total on the GLA"

Glad to see my Conservative top-up list vote wasn't wasted after all - in fact since I voted for Dick Tracy in Wandsworth plus helped towards the top-up, I guess my votes counted double! This PR system does have the advantage that any narrow losses at constituency level get made-up at London-wide level. It also means that voters in the larger population wards aren't so discriminated against vs the smaller wards.


It is understandable that Con Homes big story is the London Elections and here in the Yorkshire Pennines we are pleased to see Ken Livingstones GANG ousted from City Hall.

But our owm election results in Calder Valley and Halifax are encouraging for the General Election

Calder Valley [currently Lab ]
Con 11 463 [ won 2 incl a defected Tory and Todmorden from LDs, a WIN for us first time since the 1970 ]
LD 9179
Lab 5399
BNP 953 [ 4 out of 9 wards ]

Halifax [ Lab ]
Con 8250 [ held a seat LD won in 97 ]
Lab 6679
LD 6117 [ won a seat from Lab in mainly Asian Ward ]
BNP 2748 [ won back in a Lab Ward ]

So my concern, as I have questioned David Cameron twice when he has been up in the parts, we will not take LDs votes in these areas [ note Rochdale, Burnley, Stockport, Sheffield ] they are so linked to their history of Liberalism.

We did execeptionally well in Wakefield and Rotherham, former Mining areas, winning from Lab.

Our polices must be concentrated on Centre Right issues and making sure our lost voters return, especially where the BNP have made inroads.

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