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Will you be doing This Week again?

No, Sammy, just QT.

Good to see a solid frontbencher on the show. Alan Duncan never disappoints.

"Alan Duncan never disappoints."

Yes thank god its not Spellman, Maude, and co who they usually put up for these type of programs, for they are a disaster, and from their performances I wouldn't trust them to get an order right at MacDonald’s, let alone put over a political argument , which is clearly beyond them.

The only time Duncan doesn't work on QT is when they have a 'big mouth' on the show. He tends to make very considered and precise points, which can then be drowned out if a Heffer, Littlejohn or individual of that ilk is on there as well. I don't think we're in for one of those tonight. That said, isn't it typical of the BBC of late that we get Cherie Blair's half-sister and a prominant Labour donor?

Any idea what Simon Woodroffe's political inclinations are?

Woodruffe is a dyed in the wool leftie.

So that is three lefties and one racist.

I should have added plus AD!

AD reasonably recently did any questions from Altrincham Girls (Graham Brady's constituency) when he said there were no Tory MPs in greater Manchester - wrong.

And he wasn't very good either. I hope he resists the temptation to be too glib or too generous to his opponents. Staightfoward and honest as Chris Grayling was a few months ago is what's required.Let's hope Duncan is up for it tonight.
Last week before he ruined it by his stance over the EU Heseltine showed why he was such a formidable debater,head and shoulders over anyone else on the panel. The Conservative party used to have several who could debate with his skill, it doesn't now.

David (one of many)

Correction Alan Duncan points seem "considered and precise" to you because being a leftist, you happen to agree with them. Whilst Heffer and Littlejohn are not necessarily loudmouths, do they ever shout? no, they're just conservatives and being unconservative you don't agree with their points.

Don't presume to know me, Chris. You know perfectly well how pushy and ill-mannered Littlejohn and Heffer can get on QT, and how they can drown out everyone else. And Heffer isn't a Conservative, he's a Hefferite. Duncan most certainly is a Conservative; he is part of Thatcher's 'Conservative Way Forward' group for crying out loud. I'm sorry the Conservative party doesn't exactly mimic the opinions of Chris Wyremski, as indeed it should. But such is life.

I don't think I've ever seen an edition of QT when the panel of five consisted of three conservative-minded individuals and two left wingers. It's always the other way around, or even worse, four lefties and one conservative.

Sounds like a rubbish show tonight and I'm pleased that I watched "Hellboy" on FiveUS instead.

I thought the panel were pretty good. Alan Duncan and the Plaid Cumri lady did very well.
Sorry, but your "live panel" came across as a bunch of ignorant reactionaries. Pragutory was a particular disappointment.

Just been enjoying live blogging on QT but something went wrong and my thank you Tim - and everybody - as this is so enjoyable - didn't appear.

Just been enjoying live blogging on QT but something went wrong and my thank you Tim - and everybody - as this is so enjoyable - message didn't appear.

Still no Tories on This Week! Les Dennis, Bruce Forsyth and Lord Levy (?!??!!). Second week in a row.


It's funny that even though there has been a shortage of Conservatives on This Week, I still feel that Labour are being portrayed in a less favourable light. There seems to be an acceptance that Labour are struggling and that Gordon is to blame.

So unfair and awful that there was no Lib Dem on Question time. But we are busy back home, preparing for goverment. We're on our way, with stupendous momentum.

LibDem momentum is woefully and happily in reverse. Splendid.

I don't know why, Chris, you thought Tarzan was best on the show last week... great in his day yes, but I thought he seemed old and out of touch last week. Shame though, he's a great man.

AD was superb, so was Plaid lady to her credit (bar one Sports Minister cheap shot). Johnson did a good job under the circumstances - though he was more vitriolic than usual...

And, to steal a great line from the show, anyone who thinks that Littlejohn doesn't shout and rant needs their head examined.

I liked AD's slap down of the lady who was pomposly going on about Islamopobia, and was pleased he didn't join in with wanting Turkey to join the EU, which would seem to be a project only the British Establishment think is a good idea.

"Sorry, but your "live panel" came across as a bunch of ignorant reactionaries. Pragutory was a particular disappointment."

How were we ignorant reactionaries? Because we weren't psychologically scarred from doing school tests?

I no longer watch Question Time because of the dumbed-down debate, party spin and cheap point-scoring. On the few occasions that I have tried, I have switched over within a few minutes. The posters on this thread must have a higher cringe threshold or be party political junkies.

It is very disappointing that libertarians do not have a well-known advocate who could articulate their views, e.g. on drug legalisation, eloquently in the media. Sean Gabb is too aggressive. Any ideas?

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