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fantastic graphics, Tim!

Jacqui is of course only following Brown's orders here - he deserves the opprobrium.

They both deserve the criticism, Louise. The "I was only following orders" excuse is not appropriate in high office.

Jan Berry's straight talking is wonderful. How refreshing.

The clock is ticking on Smith. Whether Gordon dumps her sooner or not, the electorate will at the GE and good job too.

Louis Bagshawe:

Following orders that are blatantly wrong makes you no less guilty.

If Smith opposed the policy then she should have resigned. She didn't. She deserves to swing (metaphoricaly speaking) over this as much as Brown does.

The two of them have managed to seriously damaged the relationship between the Government and the Police. Do you understand how serious that is?

Now if you were defending John Denham over Iraq then that may be a different matter but on this Smith has no defence and deserves everything she gets!

That was a quite brilliant and blistering attack. Superb stuff (and good coverage, Tim).

Home Secretary, what is it that Mr Balls has but you do not...

A fantastic line, especially because no man could have got away with it.

This is excellent stuff. The pre-election bribe must have been the last straw for the police.

To be told that the £30 million owed to them would have created unacceptable inflationary conditions, but £2,700,000,000 doesn't beggars belief.

The idea of trust breaking down between government and police should be unthinkable. However the Labour top-down style of government, one that does not recognize feedback, that does not accept valid criticism, that believes it is about the executive, is a form of government that cannot engender trust. I do not believe that servants of the crown should have the right for strike, their role is too important in terms of their service to the nation. However we have to support the genuine grievances voiced by leading figures in the police force. They have been let down, betrayed and taken for granted by this out of touch government.

"What does Mr Balls have that you do not?"

Worthy of Churchill himeslf, if I ever got to deliver a speech with such a line I would die a happy man.

Great graphics Ed!

Nopthing like a bit of straight talking....they don't like it up 'em......and Jan Berry has been very frank and candid.
Unfortunately for the police, who are in the main honourable people, they are not dealing with honourable or even courageous politicians.
Was the Smith woman squirming? Have the rozzers ensured that names, addresses, number plates etc., been entered in the CRO database for ease of reference?.
Jan Berry's reference to the by-election bribe hits the bulls eye and shows what a bunch of shits NuLab really are.

I am DELIGHTED to see we are backing a TRADE UNION CALL for less PAY RESTRAINT. This is EXACTLY what we want - MORE MONEY for FEWER SERVICES means the STATE CAN AFFORD LESS and they will have LESS TIME FOR PESTERING ME as I pursue my beloved 'Bored Housewife' and stick one to Grayling4Leader.

Who to blame? Hmmm... The worst government in memory? Or the worst police "Service" ever? The British NKVD. Police who persecute old ladies, old men, TV producers, law abiding motorists, and run over pedestrians and shoot innocent members of the public more often than is acceptable, who run the evergrowing DNA database to be extended to the whole population. Police who have a new found respect for "Elf'n safety" greater than they have for the public. Police more likely to stand by their beds than to take any risk. As for the government,current cream of the political class....Eeny Meeny Miny....

The police.

A monolithic, parochial, inefficient and unreformed institution which must be a major taget for substantial reform under a Cameron Government.

Some especially loopy rants on here. Let's see...

Police who persecute old ladies

Really? Which old ladies have been "persecuted" by police? Who, when? Don't just reel off a list of dramatic-sounding bites, give examples. (N.B. there is a difference between "persecute" and "prosecute" - the latter is what the police are suppposed to do)

Police who persecute ... law abiding motorists

Oh for goodness sake, not that hoary old chestnut again. No law abiding motorist is going to get a speeding ticket, or fail a breath test, or get "persecuted" by the police, unless - guess what - they are BREAKING THE LAW! Thus, they are not "law abiding".

Stop the whinging, people.

Home Secretary, what is it that Mr Balls has but you do not...

The clue's in the question

Those criticising the police thoroughly miss the point.

1. Govt isn't witholding pay on any underperformance pretence

2. Police aren't on PRP to the best of my knowledge

3. You cannot blame the police for implementing laws made in Parliament. I'd be pretty upset if govt made laws about driving or any other matter and the local police chiefs starting picking and choosing their fave's and discarding the rest.

Of course police performance can be variable - that's true of any large organisation. But, this was an innocuous pay award from the independent panel... not abiding by it (for a £30m saving whilst blowing billions elsewhere) was utterly cretinous.

"You told me to do it" - Jacqui "big t*ts" words to GB after the mauling. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. As you sow, so shall you reap and Gordon's chooks are about to roost, just in time for Crewe & Nantwich. The most telling point is the one about finding the 2.7bn for the buy-election - why couldn't they find £30m, a mere snippet, for the police? What a bunch of toerags. Give Jan Berry a medal!

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