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We should be getting some results at about 10:30, GLA is an eletronic count and this means no results till about late afternoon

Conservatives have won by-election in Hale Ward (Hendon Constituency) London borough of Barnet, with an increased majority (about 300 - 1000) over Labour (roughly doubled) in what was pre-2006 a Labour ward.

Announcement due at 10.

Clegg really is absurd. I know party leaders have to try and put a positive spin on things but he said something along the lines of "The LibDems are the only realistic opposition".

And as for Vine's cowboy impression...

Some excellent results over night - and we've still got one third to go right?

No good news for Labour really, apart from the odd gain against the trend, which always happens in local elections anyway.

The Lib Dems managed to lose Liverpool for the first time in 10 years and any gains on their part seem to have been cancelled out by the Conservatives.

The likes of Southampton and Bury are excellent gains for us, and I think we have our first councillor in Cambridge for a while!

I've got a random question: as Durham is one of those new huge unitary authorities that has replaced eight or so other elected bodies, do the 67 Labour seats class as "gains" or do you think the people at the BBC have worked out how many and which colour seats they have replaced?

To be fair, Nick Clegg is justified in his delight at beating Labour.
I join others in cringing at Jeremy Vine's antics and hope he will not be asked to perform at the GE - which I hope will be this Octopber!

Any word on the swing in Hale, Hendon Insider? I know we were quite keen to beat 4% to show progress towards dumping Andrew Dismal Dismore at the General.

Cleethorpes Rock - I am not an expert on swing but the majority seemed to trebble in Hale, so I presume it was a good swing.

Turnout in the conserative wards in Hendon were close to general election levels.

The full Hale result in now on the Barnet Council website here.

A huge victory for the Conservatives in the Sands End by-election in Hammersmith & Fulham. A majority of 1100 - an increase of over 400 on two years ago:

Ali De Lisle - Conservative - 2257

Brendan Bird - Labour - 1147

Dugald MacInnes - Lib Dem - 518

see more here - www.thebristowblog.typepad.com

*Huge* congratulations to our friends in Hammersmith and Hendon. Let's hope this is indicative of later results today!

Turnout in the conserative wards in Hendon were close to general election levels.

Posted by: Richard Weider

Any news on turnout in the non-Tory wards Richard?

Iain Dale is now reporting that we have control of North Tyneside. Fantastic news if true!

Graeme - I don't know but Labour were not working the areas they just gave up.

Confirmation on BBC that we have North Tyneside.

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