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Message from The Silent Majority:

The Silent Majority won an amazing victory in Crewe & Nantwich. The figures being

The Silent Majority 42%
The Conservative Party 29%
The Labour Party 19%
Lib Dems 10%

The Silent Majority doesn't understand why so many Conservatives delude themselves into thinking they won!

The Silent Majority would like to thank all supporters for their huge and overwhelming support.

They are all the same.

The Silent Majority is voting for none of the above!

Ever Vigilant
The Silent Majority

An excellent result.
Keep up the good work.
Get out there & sign up those members!

The Silent Majority won an amazing victory in Crewe & Nantwich

Congratulations, let us know when you make your maiden speech in the Commons.

BTW, the BBC doesn't seem to have listed your candidature on its website along with the others. They have a duty to do so, I suggest you lodge a formal complaint. Use the Parliamentary headed notepaper, it's bound to impress them.

I'd hate to be what is left of Gordon's fingernails.

I know it's a little off-topic, but does anyone know where I can get a breakdown of the vote seat-by-seat from 2005?

I just wanted to do some analysis in Excel.

Thanks - and many congratulations to all involved in Crewe and Nantwich.

Last night's result completely ends Labour's attempts to use class-hate as an electoral tactic. Hate does not resonate with level-headed voters. Labour must also be ruing the decision to use such a poor candidate in Tasmin Dunwoody. This woman made no attempt to debate the issues and stained the democratic process with her spiteful campaigning.

It is important to also remember how badly the Liberal Democrats and UKIP did in this election!

Well done to The Silent Majority once again acting like an absolute idiot.

When it was pointed out to you that 60% of the people turned out to vote in C&N last night you fell eerily silent on the live blog.

Why? Because you're wrong. You aren't "The Silent Majority" that old "Silent Majority" is being kicked into action by the Conservative Party and they're voting Blue.

Heck, how can The Silent Majority have a voice?

You're certainly very loud for a supposedly "silent" entity.

Figures are looking good chaps. Keep up the pressure. Seems the Comrades are wondering where to go next with things. Seems there's some panic that they couldn't mobilize the core vote.

Richard Mutter - this website's very good:


" A new era has dawned, has it not ?"

I have n't posted this before out of respect for Gwyneth but I agree that Tamsin did n't come over very well or appear very likeable.

I have n't posted this before out of respect for Gwyneth but I agree that Tamsin did n't come over very well or appear very likeable.

Absolutely Richard @ 9.15. That for me is one of the most important stories of the night.The Lib Dems bye election machine absolutely failed in Crewe,the first time for years. The start of things to come?

Look at that stunning result for the English Democrats. They gained a whopping 0.7% of the vote. Surely this proves beyond doubt that the English people will never vote for David "Scottish blood in my veins" McCameron, and that the English Democrats are on course to form the next government.

Come out in favour of an ENGLISH PARLIAMENT NOW Mr Timpson, or face losing your seat to the English Democrats at the next election.

I don't understand how can a white male public school boy be so electable?

The issue is not whether the English democrats are ever going to win anything but whether adopting the cause of an English Parliament will a) be the right thing to do and/or b) be a vote winning cause for the Conservatives if they campaigned on it.
The intellectual and moral case for an English parliament has long been won and is accepted by every Engishman you speak to (and Mr Salmond) who isn't part of the Westminster village.
For that reason it is also likely to be b) too.

That said I wouldn't campaign on it now in specific terms but flag up the need for further consideration after we are elected. Now we are ahead it is more a policy to prevent us losing the 2014 election than helping us win the 2010 one

flippin heck 7,000 majority :(

I didn't realistically expect a Labour win, but this is bad.

Is this a protest vote, or do the people of this country really have such short memories............

The silent majority get the government they deserve.

Great graphic Tim and Sam. Really top drawer.

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Wife (Graham Chapman in drag): All right.
Man (to Waitress): Morning!
Waitress (Terry Jones, in drag as a bit of a rat-bag): Morning!
Man: Well, what've you got?
Waitress: Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and toff; egg bacon and toff; egg bacon sausage and toff; toff bacon sausage and toff; toff egg toff toff bacon and toff; toff sausage toff toff bacon toff tomato and toff;
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I see the useless Kevin Maguire is still peddling this rubbish today. I'm sure he is taking lessons in listening from one G. Brown, Esq.

What would Gwyneth Dunwoody have made of Labour's embarrassment of a campaign?

or do the people of this country really have such short memories...

Ah, so it's not Labour's fault they lost.... it's the Great Thicko British Public.

Look Comstock, it is your party's patronising contempt for 'the workers' that's just flattened you at Crewe. Learn your lesson.

On second thoughts, don't bother. You're doing fine.

Kevin Maguire has never got over the fact that even though generations of his family nobly left school and went straight 'downt pit', it became totally uneconomic and it took someone with the balls of Mrs T to put a stop to it.

His puerile class based insults prove that he has still to come to terms with it.

I shall resist the temptation to hurl abuse at The Silent "I have the mentality of a 2 year old" Majority.

Timpson came across very well in his victory speech and the BBC interview and I'm sure he will make a great MP. What we obviously mustn't do now is rest on our laurels - Labour have been shot down in flames and we need to finish off what's left. I look forward to the upcoming Conservative policy announcements.

Excellent vote for the toffs but not bad for UKIP.

Quite a high turnout for a by-election, although it seems that a lot of people who voted during the General Election didn't vote and a lot of people who hadn't voted for some time did vote.

It's a mid-term by-election and Lord knows there have been plenty of shocks for governments over the years - I remember pictures of Sylvia Heal being carried on shoulders at a landslide Labour victory in Mid-Staffordshire, one of a succession of huge by-election victories for Labour when led by Neil Kinnock from 1989-92 and that one wasn't long before the General Election when while Labour did advance it still resulted in a Conservative overall majority, Vale of Glamorgan was a similar flash in the pan success, 1985-86 saw some notable Conservative losses as well.

The effect on the results of Gwneth Dunwoody having been the candidate is hard to gauge, although probably without her it would not have been a Labour seat before 1992, probably her daughter standing did bring Labour some extra votes, the 10p tax rate issue undoubtedly continues to affect the Labour vote and probably won't begin to diminish as an issue until the recent modifications actually start affecting peoples pay packets which isn't until September, the issue of the carelessy sent details of 8,000 Crewe & Nantwich voters possibly had a small negative effect on the Conservative vote and might have had a bigger effect if the election had been later.

How safe a Labour seat it is exactly is hard to say, Crewe has changed a lot in character in recent decades, it had a very high profile MP.

I would imagine that Tamsin Dunwoody will have another go at the next General Election, I doubt it will be a safe Labour seat in coming General Elections, more probably a marginal.

One thing it does show though is that the Conservative Party can take government seats in a by-election, which at some point in the future could be important in itself in a Hung Parliament situation or with a government with a small majority.

I look forward to the upcoming Conservative policy announcements.

So do I, because as a bloke on 5 live just said- you don't have any at the moment!

Don,t get carried away everyone . Remember Margaret Thatcher and John Major who were very unpopular mid-term and disliked by the electorate,they lost by-elections with large majority,s.

They still went on to win General Elections and in Margaret Thatchers case, she did it again and again !!

Don,t get too Smug you lot ! Two years is a long time !

do the people of this country really have such short memories

On the contrary, some of us have very long memories. I can remember my baby sister having to go to bed by candlelight because the miners had stopped the electricity power plants. I can remember the winter of 1978-79. I can remember being abused at university for daring to criticise the Soviet Union.

Yesss . . . memories . . .

do the people of this country really have such short memories

As Alex said,I remember growing up in a third world country, where the governmen was no in control of anything (even though it owned everything).

A certain Lady of Grantham took the country by the scruff of the neck and yanked it out of the quicksand before it perished.

It may not have been comfortable, but by god was it necessary.

The highest turnout in the last 50 years was around 80%. I think it's very fair to say that, for a variety of reasons (of which disillusionment is only one), 20% will always be missing. The Maximum Turnout (MT) is therefore 80% of the electorate.

Yesterday’s 58% turnout was therefore 73% of MT. The “Silent Majority”, i.e. the extra missing votes, was 27%. Conservatives won 36% of MT (i.e. 50% of the 73%), easily beating Silent Majority into second place.

I do wonder though, is Silent Majority Chad’s latest political party?

Message from the Silent Majority:

@Alex Swanson/Serf

The Silent Majority has a long memory too. The "Lady" of Grantham delivered mass unemployment, record bankruptcies, doubled crime, 15% interest rates, double digit inflation, destroyed coal mining communities, created a me 1st sod the Silent Majority society, oh and snatched milk. I could go on and on.

@ Mark Fulford

I assume you failed CSE maths.

Of course if you take away 20% of my voters things would change. I could do the same. I could easily argue that 20% of Conservative voters were misled or deluded or incapable due to too many sherries etc and therefore should not be counted either!

They are all the same.

The Silent Majority is voting for none of the above!

The very numerate and erudite
The Silent Majority

I think it was Ed Miliband on BBC R4 at 1pm worrying that the Tories "still believe" in Government "withdrawing", while Labour believes in Giovernment involvement. This might be the message they use to try to fight back - try to make people feel 'secure' under the care of Gordon Brown's supposedly benevolent Big State, and paint a bleak picture of life without it. Of course we can point out the utter failure of state-based solutions as evidenced by increasing brokenness in society and rising violent crime and anti-social behaviour...Better to encourage marriage to build family, and the independent voluntary sector to play a role etc. And of cousre there's the ongoing decline in public services (ward and A&E closure, declining education standards...) after all the extra tax we pay..

I recently spoke to a Labour MP, who snidely commented during the course of the conversation that Dave was hardly represntative of "modern Britain" as he went to Eton. Puzzled by this, I asked the MP if he knew where Fettes was ?

The M.P paused for a moment [he owes his seat solely to Blair], and replied:

"Fair point"

On the contrary, some of us have very long memories. I can remember my baby sister having to go to bed by candlelight because the miners had stopped the electricity power plants. I can remember the winter of 1978-79.

I'm not doubting labour had to change from what it stood for in the 1970s to be relevant to the 90s.

But I can't believe it would be a positive step to go back to the Thatcherite regime either. It's all very well cutting taxes and public services until it is you (or your parents or grandparents) who needs an operation or a home help. I can't believe people want to go back there just to save a few bob.

At this point in time I'm pessimistic about the future of the country I love. I realise some, even most of you ain't such bad people, but I don't want to see everything gained in the last 11 years thrown away over a few missing disks and some silly run on a fairly minor bank

Sorry to be so heavy-hearted, but for all the jokes and stuff we share on here, this stuff matters.

Fairly lengthy rant over!!

Teriffic result. Made me proud to be a conservative watching into the wee small hours.

I just loved Blears trying to defend herself and Broon on QT.

The Future is Blue

"The Silent Majority" is an anarchist, pure and simple!

"At this point in time I'm pessimistic about the future of the country I love"

Indeed. It will be difficult to get the country out of the dire mess that Labour has created.

That is what you meant isn't it Comstock?

The very numerate and erudite
The Silent Majority

So numerate that you added the "others" vote to the Lib Dems.

So numerate that you think I reduced your vote by 20% when in fact I reduced it by 48%.

So erudite that you claim (for example) those voters who unexpectedly went into hospital as your own.

The "Silent Majority" should remain silent.

Love Obnoxio's "take" on the Famous Spam Sketch! - Brilliant!!

Outstanding result, as a number of us 'out here' suspected it would be.

The pretentious so-called "Silent Majority" should remain silent. Negativity achieves nothing -- as we have seen in Crewe and Nantwich.

Ah, and Henry Mayhew @ 1147 thinks the result "wasn't bad for UKIP" -- well, they almost reached a four-figure vote, but actually stayed in the three-figure realm, along with all the other non-big-3 candidates, and less than a sixth the vote of the next above them. The two top candidates had five (count 'em) figure votes.

If UKIP's score is "not bad", then I don't know what bad would be.

UKIP hadn't had a candidate previously in Crewe and Nantwich - in a seat that focused on Labour and the Conservatives, to come 4th with 922 votes ia actually quite a good result, Crewe and Nantwich is not some leafy Southern seat where UKIP in the past have had strong results.

So far as turnout goes, the highest in a by-election since the war was in Mid Ulster in 1969 when there was 91.5% turnout, in General Elections though turnout have been above this - reaching 91.6% in Mid Ulster in 1950 and 91.8% in Mid-Ulster in 1951 and although it fell a bit later on it recovered to almost this level at 91.4% in 1969 and 91.5% in 1970.

91.5% in 1969, 91.4% in 1970 - so in that case turnout was actually higher in the by-election preceeding the General Election.

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