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Fantastic photographic record of a wonderful moment for the Party!

The highlight for me was the capture of Bury and the report on radio five from Bury market where the fishmongers were chanting "Brown out" with real venom in their voices. I often go on the market and everyone there still talks about David Cameron's visit. Mr Cameron is well liked on the best market in the north.

I wish I had a camera with me whilst I was doing telling at Devonshire Hill Primary School, WHL, Tottenham. Four Muslim women, all wearing black burkkahs, turned up at the polling station - all clutching Boris pledge cards which we had delivered the night before. It would have been one to send to La Polly et al.

How about the graphic of the Boris wig on top of City Hall?

I hope Boris is more focused than Oberon's photography.... ;-)

Let's not forget the thousands of activists and supporters who gave up their time to get these results by delivering leaflets, canvassing voters and doing other important tasks. There's a difference between those who physically work and those who merely pose for pictures to boost their own inflated egos.

First time since the early 90's that I have enjoyed an election night :) well done to all

Can the picture of Eric Pickles be turned into a Giant Poster ?!?

It's almost as inspiring as the Churchill picture I have stuck on my PC to remind me to get on with stuff and not put everything off until tomorrow!!

Eric Pickles is a hero.
We owe him a lot.

Agree with Bexie! The best election night in years! Lots of fun!

PS) We also gained another seat in Halton where we now have 9 councillors. Gained from the dreadful Lib Dems incidentally which was particularly gratifying!

Chad - Yes sorry its a bit blurred, there was a minor riot going on around me as I tried to take the photo. That was the best one!

I assumed you were "tired and emotional" Oberon. :-)

Why is it that SKY have us winning 300+ seats and labour losing over 400, but the BBC's website has totals of +257/-334?

See http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/uk_politics/2008/local_elections_2008/default.stm

That's a pretty big difference...

I think the difference is to do with the new Cheshire unitary authorities. These were, therefore, the first elections to them. I assume BBC left them out of account (both won by the Conservatives, I note) while Sky has presumably done a read across from the old authorities.

I wonder what would have happened had the Cheshire authorities gone the other way?

On another subject, I did a 7-9 am telling slot in my ward before going off to run our campaign centre. I estimate 75% of the voters in those two hours were Boris supporters. Truly a day I will long remember....

Is the Boris Johnson result the highest personal vote for any politician in a UK election ever?

I think the answer to your question is almost certainly 'yes', GT!

So how were you able to call it so early, Tim?

What we have, comstock, is a network of activist contacts throughout London and the country. The network that enabled us to publish 95% of the 'secret' A-list within 48 hours also gave us lots of intelligence last Thursday. We felt the intelligence was so strong - on the ground and from Westminster insiders, too - that we felt able to make 'the call'. Fortunately we were right!!


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