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Definitely agree about Mark Steyn and Fraser Nelson.

They are the best journalists on the right.

Could Michael Gove be lured from The Times?

More gravitas is definitely needed. I used to take the Telegraph everyday in the days of Max Hastings, now I only ever buy the FT and IHT when I can find it! A paper that dumbs down can never educate its readership. Let the Telegraph be an uplifting experience, not another nosedive into mediocrity.

A good start would be no more articles by Gordon Brown in the paper - particularly ones when he writes about courage given his record of defence cuts.

Telegraph Television's RightOn needs to be less shallow.

Guy Ruddle's interview of Charles Moore last week was real poor.

Anybody with an understanding of Thatcherism knows that her greatest appeal was with Essex man etc, not the toffs yet Ruddle asked if she had appeal beyond people like Moore. Risible.

He also said that Mrs Thatcher said there was "no such thing as community". At least get the misrepresentation of her right.

Get Dominic Lawson and Bruce Anderson back. Both are wasted at The Indy.

Can we just have more responsibility instead of rather childish rightwing extremism and breathless craven repeats of Labour spin.

Make it like a centre-right Comment Is Free. I love the Guardian's online layout even if the people suck.

Mark Steyn 100%!

"Get Dominic Lawson and Bruce Anderson back. Both are wasted at the Indy".
And get them preaching to the converted?

Load of tosh most of it (I exclude Heffer). I suppose it's obvious, but the journalism is just there as a convenient filler to go round the advertising - and what the hell is 'Community'? (What possible use could journalists prepared to work for the Independent be?)

Agreed this is excellent news - Iain's is a consistent and robust voice of reason on the right.

I would echo all the Editor's advice (especially Mark Steyn) and add that the Telegraph should introduce some conservative perspectives from the rest of the world as well. Not just the anglosphere, but authentic conservative voices from Europe and elsewhere.

Small technical glitch with the Telegraph blogs.

Attempts to use the 'email this page' feature, or to register to comment (which involves being sent an email) fail. I suspect this is due to a misconfigured email server.

Mr Martin was one of the speakers at the CPS "Politics, Policy & The Internet Seminar", an MP3 is available for download.

The Telegraph is the best of the bunch by far! I digest and report from ALL the nationals and I find that about 45% of my stories originate from the Telegraph. The Business News is superb with Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Jeff Randall (both get into the main paper's Comments too), Damian Preece are unsurpassed anywhere, far better than the lefty FT.

What changes? More emphasis on getting Cameron's party to behave and think intelligently like Tories - less government especially from Brussels; lower taxes; proper defences and restoration of the power of parliament over the dreadful Human Rights Convention. ("Humans" doesn't seem to include the British). Drop all the politically correct obeissance to leftish philosophy.

Good call on Mark Steyn.
I don't think I'm the only one to infer from this post that CH is now the journal of the Con Party so the Telegraph has to make its way as the home of conservatISM.

sack heffer he's a fossil. try and get nelson, gove maybe anatole koletsky as well.

I used to get the DT religiously every day but it just seems to have lost it. Its been going down hill for a while and can't seem to decide which way to go. One minute its right wing reactionary, next minute running Govt spin, sometimes its both at the same time which makes me laugh. Maybe more of us have just moved on now and it hasn't. I don't know exactly what it is but I don't seem to identify with it anymore.

Please for the love of God take Janet Daly, Irwin Seltzer and all the other dreadful old NeoCon imports and have them sent to the Journalist Sanctuary.

Then assemble a group of committed rightist freelance Journos along side a good quality small team of politically stable staffers (extreme Libertarian to wishy-washy weak tree hugger Cameron supporters), give them free reign , expand the letters page (perhaps shoot Craig Brown?? Get rid of thew appallingly dated "Spy" column???) and hey presto - a 'true Voice for the Right' to counter the pernicious and all pervasive influence of the Guardian among the chattering classes.

We should have fewer articles by Tory politicians spouting the party line and more honest wrestling with the real problems facing Britain.

After 50 years as a reader I stopped taking the Telegraph. Too much of it is trivial and ultra rightwing dinosaurs dominate the political columns. That is, except for the couple who are apologists for Gordon Brown.

It should decide whether it is to be a conservative newspaper or a daily magazine for the chatterati.

Ditch Simon Heffer's appalling childish and nasty columns. Definitely get back Mark Steyn and bring in Fraser Nelson. Danny Finkelstein and Matthew Parris are also engaging writers.

No reason not to have lighter writers as well for contrast - Caitlin Moran at The Times is a very good non-political columnist.

Agree that more world affairs would be useful...a persistent conservative commentary on what's happening in Asia would be interesting as so much of our economic future is tied up with its fate.

Finally a plea. I read The Times because I live in London and commute by tube. I cannot read the Telegraph (which I would prefer) on my journey because it is just too unwieldy. A tabloid or Berliner sized edition would be of great help - it doesn't have to smack of dumbing down....

I miss Boris most, always a tour-de-force through the classics and then right to the nub of the matter. A joy to read.

I don't like Heffer's three year sulk about our leader and neither do I enjoy Heffer's continual posturing as the country's only Gladstonian commentator which makes him even more a throwback that he seems.

More Iain Dale please, definitely bring back Mark Steyn and keep John Kampfner always brings out my righteous indignation and reminds me just how intellectual bankrupt the left really are.

Bring back Mark Steyn.

Get rid of Simon Heffer and send him to Siberia where he belongs

Fraser Nelson is a brilliant writer as is Iain Martin himself.

Lose Simon Heffer - send him back to the Mail where he belongs. His weekly stream of vitriol does the Telegraph no favours.

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