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New Lab are toast.
The Blair bubble and now the Brown bust will do for them.

Is it possible for the Conservatives to make many more gains in local gov't? They're already the largest party.

Yep, it will be tough but there is a chance we can make gains. Here in North Tyneside we only need one gain to obtain overall control of the council albeit with a Labour mayor.

It will be a struggle to make large gains for the reason you describe, and we will almost certainly lose control of a couple of councils we gained in 2004, like Coventry. We would have probably lost this one before if not for a complicated round of musical chair defections.

However we've broken through everyones' expectations every year since about 2002 so lets hope we can do it again!

These elections could mark the end of Brown if disunity is indeed sown in Labour ranks as a result. The electorate hates disunited parties.

They're all over the place, like the Banana [Republic] Splits, with Brown singing "la la-la, la-la-la la, la la la, la-la-la- la!"

Remember operation Foxley was cancelled as the view was taken that the Fuhrer was more help than hindrance.

We need Brown deranged, carpet chewing, mobile phone throwing in his No 10 bunker - not defeated, yet.

Man in a shed is right.

We need Brown wounded but not dead. At the moment, he's the best chance we have.

An intersting article.

Separately , in the same issue of the Telegraph there is one on the Barnett Formula

"Lord Barnett admits scheme is not formula
By Simon Johnson, Scottish Political Correspondent 08/04/2008."

I notice the editor has taken the quiet-day decision and not allowed any comments.

"We need Brown wounded but not dead."

Wounded or dead doesn’t matter for its impossible for Labour to change him before the next election. What is needed is for the Conservatives to build a clear, concise, and critical narrative of the economy Gordon Brown has built, to ensure there is no route out of the hole Gordon Brown has dug. In light of the propensity of the Shadow treasury team to squander the opportunities handed to them to nail Gordon Brown, it worries me that if there is a route back for Gordon Brown it will be because the Shadow Treasury team haven't done their job.

It seems to me that at some time in the recent past Mr. Balls was given some indication of some kind, that he would be top of the queue for the next leadership contest, in other words he was given a sort of benediction by SOMEONE, to ensure total loyalty. Well I would guess that is how SOMEONE's mind works.

However since that someone is famous for getting things wrong, or not considering the broader implications, he now has a bright, VERY ambitious, eager and therefore not too inclined to wait very long, young minister, who's principal concern at the moment is TO MAKE HIS MARK! in some way.

Given that this young man is not a Blairite, being a socialist means that he will be more likely to want to make his MARK in a way that will appeal to the left of the Labour party.

I think this is behind the shennanigans about 'faith' schools - which was all based on interpretation and conjecture and then 'beefed up' NOW, IT HAS JUST OCCURRED TO ME, WHERE HAVE WE HEARD THAT PHRASE BEFORE, AND LOOK WHAT DAMAGE IT DID AT THAT TIME AND SINCE (IRAQ)!!!

Mr. Balls is a young man with a privileged education, but with very little experience of the wider world outside party politics, so like his boss (who has exactly the same qualifications!), he has little idea - and cares even less - as to the damaging and very widespread effects that his brilliant ideas will have !!!!!

Calm down every one. There are three more weeks of campaigning before the local elections and we are at least a year away from a General Election. I think we all need to keep our feet on the ground. There is still a lot of hard work to be done!

"and we are at least a year away from a General Election"

Not long enough if you are going to build up a damming narrative of economic mismanagement, and make a clear case for what you think are the solutions.

"we all need to keep our feet on the ground"

Damn right!... we've got a long way since the last election, but theres a lot still to do, Labour's shambolic form is helping but we cant rely on it and we cant be over confident... everyone in the party needs to get their heads down and keep plowing on, we're on course but there's a lot left to do!

"everyone in the party needs to get their heads down and keep plowing on"

Today when there have been the biggest fall in house prices since 1992 we hear Gordon Brown trying to set the agenda to his advantage in an interview, Vince Cable on World at One putting the Libdem view, and the Conservative Shadow Treasury team? No where it seems.

I think a lot of people on this website forget or perhaps just do not know, just how politically naive so many of the ordinary British public are, and surely it is our job to highlight just how mendacious so many members of this government really AND how little they really care even about their 'heartlands', at least that is what they have demonstrated!

Iain - asked myself the same question, why no Conservative comment on World at one ?

Since the BBC Won the election in 1997 installing New Labour the pattern of political reporting has changed.

It used to be that the opposition was always given a chance to respond, often in debate in the studio. No pre-1997 government minister would go on air unchallenged.

But since the new era it is no longer necessary for Labour ministers to be questioned. They avoid criticism by ploys like leaking what may be in a speech, which the BBC faithfully report, but since it hasn't happened yet fail to get a response from other parties. The BBC all spend more time interviewing their own payroll experts than asking alternative political parties.

On an aside how often do they invite Vince Cable on the World at One ? Should be be on the payroll ?

I have thought for some years now that the new generation of Labour ministers- one might call them the Geek Generation- are very good news for us. When harnessed to a seriously unpopular and inflexible political oil tanker- Mr G.Brown, this news gets even better. As the electorate's credit cards get snipped up, their interest rates rise, their council tax doubles, and their tax thresholds are increased, they [the voters] are going to really hate being told that they are just part of a "worldwide economic downturn' by the likes of David Milliband and Yvette Cooper [to name just two].

And best of all is Ed Balls- quite the most obnoxious, chippy and partisan individual since Tony Benn in his pomp.

If I were Conservative HQ, I would be replaying Balls' "so what" comment as often as possible between now and the next election.

One thing at a time: the forthcoming elections should be about inflation-busting council tax rises, the quality of local services etc to resonate with the local electors.

We want Brown to limp on wounded and clearly not knowing what to do for a little longer to ensure that Labour doesn't have the time to find and install a young vigorous person to replace him with before the next GE.

If Brown keeps going looking so clapped out and thunderous, he could make Labour unelectable again for a very long while.

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