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That one of Britannia should be re-issued with the word "socialism" swapped for "Gordon".

He is removing Britannia from the coinage now he has throttled her...

Love that one! Has Cameron explicitly said socialism is wrong?

Awesome, time to compile a new desktop background....

I've got an old copy of 'Punch' from 1884 and there is a picture of a mannish looking woman carrying some books titled 'education' and she is being goaded on by a big menacing looking bear with 'socialism' written across its back. The same edition predicts that everyone in Britain will own a horse by 1967. These posters are great and show the political attitude of the day. I doubt if anyone will ever top 'Labour isn't working' for its sheer impact, I seem to remember that poster was everywhere!

"Many of the posters echo current political issues..."

And why don't the Conservatives continue to follow Lady T's example and call the political arm of the Trade Union Movement [aka the Labour Party] "the Socialists"?

I saw some posters of this ilk at an exhibition of 1920's London at the Museum of London a few years ago, and was struck how they could be adapted for today. "The Red Flag" singers/worshippers are still in power!

The Plague of Inquisitors is so relevant to today.

I like the 'if you want to call your soul your own' one.

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