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Methinks they are too distracted with briefing against eachother to have noticed!

At least a swastika fits the British jobs for British workers message!!

Haha, another government web initiative bites the dust even before they manage to get it off the ground!

Finally Brown's 4th Reich vision starts to to take shape!

A mixture of swastika and total chaos I'd say, just about fits this ----- government, however, having read the blogs on Guido, I did get quite a few laughs out of it, and I suppose we shall be paying a fair (well NOT fair, in fact) amount for it all!

An art critic might conclude that the fact the pointers face two different ways is a subconscious manifestation of the two contradictory strands of thought within the Labour party?

It's Browns moral compass - hence the dithering

It is ridiculas to sugest that Gordon Brown is anything like Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was elected.

hahaha, great stuff. Of course it was national SOCIALISM, so I'm not sure if the current Labour party really counts....

Hahaha, dear oh dear. You'd have thought someone would have picked up on that. Actually, with this government, no you wouldn't.

The LOGO has a vaguely Vorticist look to it, although the shadow bit looks a bit like a piece of barbed wire - overall it looks like it would make a good icon on the toolbar on an office or graphics suite, doesn't convey a sense of having anything to do with the economy.

They seem to have pulled the website now! Good job!

I don't understand how so many people can say that this DOESN'T resemble a swastika. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it does.

"The heavily-promoted website has now been password-protected."

I've been rooting around in it quite happily. Just close the security prompt pop-up & carry on browsing. I presume it's like one of those empty boxes that look like CCTV cameras. Security for those who can't manage the real thing.

Mr Bean Becomes Herr Flick

The state controls everything, thinking outsid of party guidelines is forbidden, the leaders believe they have a divine mission, everything thing we do is under scrutiny, countries are invaded to protect minorities, all of the problems are blamed on conspiracy by a small powerful group (Tories) who are parasites, supporters are given money out of public funds......

The only thing that surprises me is how long it took Labour to realise what they were.

The link is now password protected (at least on Safari) - what does that say?!

Brown & his fellow vermin are another bunch of despots, like the Nazis, and the logo is the right one for them. My guess is that whoever designed it, sees them for what they are.

A remarkable Freudian slip by The Clunking Feet.

Actually it looks more like the plughole the country's going down.

We can all now legitimately call McStalins minions; "Brown-shirts".

First 'we are going to do ...' and then 'we' are not!!!

In the NuLab Orwellian style that we have become used to - the logo never existed - visit the site again and it is as if nothing had happened!

Is the logo shown at the top of this article the real thing, or has it been Photoshopped to give the swastika a bit of emphasis? It's hard to believe that anyone would be daft/ignorant enough to use such a logo, let alone on a government website. On the other hand, given the record of this lot.....

They've half-obscured the logo, good thing we have a copy of it here.

"In the NuLab Orwellian style that we have become used to - the logo never existed - visit the site again and it is as if nothing had happened!

...especially within the BBC.

I've been saying for years that NuLabour is a neo-fascist movement. Now we have the proof.

Looks like a piece of screwed up paper.

Probably came out of Gordo's bin and contains the latest lash up to prop his failing popularity and scribblings for more stealth taxes.

How much did it cost?

Do not scoff. The way this country is going - Fascism may be the only alternative !!

You Limies use to be a respectable lot. But now you are pathetic.

from Amerika

I took the liberty of sending it to Fox. It will be interesting to see if it shows up on their network. I can't believe anyone with half-a-brain missed the obvious shape in the middle.

It may be that this new logo of user-friendliness and empowerment was designed by James Purnell, the up and coming young Turk who thinks he is going to be the 'new leader' of the deadly and dying New Labour and also, it seems, fondly imagines he looks like the late Steve McQueen.

No doubt coming off his political motorbike and ending up in the barbed wire at a town near you soon.

'Every follower of Tony Blair should have a catchy slogan and here is James Purnell's. "Work makes you happy," he keeps saying. Of course, this would not be connected in any way with the old Nazi slogan, displayed in wrought-iron above the concentration camp gates "Arbeit macht Frei" or "Work sets you free".'

see article at wuhudo

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